5 Best Ice Buckets for your Kitchen

What is the best way to catch up with your family and friends, especially when you were away for a long time? Throw a party and invite them all to come over. Now when inviting people to your place you need to make sure that they are served only quality dishes and beverages. Talking about beverages, you need to arrange for both hot as well as cold beverages to be served at the party.

Best Ice Bucket

How to keep the beverages cold for long? Well, it’s simple, use an ice basket for this purpose. They are used for keeping the ice-chilled till it gets served to the guests. To ease the selection process for the readers, mentioned below are some of the renowned brands that deal in manufacturing the best ice bucket.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – OXO Steel Ice Bucket and Tongs Set:

OXO SteeL Ice Bucket and Tongs Set Product Image

When serving any cold beverages, like a cocktail or classic lemonade, to keep them chilled them long enough there is the need to put in ice cubes in the drinks. But how will you manage to keep the ice cubes fresh. With the help of OXO SteeL Ice Bucket and Tongs Set, this can be made possible. The high insulated double-walled construction feature of the product provides for maintaining the ice cool and does not let it melt. Also, the outer walls that are made of stainless steel remain free from condensation. The ice cubes remain as a whole due to the presence of the grid pattern at the bottom of the ice bucket. This way, the ice cubes will remain solid for some while.

To make it convenient for the users to handle the product, the manufacturers have provided a flip lid as well. The lids can be closed properly and can be accessed using just one hand. The customers are not required to open up the lid so to view whether the bucket needs to be refilled again.   The ice bucket can be carried and transported from one place to another with the utmost ease due to the presence of a non-slippery base. Along with the complete set, you will get tongs which are made up of stainless steel. These tongs have sharp teeth which makes it easy to grab the ice cubes.

What we liked about it

The double-walled construction prevents the outer regions from getting condensed. The ice cubes can be grabbed with the help of the tongs that come with the complete set. The non-slippery base makes this product one of the best ice buckets available in the market. It can easily hold 4 quarts of ice cubes. These ice buckets need to be hand-washed and the tongs can be put into the dishwasher. You can carry it around with great comfort as it won’t slip from your hands.

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#2 – Caphalon Barware Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Set:

Caphalon Barware Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Set Product Image

If you are looking for a brand that manufactures sophisticated and modern designs of best-insulated ice bucket then Calphalon Barware should be the choice. The Caphalon Barware Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Set would look wonderful in your kitchen. To prevent the exterior region where moisture usually gets formed, the product uses double-walled construction or design.   The ice cubes will remain at the perfect temperature when served to the guests. This ice bucket does not let the ice cubes melt till the time it is served. To drain away from the melted water, there is a specially designed perforated scoop present in the product. This provides for slowing down the process of melting.

The user can conveniently check the level of ice through the cover that is made up of transparent glass. To clean the ice bucket after use you can put it inside the dishwasher. The product will not get damaged in the process. The overall weight of the product is around 4.6 pounds. The body of the ice bucket is made up of stainless steel which provides for complete durability. This way the product will last longer without the need to get it replaced. They are easy to carry wherever you go and are comfortable to handle. Proper grip does not let the ice bucket get slipped from your hands while in use.

What we liked about it

The best part about this brand of product is they are very durable in nature. Being dishwasher safe, the ice bucket will no get damaged while cleaning it up. Transparent glass cover makes it possible for the user to keep an eye on the ice level so that the product can be filled up to its maximum capacity. The manufacturers provide for a specific guarantee period during which the product can be exchanged in case of any defects.

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#3 – Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs:

Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs Product Image

When talking about the best cool ice buckets sold in the market, it becomes essential to mention the name of Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs. They are considered to be one of the most reputed manufacturers of high-quality ice buckets. This brand of kitchen products is very much in trend these days. The manufacturers make sure to introduce innovative designs to the ice bucket with fashionable finishes. From champagne to wine, be it any beverage, keeping them inside this ice bucket will ensure that the beverages will remain to be cold for a long while.

The attractive look and elegant style make them more preferable to bought by the customers. They are designed to be apt for any type of occasion or party. There are rings present on the side of the bucket so to provide for easy carriage when it is completely full. The double-wall mechanism offers the feature to keep the drinks cool inside till the time they are ready to be served to the guests. However, you need to make sure that the product should not get washed or cleaned abrasively. They should only be hand-washed so that the ice bucket does not get damaged. Stainless steel exterior does maintain the durability of the product. There are no strainers included in the complete set of this particular product.

What we liked about it

Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs make it possible for the users to grab the ice cubes without any problem. Just like most of the other brands of quality ice buckets, this product also comes with the double-walled exterior to maintain proper temperature inside without condensation taking place. The rings make it easy for the user to carry it around with so much ease. It can be easily cleaned up and is suitable to be kept in the kitchen as this product does not occupy much space.

