5 Best Kitchen Carts for Your Kitchen


While working in the kitchen you tend to waste a lot of time in fetching items from all the corners of your kitchen. There is a major need for some equipment that can hold what is necessary for your cooking chore and makes those items readily available at your disposition.

Accommodating a kitchen cart is sure to work wonders for you. Having a multi-purpose counter in your kitchen provides the ease of procuring things that you frequently require thereby saving most of your time that you can spend in other productive things. The following kitchen cart reviews have been formulated in order to provide you an insight into various products available in the market so that you can buy the best kitchen cart for yourself.

Kitchen Cart Review Center 2020

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#1 – Home Styles 5089-95 Kitchen Center:

Home Styles 5089-95 Kitchen Center with Breakfast Bar product image

According to consumer feedback, this is the most sought-after kitchen cart in the market at present. If you love hardwood products and want to add a royal touch to your kitchen premises, then this kitchen center is just the one for you. The clearly finished body of this cart makes it appealing to the eyes.  It is known for its sustainability and high endurance capabilities which amplify the beneficial aspects of this kitchen equipment.  This highly attractive kitchen center features a breakfast bar made up of wood accompanied with the additional drop-down feature in case extra space is required. The casters that have been fitted in this kitchen cart ensure all-round mobility and provide the convenience of locking as well.

This is an ideal kitchen cart with considerable amount of storage space thus making it ideal for joint households where there are large numbers of family members and you require a hefty cart for supporting the extensive load. The hardwood body has been intricately built in order to provide protection from deformations. There are four multi-purpose drawers along with two utility cabinets to increase the space available. The best part is that there is a separate area provided for spices and condiments and a paper towel holder. All these characteristics increase the convenience associated with the use of this kitchen cart and makes it one of the most versatile variant available in the market.

What we like about it

The reviews regarding this kitchen appliance have been highly impressive. This product caters to the needs of its customer in a holistic manner. The prices are not off-limits thereby making this pocket-friendly. This kitchen cart has set high standards that all the other competitors try to achieve. This model of kitchen cart is a proper culmination of effectiveness with quality service that guarantees consumer satisfaction with the promise of making your kitchen work experience trouble-free.

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#2 – Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart:

Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart product image

The Winsome Mali kitchen cart has a special place as one of the high rank holders in this business. This kitchen cart model is known for its high storage capabilities. The wide dimensions and broad counters aid in increasing the surface area and volume of this kitchen cart. Along with this quality, it features a double tone counter top that has been carved out of wood. According to one of the feedbacks, this wood excels in performance capabilities and is able to endure a lot of weight because of its solid nature. Apart from making the cart durable, this wooden cart has a natural finish owing to the espresso coating. Moreover, the assembly procedure for this kitchen cart is extremely easy because of removable cabinets and shelves that arrange themselves comfortably. The trouble-free installation of this kitchen cart has gained popularity in the market. This cart is equipped with one large drawer with cabinet pull, portable cabinets and three-sided shelves. The transportation of this cart is not that much convenient but the other features surpass all other variants in the market.

This is best suited for larger households since it goes well with limited amount of push and pull. Even though this cart has mediocre looks, it provides consumer satisfaction along with dedicated service that result in comfortable kitchen experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a decent kitchen cart, then this is the most affordable option for you.

What we like about it

The user-friendly nature of this cart has mustered a lot of appreciation in the market. Unlike other versions of kitchen carts, the Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart provides utmost ease of installation and even a novice can manage to set this up on his own. Apart from that, it is a fair deal as this product is not as costly compared to other models. Moreover, it promises a great service to its user and is sure to assist you with efficiency.

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#3 – Homfa 3-Tier Mesh Wire Rolling Cart:

Homfa 3-Tier Mesh Wire Rolling Cart Multifunction Utility Cart product image

This is one of the most basic models available in the market.  This kitchen cart possesses a steel body thus making it durable. There is a fine finish present on the steel body that prevents your kitchen cart from unwanted corrosion during humid and wet environmental conditions. This characteristic makes this cart suitable for laundry related activities such as loading dirty clothes and unloading wet ones. This cart is sturdy and strong even though its firm built may suggest the otherwise. There are three shelves in this cart and all of them have structure of a mesh basket that facilitates open display to the user. These baskets are deep and ensure plenty of storage space for items to remain in place.

