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One of the most frustrating parts of cooking is when your dish sticks to the pan or dish that you’re using to cook it in. Not only does this slowly strip away the coating of your pan but it also makes washing up a whole lot more difficult.

Cooking sprays are used to make the surface of whatever utensil you are using to prepare food in, non-stick. These sprays add no additional calories to your meal. Along with oil, the spray contains chemicals to ensure the oil doesn’t foam as well as propellants to provide sufficient pressure that helps spray the oil out of the aerosol can. Given below are some of the best kitchen oil sprayers in the business and how each one is suited for different needs.

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#1 – EVO Oil Sprayer Bottle for Cooking

EVO Oil Sprayer Bottle for Cooking product image

This is the best cooking oil sprayer for numerous reasons. Not only does this refillable bottle dispense cooking oil, it can also be used for vinegar, juice and even wine for the purposes of cooking food. It has a comfortable and efficient grip and comes equipped with a funnel to help you refill the bottle. The refined spraying mechanism guarantees an even and complete spray for the best cooking experience. This distributes the oil in an efficient manner without wasting it; thereby saving cash as well as cutting down on calories. EVO is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Spray the oil on your grill to enhance the flavour of the food. It has multi-varied uses including barbequing, grilling, sautéing, roasting and baking.

The bottle is durable, shatter proof and safe for food. Not only is it completely recyclable but due to the sophisticated spraying system it comes with, there is no need for dangerous propellants in the oil. Each pull of the mechanism releases 1.35ml of oil in a singular fan pattern that helps cover more surface area by using less oil.  The bottle comes with a card that tells you everything you need to know about the sprayer as well as information on the best oils to be used for different purposes as well as tips for storing multiple kinds of oils.

What we like about it:

It is the first non-aerosol trigger sprayer in the world. It is always prepped with 2 oils at the ready and distributes it with ease. The spray bottle makes it easier to create healthy meals as well as practice portion control. EVO spray bottles enable your complete control over the flavour, calories and nutrition. The compact size makes it easy to store the bottle in the fridge as well as make it easy to cook with kids. The bottle is top rack dishwasher safe thus making it easy to clean.

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#2 – Alsophiliig Oil Sprayer Dispenser Premium 304 Stainless Steel:

Alsophiliig Oil Sprayer Dispenser Premium 304 Stainless Steel product image

This oil dispenser comes with two bottles: one for the distribution of oil and the other of vinegar. It can be used for various liquids not just oil. You can fill the bottle up with sunflower oil, canola oil, rice oil, juice of any kind, red or white wine for cooking purposes etc. It is especially good for spraying at ingredients instead of brushing on the oil whilst baking or roasting. The spraying action produces fine mist, spreading the oil uniformly. The oil pumping sprayer is made up of stainless steel and glass; this makes it much easier to clean the device. The material it is made from is also very eco-friendly and the nature of the glass bottle makes it easier to see the amount of liquid in it.

Due to its small size it is portable and can be used in different places; not only as a kitchen tool but also in barbeques and picnics or can be even filled with water or lemon juice to spray on dishes so that they retain their freshness. The appliance is an environmentally friendly device that is perfect for people who are looking to reduce the waste they produce and their carbon footprint. The product also comes with the advantage of free replacement in a year. It is a handy tool for adding nutrition, flavour and colour to different foods.

What we like about it:

The economic size and convenience make if one of the best tools around for development. Misting vegetables or chicken with this spray does not only you to brown them or add flavor to the chicken/veggies. Not only is this bottle easy to handle but the material that it is made from is both toxin free and completely food safe while also being dishwasher safe. Its versatility increases the functionality; making it a reliable tool to possess.

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#3 – SYSAMA Stainless Steel Spray Pump Fine Mist Olive Pump Spray:

SYSAMA Stainless Steel Spray Pump Fine Mist Olive Pump Spray product image

This oil sprayer is well worth the money you pay for it. Not only suitable for spraying oil, this sprayer can also be used for other liquids like vinegar, juice, cooking wine etc. to add a kick of flavour to some recipes. Can be used for grilling, sautéing, barbequing, flambéing and a lot of other methods of cooking as well. This product is a blessing for those looking to reduce the intake of oil in their diets. One spray of the pump adds just the right amount of oil; making this a great diet control device.