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#4 – Old Dutch International 876 Old Dutch Ice Bucket:

Old Dutch International 876 Old Dutch Ice Bucket Product Image

The best type of kitchen appliances is the ones that are made of copper. Copper kitchenware is considered to be a fine piece of art and is quite eye-catching. But the question here is which brand offers the top-notch copper kitchenware to the customers. Ever heard about the manufacturer named Old Dutch International? Considered to be the top-most copper kitchenware retailer in the United States, the products manufactured and marketed under this particular brand name are ought to be of high standards. And that’s exactly the case with Old Dutch International 876 Old Dutch Ice Bucket.

This particular range of ice bucket is quite classic and simple when it comes to the design. Hand-hammering technique is used in the preparation process of this product. The total capacity of the ice bucket is around 3 quart. This makes it possible for the user to store as much ice as they want without any sort of trouble. The large insulated ice bucket does not let the ice cubes melt easily. Appropriate temperature is maintained inside the bucket which does not let the moisture settle. In order to tarnish resistance, the exterior of the ice bucket is coated using a lacquered finish. The lacquer does not need to be removed for using the product. This ice bucket needs to be washed with hands and cannot be cleaned using a dishwasher.

What we liked about it

The exterior body of the Old Dutch International 876 Old Dutch Ice Bucket is made of copper-plating rather than stainless steel. There are removable liners present along with the draining plate which helps in keeping the ice dry as well as cold. The storage capacity is good which enables the user to store up to 3 quarts of ice without any difficulty. On ordering this particular product the customers will get tongs made of solid brass to take the ice cubes and serve them properly.          

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#5 – OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket:

OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket Product Image

Are you looking for a suitable way to beat out the summer heat? Then taking a sip from a chilled glass of lemonade will surely give you a pinch of relief. If you are not fine with having just a glass of lemonade, then you can try out various delicious cocktails as well. But how to keep the drinks cool enough for a long period of time. It’s simple, put some ice cubes inside. Then comes the question as to how can one store the ice cubes perfectly without letting it melt. That’s when the need for an ice bucket arises which can be apt for this situation. And the best double walled ice bucket is the all-new OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket.

Along with this product, the customer will be getting a separate garnish tray that can be used for serving fruit slices with cool and soothing beverages. If you feel like your drink is not cold enough then just grab one or two ice cubes from the bucket and let them slip into the glass. The internal reservoir does not let the melted water reach the ice cubes. The set includes a cocktail shaker as well in which you can store your cocktail. Proper insulation is provided due to double-walled construction that helps to keep the ice cubes cold for a longer duration.

What we liked about it

Manufacturers have provides a separate garnish tray along with the ice bucket set to serve other stuff with the cold beverages. This tray can be kept inside the bucket so as to keep the garnishes cool enough for the guests. There is a carrying handle that makes it easy for the user to take the bucket along with them when traveling. A set of nylon tongs are also present in the set to scoop out the ice cubes.

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How we Chose the best ice bucket in our list

For the purpose of preparing an unbiased ice bucket reviews, there are two different panels made, each of which consists of some experts and customers. All of them are given a particular brand of product, i.e., ice buckets so that they can use it for themselves and know what they liked about it and what are the things that need to be corrected. After using the different brands of ice buckets for a certain span of time, the users are asked to give an appropriate review of the product.

Depending upon the various details as mentioned by the people, a report is prepared in which different set of qualities or features are written down that needs to be considered before buying any particular ice bucket brand from the market. Some of these aspects are as follows:-

  • Insulation capabilities:- When organizing a party outside in the garden area during the summer season, the major reason for consideration is the hot and humid climatic conditions. All the beverages need to be stored in top-quality ice buckets that have proper insulation properties to prevent the ice cubes from melting or the drinks getting hot.
  • Total capacity:- The next point is in relation to the overall capacity of the ice bucket to store an ample amount of ice without any issue. If you are throwing a small party then buying a small ice bucket would be sufficient.
  • Exterior body:- It matters a lot whether the ice bucket is made of stainless steel or copper. It is because stainless steel provides for more durability than any other material.

Why you need the best ice bucket in your kitchen

Just like any other type of kitchen appliances, the ice buckets are also quite essential to be present especially if you are planning to organize a get-together or party for your friends and family. When the outside climate is increasing day by day, you cannot expect to serve the guests with hot beverages. To make the party a memorable experience, it becomes important to offer the right choice of foods and drinks which can provide relief to the guests.

Even most of the restaurants make use of such ice buckets while serving the customers. Wine and champagnes are the two most common types of beverages stored in this particular product. After all, no one would like to have a glass of wine at room temperature. We always expect our beverages to be soothing and cold. Depending upon the size of the party you are organizing, choose the apt ice bucket which can contain or store the required quantity of ice cubes that needs to be served.

The double-walled insulated ice buckets do not let the ice melt easily and maintain an accurate temperature always. Most of the ice buckets which are manufactured by trusted brands come with a set of tongs that are used for grabbing or scooping the ice cubes from the bucket. The insulated exterior does let the moisture seep in which would have otherwise resulted in the ice cubes getting melted. Next time when you are planning to throw away a party at your place make sure that you do have the best sets of ice buckets available in your kitchen.