5 Best Ice Makers for Your Kitchen


5 Best Ice Makers For Your KitchenSummers are here and nothing is more soothing than ice when the hot winds blow off your mind. You need ice in water, in your daily drinks, for drenching your skin and for various other purposes. A cube of ice adds life in a drink and refreshes your mood as well.

To provide you this pleasure at your place, here are the best ice makers which will give you ice daily and make your day full of cold sensations. The makers have taken care of needs of a family, individuals and work places and have designed the devices accordingly. This review is exclusively for you and will suggest you the best.

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#1 – Avalon Bay AB- ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker product image

Its attractive silver color is more than enough to catch your eyes and make you fall for it. If you have a small kitchen space, this is the best ice maker for you. It is ideal for offices where the space is compact and is ready to be utilized for various other purposes. You can take it on boats too and they are the best for RVs. Forget running to the store daily for ice bags as this magical machine has a powerful compressor and produces 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. This makes sure that you have plenty of ice to last the whole day.

Moreover, it has a cool dispenser which does not require installation. All you must do is plug- in the machine, add water, wait for 15 minutes and get the most awaited ice. The effort of makers to make the experience hassle- free for the users is worth appreciation. The shape of the ice produces is interesting and you will be amused to know that you will get bullet shaped ice out of your machine. The machine offers this ecstasy every six minutes which ensures that you don’t have to wait long for drinking something chilled. 230 Watts voltages and 60 Hz frequency is all it need to operate and a mere of 2 Ampere current supply. Enjoy the chill this summer with the best ice machine.

What we like about it:

The makers have designed great product and have left nothing to criticize. The ice maker reviews declare it the best product for home and offices which is compact and can be placed anywhere, from the kitchen slab to the office cabinet. The power requirement is low which makes it possible to run anytime and capacity of production is great which makes sure that you have ice for the whole day. There is no installation process and you can plug- in to start the machine.

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#2 – EdgeStar IP210BL Portable Countertop Ice Maker

EdgeStar IP210BL Portable Countertop Ice Maker product image

The black body is sizzling and its appearance is sufficient to send chill down your spine. The best part about this best ice maker machine is that you can use any water in it, whether bottled or tap, but the result will be the same pure ice. It can be controlled by soft touches which eliminates the toil of pressing pesky buttons. Moreover, you don’t have to drain the water and there are three sizes of ice cubes. You can choose your size depending on the purpose and make the full utilization of the gadget. The ice cube maker takes average 10 minutes to start producing ice which does not make you wait longer and save your time too.

Looking at the capacity, the first simple statement is about ice bin which stores two and a half pounds of ice in one go, which is sufficient for you. With large capacity and small size, it becomes the best choice for travelling in boats, trains and in other media. It has the potential to deliver 28 pounds of ice per day which kills the need to run to the supermarket for ice bag. Apart from boats, it is best suited for cabins and RVs. In the office, if you want to have ice maker discreetly for personal use, you can keep it as it can be hidden anywhere.

What we like about it:

The capacity of ice production is great and the yield is received in an average of ten minutes which is more than awesome. It is the best to carry while out on a trip and chills your drinks wherever you want to have a sizzling pint. The manufacturers love users and have proven it by providing three different size options which you can select according to the need. It has eliminated the need to tap on buttons and you can order ice with a few touches.

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#3 – Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker product image

Well here is something steely for your kitchen. These ice makers have stainless steel body and are unbreakable, whatever the situation is. They are the best ice maker for home which you can get for the heaven called kitchen. Not only homes, you can use them in offices or wherever you go during the day. If drinking is an integral part of your routine, then this ice maker is the most suitable choice for you. They are portable so you can take them with you. So, in a way they are your faithful servants which are always ready to serve you.

The makers’ generosity of providing an over- sized bucket which has the capacity to hold 2.2 lbs. of ice is worth appreciating. In a family, an ice machine has multiple uses and keeping them in view, there are three sixes for you to choose from- small, medium and large. With the best portable ice maker, you can chill yourself and chill others too in a small span of 6 minutes every time and every day. You can get 26 lbs. of ice daily which is more than enough to satisfy the needs of a household and a crowded office.  Its compact size adds stars to its excellent qualities and makes it possible for you to take your favorite ice makes anywhere with you like your baby.

What we like about it:

For your kind information, this is the best home ice machine which you can get from the market and it won’t be wrong if you will call it a miracle. There is a lot to be appreciated and it begins from the provision of large ice bin installed in the maker. The machine gas compact size and designed for portability which makes favorite for use in offices and homes. It will be the best decoration for your kitchen.

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#4 – hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top product image

If you are looking for something which is portable as well as productive this is the best option available in the whole market. This is the reason why people around the world trust it and use in their offices and kitchens. This is the best home ice maker and once you use it, you will fall in love with the product. There is no end to competition, and this ice maker surfaces victorious, whatever is the criteria of evaluation. Going with the data, the ice maker produces 26 pounds of ice in a day and stores 1.5 pounds of ice and too at one time which is commendable. Moreover, you would be glad to know that the machine is the investment you have ever made in home appliances.

With hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine, you won’t have to wait for more than 8 to 12 minutes for getting ice for your beverage. The ice maker is an epitome of beauty and proves it by producing nine pieces of bullet shaped ice cylinders in one go which look very beautiful when and enhance the elegance of drink. To make ice extraction easy, the makers have provided the portable machine with an ice scoop. Here again, the makers deserve appreciation as they used BPA free plastic for the scoop which is good for your health.