The material it is made from, advanced stainless steel, is high quality and prevents rusting of the bottle whilst simultaneously making it dishwasher friendly. The 90ml bottle is easy to carry and can be used in a variety of situations. The fine mist produced by the sprayer ensures there is no oil wasted whilst using the existing oil to its fullest. The simple pumping action aids ease of use whilst also helps controlling the amount of oil that is sprayed out. Since the spray that comes out is misty, it helps in cooling food stuffs quickly as well. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty with replacements; although you would find that to be necessary as almost all users have had nothing but rave reviews for this product.

What we like about it:

At its price change, this appliance is one of the best at what is does. The high versatility of the product combined with the reusable guarantee make it so that the bottle can be used in various ways without fear of it breaking or bending or anything of the sort. Due to its compact size it reduces clutter in your kitchen while also making it useful for daily chores. The sprayer is food safe, FDA approved and child safe too.

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#4 – Aminno Olive Oil and Cooking Sprayer:

Aminno Olive Oil and Cooking Sprayer product image

This sprayer uses a non-aerosol type pump mechanism where in you could pump up some air pressure into the trigger. And then with the push of a button you can spray the cooking oil wherever you choose.  Aerosol type mechanisms are unhealthy since they require some agents derived from petroleum for the substance inside the can to spray out with sufficient pressure. A wide mouth opening leading to the sprayer makes it easy to clean. This sprayer is especially suited for coating a pan, or the surface of other foodstuffs with oil, juice etc. to imbibe it with a dash of flavour. This method works better than brushing that same substance on top of whatever’s on the stove. The sprayer has a T-handle cap that facilitates easier spraying whilst also ensuring the pipe stays clog free. An economically sound decision as well, however the device will ensure you use only the correct amount of oil.

This appliance is made up of scratch resistant glass while inside a stainless-steel top, there lies the pump. Hidden away ingeniously inside it. The cooking spray is considered a more ergonomic alternative to bottled or packaged oil; seeing as how it only takes the minimal amount necessary to carry out any task. Another great feature is that the customer can return the cooking sprayer for a 100% money back guarantee.

What we like about it:

In case the cooking sprayer runs out of oil or whichever substance it used to carry, it also doubles down as a great storage container for food or juice. This sprayer comes with a clog free filter as well. In case you infuse your oil with herbs or other ingredients of the same sort; the clog free filter ensures that it doesn’t hamper the cooking oil from being sprayed out of the filter. The glass used in the making of this device is scratch resistant and anti-bacterial whilst also being easy to wash. All in all, this appliance is the best pump oil sprayer that you could have in your kitchen.

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#5 – Yangyun Upgraded Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle:

Yangyun Upgraded Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle product image

This last sprayer in our list possesses one of the best spraying nozzles in the business. This upgraded nozzle makes up for all the minor defects in the product. The spray bottle and the pump itself is made up of high quality stainless steel; making it a more hygienic product. This oil sprayer is not limited merely to oils themselves; rather it can be used for any liquid substances including juices, balsamic vinegar, cooking wine etc. The sprayer is also of a small size i.e. easily portable. This facilitates its use in different kinds of situations.

This cooking oil sprayer is perfect for low fat cooking which is inclusive of grilling, sautéing etc. The amount of mist generated by a single pump is accurately controlled to be just the right amount to be used each time. You can also change how much oil is sprayed out every time you pump it, manually. Instead of just following the recipes at hand; you can use the oil sprayer to create your own dishes made with novel ingredients.
The compact size of the bottle makes it easier for you to use it only with a single hand; allowing you to multitask. The sprayer is methodical, it is also handy and the skid free feature prevents the sprayer from slipping away. The sprayer is also equipped with two caps to enhance hygiene and safety.

What we like about it:

Its versatility is hands down the best feature of this product. Due to the new and improved nozzle, the sprayer dispenses even finer mist than before. This means that now, the sprayer has acquired even more number of uses. For ex: It can be used as a water or beauty lotion dispenser as well because of the extremely fine mist it gives out. You can even make your own cologne or perfume and use the sprayer for most efficient application

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How we choose the top kitchen oil sprayers in our list:

Extensive meticulous research had been conducted before selecting the top 5 best kitchen sprayers. Our first plan of action was to scour through the popular online shopping sites and make a list of the best-selling kitchen sprays present on that site. We repeated this process for a few famous sites and then cross referenced the lists. The kitchen sprays that showed up on two or more of the lists were taken into consideration.