The highly dignified built of this kitchen cart makes it appropriate for use in professional accommodations and it will add to the aesthetic of the area where it is placed. Moreover, the meshed shelves reduce the amount of dust that sets up on them as it provides room for proper air circulation. The ample amount of storage that is available in this cart makes it versatile and you can use it for storing various items like stationery, craft material, etc with comfort. The Homfa 3-Tier Mesh Wire Rolling Cart has wheels that facilitate easy rolling in all directions and does not put scratch on the floors. This makes it the best mobile kitchen cart since it has a self-lock mechanism that looks after the positioning of our items.

What we like about it

The silver color that this product is available in makes it highly attractive and the foremost option for those who want a good-looking cart. The use of this cart goes beyond the kitchen boundaries thus making this a multi-functional utility cart in the realest of sense. Not only this, reviews have stated that this is the Best stainless steel kitchen cart and you must consider this as a highly recommended product by professionals. Even the price of this cart is feasible therefore it is a good bargain.

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#4 – Seville Classics Stainless Steel Professional Kitchen Cart:

Seville Classics Stainless Steel Professional Kitchen Cart product image

This is another variant of steel kitchen carts. The entire composition of this cart has steel as the major contributor.  All the parts provide assorted quality to the user. This kitchen cart includes one shelf along with a basket that is movable. These baskets can be adjusted according to the required height which provides the ease of fitting the cart into compact spaces effortlessly. The wheels are of superior quality and ensure an Omni-directional movement with ease. The wheels are equipped with two locking mechanisms to keep your items in place without any unnecessary sliding. Further, this kitchen cart is easy to install without having to use any additional tools.

This helps in saving space from the main kitchen counters by providing secondary workstations. It is equipped with a table top that assists in carrying out your vegetable cutting practices thus saving you from the toilsome efforts of cleaning large counters when you can make use of the smaller ones. This kitchen cart can be used for placing additional kitchen equipment, such as toasters, blenders, and convection ovens, and keeps them within the vicinity of the user. The steel that has been used in the construction of this kitchen cart is chrome-plated and features an adjustable basket made up of steel wires. The dimensions of this cart make it suitable for commercial purposes for example in a restaurant or in an office pantry.

What we like about it

This kitchen cart has mustered huge popularity among those who brought it into use. This product has been certified by the NSF which is a testimonial of its efficiency. This product outlasts most of the other steel variants found in the market. Even though it is on a pricier side, the supplementary utilities make the cost of this kitchen cart justifiable. It is very easy to clean and you can be sure of receiving an excellent service from this table.

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#5 – TRIBECCA HOME Myra Rustic Mobile Kitchen Bar Serving Cart:

TRIBECCA HOME Myra Rustic Mobile Kitchen Bar Serving Cart product image

This kitchen cart is best suited for those people who like their kitchen endowments to be elegant and full of natural essence. The body of this kitchen cart is made up of real poplar wood that is known for its sturdiness thereby ensuring prolonged use of this cart. This wood has been framed with black sand metal that gives it a refined look. They originality sparks through the colors of this cart that complements the entire structure. Therefore, it can be considered the best wooden kitchen cart in the market right now. The dimensions of this product are impressive as they provide plenty of storage places owing to the large size of shelves and trays of this cart. Further, this cart has a reliable hardware and has handles made up of metal that provide the ease of pulling trays effortlessly. The removable tray top ensures that it can be loaded and unloaded with extreme cleanliness. The wheels of this cart are really flexible and providing smooth rolling experience to the user. The Myra rustic mobile kitchen cart features one serving cart, two locking casters and two racks for storing wine glass towards the bottom. This pairs well with a wine fridge!

The users of this cart have appreciated the durability of this product. The patina is able to endure the most corrosive conditions thereby increasing its life. The wheels support 360 degrees of movement and helps in moving the cart from one place to another. The metal handles present at the sides facilitate effortless pulling of the cart.

What we like about it

This kitchen cart is a blend of elegance, durability and efficiency that makes it reliable and highly popular in the market today. There a lot of features that exemplify what this simple cart stand for. You can even lean on it while you help yourself with the chores without worrying about the damage. The utmost strength of this cart broadens the extent of convenience associated with this cart. The customer reviews have been favorable for this product and it can prove to be highly helpful for you.

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How we choose the top kitchen cart in our list?

Prior to the formulation of this review, a whole lot of detailed analysis took place. All the facts and figures that have been mentioned in these reviews are absolutely reliable and true. Further, an extensive panel of technical experts was constituted who undertook the responsibility of reviewing kitchen carts in order to develop a better understanding of their technological aspects.