What we like about it:

The best art about the machine is its auto- shut down feature which enables the machine to shut as soon as the ice bin is full. Hence, there is no wastage of water, electricity and ice which is not only cost saving but conserves your resources too. It has ideal size and you can carry it anywhere, from room to room to travel. The capacity of ice production is good to cater to the daily needs of a family and make your drinks worth enjoying.

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#5 – Della Ice Maker Electric Machine Countertop

Della Ice Maker Electric Machine Countertop product image

If you are tired of running to the store each time you need ice, then this is the best option which you have in the whole market. The machine has a lot to be told to the consumers and the first of which is its compact size and portable feature. Stop bothering yourself with a walk to the store by getting Della Ice Maker machine for your dear house. A family has several requirements and it is not justified to go to the shop each time it is better to keep this ice producer in your home and out an end to this daily annoyance.

With this portable ice maker, you will get ice in a few minutes which make it worth your money. If you are worried about getting ice in your dormitory, cool sown and but Della Ice Maker. This is best suited for offices, RVs, kitchens or anywhere you are heading to right now. With some easy to push buttons and clear icons for handling, enjoy making ice with your family. Extract up to 26 pounds of ice in a day and carry out your chores without a sudden need to visit the store for fetching ice. This machine gives you a unique experience, you can look through the glass window and monitor the making of ice and check the level of ice.

What we like about it:

One of the best things about the machine is that it provides alerts which help you relax and give you leave from checking the machine thousand times day. In case of full ice bucket and low water level, you will receive notification and can take the required action in time. It has high yielding capacity of 26 Pounds daily and you can exercise it with digitally labeled buttons which are easy to see and push.

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How we chose the Top Ice Makers in our List

Ice makers are boon which help you stay cool in all seasons. Whether you want ice for bathing or for putting on beverages, they are the best and relieve you of the duty to head to the store. Keeping these points in view it became necessary to suggest the best to the users. Suggestion is a difficult task as it requires a wide perspective and observation.

So, to achieve the elephantine task, a team of experts was set and endowed the responsibility to review the best. The experts were called from all corners of the world so which ensured that all the requirements of the users are considered while making the list.

They were given ample time to look at the technical aspects of the machines with special emphasis on electricity and voltage requirements as they are something which vary across the world. The experts after conducting experiments submitted their list to the jury. Now it was time to note user experience as that as that is the deciding factor about every machine.

If users are happy, then the motto of manufacturers is successful. So, reviews about ice makers were invited ad recorded in form of online and offline surveys. They user response was highly diverse as people has different criteria for rating. But without losing their spirit, the jury segregated criteria and prepared a list based on consumer review. The last step was the most difficult and that was the preparation of final list. For that, the jury matched both the lists and let out the final list of top ice makers and this review was prepared.

Different types of Ice Makers

Comparison is best as it helps you choose the right for your kitchen. Especially kitchen appliances should be compared well before purchase and the requirement should be matched before further action. Here are some points which decide the best. You can have a look, ponder well and then decide.

  • Compact design and portability: All the models are portable and can be readily carried anywhere. When it comes to compact nature, model number 1 is the best as the designers had this quality in the core while making the product.
  • Power of compressor: This decides the output of your ice maker and as you know you will like to have the most from your money. All the ice makers in the list produce 26 pounds of ice daily, except model number 2 which is EdgeStar IP210BL Portable Countertop Ice Maker produces 28 pounds of ice cubes per day which is just awesome.
  • Material used in the body: The ice makers in the list are iron strong as they have stainless steel structure. This prevents rusting and whichever model you choose, forget the tension of rusting. They are prone to minor damages and accidental falls can do no harm.
  • Places of use: You can use all the models anywhere, they are well insulated and can be used on boats, yacht, ships, and luxury cars and anywhere you go. Whenever you have urge to drink, irrespective of where you are you can get ice to chill the beverage.

The above points have made it easier for you to decide. Shop the best!

Why you need the Best Ice Maker in your Kitchen

Ice is an integral part of life and is required in every season; let it be summer, winters, spring or rain. You drink beverages in every season and this is the primary reason you need ice. Ice helps you maintain your beauty too and is useful in other vital diurnal chores of life. For getting ice, you must rush to the store several times a day and to relieve you from this worthless toil comes the role of ice makers.

With the best rated ice makers in your home or office, you can relax as you will get ice whenever you need it. If you want to bath in ice water and revive your skin, there is no need to compromise your desire as the ice maker will give you ice bullets in a very short time. Drinking is depressing without a cold drink. With the best ice makers you can make your beverage chilled and revel in the pleasure of delicious alcohol!

If you need some glasses to serve your booze in, these guides we put together may be useful to you:

Some of the main users of an ice maker are going to be bartenders. They go through SO MUCH ice when making drinks for customers. If you’re a bartender, here are some useful guides for you:

If you’re just looking to make a ton of ice for your summer festivities, then here are some guides that you may find useful:

With large capacity they are great for you and after buying and using you will be proud of your intelligent investment. Moreover, they are portable and you can take them with you, whether you are shifting to new dormitory are going to explore the world, they will be your loyal partners and will chill you whenever you want to. Their attractive hues add five stars to your kitchen and it becomes an inseparable part of your household with a slot of a few minutes in the daily routine. So, buy the best makers and chill!

Something to note:

One question that we get a lot is surrounding water purification. You don’t need to use a water purifier, such as a BRITA water filter pitcher or reverse osmosis system in order to safely use an ice maker. You also don’t need to fill up the water line with water from a water cooler… and you certainly should not use an instant hot water dispenser. You would be surprised how many people write in asking about that.

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