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Cooking is a holy task and should be performed with utmost concentration and purity. Best kitchen shears have a unique shape which resembles a scissor and is different from regular shears. Some shears have handles covered in rubber while some have bottle opener attached in the handle.

They have been designed for various requirements which arise in a kitchen daily like flesh tearing, fish and poultry and some have serrated blade to chop fish fillets or chicken joints. Kitchen shears are user- friendly and are designed for the use of left handed and right handed users both. For the convenience of users, some shears can be separated at the hinge for the purpose of cleaning.

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#1 – Shun Kitchen Shears

Shun Kitchen Shears Product Image

The best kitchen shears are made with high quality metals which ensure the long life of the shear. They contain high-carbon content which gives them long lasting nature and convenience to the user. Other constituents are molybdenum and vanadium present in the stainless steel used for making the body of the shear.  Handle of the best kitchen shears for cutting chicken are made of stainless steel and to avoid users being cut or hurt while working, they are covered with rubber. The rubber cover ensures hard and fast grip so that the handle doesn’t slip away while working from the hand of the user.

Cleaning shears may seem a big problem, but with best kitchen shears that come apart, this tension is eliminated as they can be cleaned after separating both the parts of the shear. Since they are separable, cleaning food or meat pieces trapped in the hinges becomes a game of left hand. As all the foul materials are removed, there is no chance of rotting material hidden in the joints or hinges and the purity of the chopped food item is preserved. It is recommended to wash them with hands manually to remove the trapped particles and ensure perfection in cleaning. Kitchen shears have limited warranty and have to be used carefully by the user. They are very user friendly and they are products made in Japan.

What we like about it:

These Shun Kitchen shears are non- corrosive and easy to wash due to their stainless steel composition. They have strong grip with reduced risk of slipping and accidents. They can be separated from hinges which facilitates in cleaning and there is no chance of anything to remain trapped between the hinges and rot. They are multipurpose and help in completing many kitchen chores with ease. They sometimes have bottle openers attached at the handle which prove them the right investment of money.

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#2 – All-Clad Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

All-Clad Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears Product Image

The all clad stainless steel kitchen shears are best heavy duty kitchen shears and are rust resistant as their body is made up of stainless steel. They have lustrous body which is the result stainless steel composition. Not only this, they are unbreakable and the user can freely work with them without taking extra precautions. They have heavy gauge brush constitution and facilitate all kinds of kitchen chores ranging from butchering to cutting meat into pieces and fish skinning. Cleaning all clad stainless steel shears is very easy as they can be pulled apart for cleaning purposes and other reasons.

They make the job of kitchen cooking a very easy business for you with their sharp edges and super sharp precision to hit the right point and cut the object very cleanly. Meat cutting is an integral part of kitchen cooking and to make your work easier and more fun, there is a bone notch instilled in the structure which helps in cutting bones of small animals and breaking and extracting the joints. The best stainless steel kitchen shears can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher and provide rest to your dear hands. The heavy duty structure expedites their free handling and the hard structure ensures precision cutting, making meat chopping a matter of seconds. The dishwasher friendly quality makes it the best friend of users.

What we liked about it:

Bone cutting is a difficult job but with all clad stainless steel shears it is a job which can be completed in seconds without much hullabaloo as the product has special bone notch. It is safe for dishwasher so the need to use hands is eliminated and palms remain soft and beautiful. It is not affected by accidental falls due to its stainless steel structure and honed edges are responsible for clean and exact chopping.

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#3 – Kershaw Taskmaster Shears

Kershaw Taskmaster Shears Product Image

They are the perfect mechanical tool in the kitchen particularly designed for chopping and cutting edibles. They are resistant to corrosion and rusting due to stainless steel texture and prove themselves highly useful in the kitchen. They are equipped with the provision of nutcracker and jar opener. They can be diverted into two parts to clean the shear without leaving any particle stuck between the hinges. The special attributes of the product are a lid lifter and bone notch carved in one blade which forms the basic requirement of a kitchen and other places where mechanical works are carried out. The edges are serrated and can be sharpened after a significant period of time by separating the portions.

The handles are covered with plastic covers and the tips are molded in screw driver structure which makes them useful to fix screws in the event of need. The product size is 3.5 inch and finds presence in places where technical and mechanical works occur like gardens, kitchens and garage. They are the most reliable shears and are excellent companion for home cooks, landscapers, hunters, anglers and hobbyists. They are multipurpose and are employed in some or the other work wherever they are kept. Due to their reliability they are trusted by plethora of users and are a favorite among users who recommend them to their family and friends.

What we liked about it:

They are easily washable and the partition quality makes them super clean and facilitates sharping their serrated edges super easy. Their multipurpose use makes them fit for everyone who is out with a mission to screw everything and make things best. They are most useful in garage and gardens and can be taken to a boat ride as they are light and can extremely handy. With added features like nutcrackers and bottle openers, life has become easy!