We then examined the technical aspect of these appliances. According to us the best kitchen spray would be one that:

  1. The nozzle type: The nozzle used on the kitchen spray must dispense the cooking oil efficiently and cover max surface area with minimum amount of oil used
  2. The bottle type: The bottle should be designed in such a way that it is easy to grip and clean, is completely food safe and either shatterproof or be made of stainless steel (steel being the better option)
  3. Aerosol or non-aerosol type: There are 2 kinds of cooking sprays; aerosol and non- aerosol. The aerosol types include harmful propellants inside the can to make sure the spray comes out with sufficient force. Therefore, non-aerosol types are relatively better.
  4. Size: The size of the spray bottle should be compact, big enough to store an adequate amount of oil/ whatever liquid you wish to spray but also small enough so that it fits in a storage cupboard, kitchen island, baker’s rack, or the compact fridge.

After the technical aspects we then went through the customer reviews for different products. Taking all these factors into consideration we came up with a comprehensive review of the best cooking sprayer that you have read above.

Different types of kitchen oil sprayers:

Cooking sprays are perhaps one of the most important items in the kitchen. They are convenient devices used to ease the cooking process. They coat your pan or skillet with just the right amount of oil to ensure that the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of your utensil. It also makes sure that the food isn’t overly greasy or oily.

There are different types of cooking sprays manufactured with different aims in mind:

Cooking sprays containing propellants:

Most aerosol style cooking spray cans require some amount of propellant inside to ensure that the oil comes out at a sufficient intensity and speed. The propellant is usually a small amount of butane, propane etc. Colourless, odourless gases obtained from petroleum. These are usually fine to use on waffle makers, panini press, warming trays, and roaster ovens.

Cooking sprays containing soy lecithin:

Derived from soybean oil; this cooking spray is mainly used to make sure that the ingredients stick together and don’t separate i.e. it is used as an emulsifier.

Keeping this in mind; there are oil sprays that use different oils as well. Some of the best ones to use are ones containing:

  1. Avocado oil: A healthier alternative; this oil’s smoke point is 500F, making it ideal for high temp cooking and grilling. We tried this on our Gotham Steel Pans and Copper Chef Sets and it worked great!
  2. Extra virgin olive oil: This type of spray is ideal for adding flavour into some pasta or maybe even a garden salad. However, it should be used for low heat cooking only – we recommend using this in a pressure cooker or convection oven.
  3. Organic canola oil spray: Ideal for baking
  4. Blend oil spray: Comes as a mixture of different oils which makes it perfect for stovetop cooking on an electric griddle and grilling on an indoor grill.

Why you need the best kitchen oil sprayers in your home:

Generally cooking sprays are used as a form of lubricant; to ensure that the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the utensil used to cook it. It also contains an emulsifier to make sure the food doesn’t separate from each other. However, it has other uses as well; for ex: sticky candy in vending machines, such as shaved ice machines and yogurt machines. jellybeans or sour candy are sprayed with cooking spray to make sure it doesn’t stick to each other. This is a commercial use of cooking spray however this shows that cooking sprays can simplify your kitchen routine not only while cooking.

Some other creative uses of cooking oil include:

  1. Lubrication: It can be used as a lubricator to silence squeaky hinges on doors, chains and other metal objects.
  2. Loosen up locks: There are times when locks become stiff and can’t be turned. A small spray of cooking oil should do the trick.
  3. Prevents staining of containers: Over time plastic containers turn slightly orange or yellow due to the residue left behind of the food stored in it. This can easily be avoided if a little cooking spray is sprayed on the bottom of the containers before storing food.
  4. Setting nail polish: Spraying a little cooking oil on your nails after painting them, helps set the nail polish faster and additionally moisturizes your cuticles too.

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Cooking oil sprays can be used for multiple tasks and it is a useful object to possess because not only does it simplify the process of preparing food but also helps with tiny chores around the house as well.

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