A combination of marketing research and customer feedbacks accompanied with comprehensive surveys led to the composition of this review. There were numerous parameters that were kept in mind while examining the above-mentioned kitchen carts. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ease of mobility: There is no point of buying a kitchen cart if you are unable to move it with ease. Therefore, for a cart to be productive it has to be portable so that the user can move it effortlessly.
  • Appealing looks: Kitchen is the heart of every household. The kitchen cart must have elegant looks so that it complements the beauty of your kitchen thereby providing a delightful cooking experience.
  • Efficiency and durability: Kitchen carts are required to be strong and firm so that they can carry the weight upon them without pressuring the overall structure. Most importantly, the wheels must be tough so that they can endure the weight of a loaded cart with perfection.
  • Quality and cost: The quality of the product should speak for itself and justify its cost. Moreover, the kitchen carts must be similar to their factual representation otherwise it will be a useless investment. The testimony of the user should increase the value of a product which makes it worth the money spent.
  • Efficacy in term of use: A kitchen cart must be aimed at labor-saving while catering to other purposes as well. It must be built properly with quality endowments and fulfill the requirements of its user with precision.

Different types of kitchen carts

The best part about a kitchen cart is that it is multi-functional in nature. Even though the actual productiveness of a product depends entirely on its user, we are citing a brief comparison for our readers that will help in creating an overview and aid them in choosing their ideal kitchen cart.

There are multiple types of kitchen carts available in the market. The most popular of the lot being the steel and wooden ones. There are various pros and cons associated with them.

  1. Durability: Wooden kitchen carts are highly resistant to outward corrosion since they are made up of wood, but they might develop internal rotting after prolonged use. But in the case of steel carts, the contrary is true. It is prone to corrosion but newer models overcame that drawback.
  2. Ease of handling: It is a well-known fact that wooden carts are heavier as compared to the steel ones thereby lacking in flexible mobility.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Usually, steel carts are more expensive than the wooden ones. But the large numbers of features associated with the steel carts make them worth the cost.

A comparison can be made between the wooden carts and steel carts separately among their own derivate which will increase your knowledge about the details.

  1. In the wooden kitchen carts, the three models (model no. 1, 2 and 5) that have been portrayed above have a quality that is unique for the each of them. The metal handles in model 5 are the best feature of that product, and the elegance associated with model 1 makes it stand out of the crowd. Further, the endurance capability makes model 3 special.
  2. In the steel carts, both the models (model no. 3 and 4) give a tough fight to each other. Model no. 3 excels in looks and multifunctional properties while model 4 is known for the adjustable nature of its shelves.

Therefore, all the models have certain qualities that are peculiar to each of them. The selection depends upon the buyer and this comparison sides none of the products.

Why you need the best kitchen cart in your kitchen?                  

Kitchen cart is not a very new concept rather it dates back to thousands of years. But as the times have changed, the arena of possibilities has changed as well. Now you can use a kitchen cart for serving a lot of purposes that will make your experience in the kitchen comfortable and time-saving. There are a numerous applications of a modern-era kitchen cart which go beyond the storage abilities of a cart. Let’s get to the knowing of few of these applications:

  • Storing kitchen items such as bread machines, cookware, and Japanese kitchen knives.
  • Counters for holding cups and mugs
  • Separate hanging spaces for cloths and aprons (you may even be able to install a garbage disposal, like an Insinkerator, or an indoor compost bin)
  • Cabinets for keeping crockery and other dishes with utmost safety
  • Ease of handling the mess since the proximity increases
  • Convenient to use hardware that ensures you can fetch items easily
  • A combination of drawers and counters to provide optimal storage
  • Flexible designs help in easy movement
  • Reduces the pressure on other kitchen cabinets thus providing a prefect alignment to your kitchen.

Kitchen carts have evolved over the time and became versatile and functional in nature. You must equip your kitchen with the latest products that aim at reducing your efforts thereby giving a respite from the fuss you previously faced. Kitchen carts are essential and an inseparable part of a kitchen. It functions as the backbone since it keeps the entire cooking area in order and saves the time of its user that went in cleaning the counters. You feel detached from the unnecessary disruptions that you faced earlier in gathering items from separate quarters in your kitchen. All in all, a kitchen cart dispenses your management grievances.

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