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#4 – Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears Product Image

They are the best Japanese kitchen shears by Wusthof which are the favorite of thousands of users who use them daily in their kitchens, garage and gardens. They can be handled from both the hands right and left as per the convenience of the users. These come apart kitchen shears allow the users to separate them into two parts and clean the trapped food items or any other foul particles which are difficult to extract otherwise. The added attribute is a jar opener attached at the handle portion which finds its use in cold drink cafes and tea shops. They are ideal for a drinks party at home where all your friends and family will have fun together.

The edges do not present the threat of going blunt as the option of separating is there, the shear can be separated anytime and sharpened with the right tools. The come apart shear has steel tooth carves at the edges which has multiple usage in the diurnal chores. The twister and opener is an essential tool installed in the shear which is a demand of daily life and in special occasions like parties, it can be the show stopper. This has made it very cool to open the jar caps without much complexity and has made the life of people easy in a way. The things which far useful in the daily chores are a darling of the consumers and so is this product.

What we liked about it:

Come apart shears are topper in the stainless steel kitchen shear reviews due to the durability and stability factor. They can be used as jar openers in parties which prove them the right investment of money. They are made of stainless steel and their long lasting life can be confidently vouched for. They can be taken anywhere as they are handy and can fit in your pocket too. They can be cleaned easily as they can be separated.

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#5 – KitchenAid Classic Shears w/Soft Grip

Kitchenaid Classic Shears with Soft Grip Product Image

KitchenAid shears are the best for cooks as they can be washed with the help of dishwasher after every usage. The kitchen shear reviews award it with accolades for many added qualities. The blades are made up of stainless steel and impart anti- corrosive and anti- rusting nature to the shear. These shears can be cleaned by washing from hands also and provide both facility to the user, so it is on user’s shoulder to choose what he deems best for his kitchen. The handles are covered with comfort grip facilitating material to make the grip hard and fast for the user and comfortable for the soft palms of the person handling the tool.

The stainless steel structure is also responsible for the strength of the shear and if they fall accidentally, they have the power to sustain the shock and stay intact. A plastic guard is included in the packing which provides security to the user while working and ensures protection from cuts and scratches on the soft skin.  Extended attractions also include micro- serrations which decorate the shear with better cutting performance. The blades are thick to provide durability and sustainability for long periods to the shear and the user is not troubled to purchase a new shear till a considerable period of time as this one is extremely durable and has never cracking quality.

What we liked about it:

These kitchen shears are extremely useful for diurnal uses and are worth for the money invested in them by the buyer. They find multipurpose uses and are very popular in the market. The grip of the shear is really very comfortable which helps to maintain the softness of the palms and does not let them become tight. They can be washed easily in the dishwasher after usage. The extra thick blades are long lasting and strong.

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How we chose the top kitchen shears in our list:

Kitchen shears are an integral part of the kitchen which finds their use in various spheres. They are the life of kitchen as they help chop and cut various edibles especially meat. Without them cooking is impossible as they play a key role in preparing the raw materials necessary for cooking. To choose such an important thing, it becomes an absolute requirement to know what the essential qualities are. Here are a few things which will help you choose the most suitable one for you-

  • The kitchen shears should have the provision of separation from the hinges for cleaning and sharpening. Proper cleaning is more important as it saves the tool from exposure to bacteria which may germinate in the trapped particles between the joints.
  • The blades should be thick and strong and have enough sustainability. The shear should have enough strength to bear shock of all kinds and not break down in one blow.
  • Kitchen shears should be non- corrosive and have huge strength with a long life. As they are exposed to water in the kitchen and atmospheric moisture, it will be better to buy the shear made of stainless steel.
  • Soft and easy grip are the primary requirement as this is the determining fact which a user notices the moment he picks up his shear.

Everyone wants the best for his/her personal kitchen. The products which take care of the diurnal need are favorite of the customers and kitchen shears will soon reach there. They are the best for cooks and chefs.

Significance of best kitchen shears in the kitchen

Kitchen shears reviews reflect the satisfaction and happiness of users which they experienced after using this product. They are used in the kitchen for the purpose of chopping and peeling food and meat. They have special bone notches attached to the handles which make removal of joints from the chicken small poultry very easy for the users. They facilitate the use from both, either right of left hand which declares it ideal for all kinds of users which have a unique requirement or can adjust with the normal specifications.

Kitchen shears are a blessing for the cooks who have to face day to day complexities of cooking but with this tool the toil involved in their task is significantly reduced. Apart from the use in works like cutting and chopping, they can also be used for tightening screws of loose bolts as their tip has screw driver like structure. They are an important part of the daily kitchen and can be the life of a booze party, and this credit goes to the bottle opener attached in the handle of the product.

They also have nutcrackers which is a cool feature in its own way. It helps the user to crack nuts in a few seconds for which they had to do a huge amount of labor before. Kitchen shears are light and easy to carry which makes them a constant companion of the cooks. Enjoy working in kitchen with best kitchen shears and experience the full bliss of the worship called cooking!

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