5 Best Knife Blocks for your Kitchen


A sharp knife is considered to be a chef’s best friend. A good chef knows the value of is knives and keeps all his tools in a safe and secured place.

When it comes to knife, people tend to get too possessive about the sharpness of their knife blades and this is exactly why you need a knife block. A knife block is a wooden or block of plastic that contains slots to hold the knives in position and not damage their blades. We have garnered some of the best knife block reviews for your help:

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Shenzhen Knives 20 Slot Bamboo Universal Knife Block

Shenzhen Knives 20 Slot Bamboo Universal Knife Block product image

What a great start to have with this amazing product right from the top grade. The reason to include this knife block as the very first product in our list is because it lives up to our expectations. While we were looking for best knife block to be included in our list, what we were actually looking in a product was everything that this piece of art delivers. As said earlier, a knife block is a piece of kitchen furniture that is meant to fir in your knives and protect them from damage.

Talking about the first priority which is to fit in knives, well the product provides you with a total of 19 slots which are capable of holding up 19 different knives. This ensures that your knife block looks like a mini Disneyland to all the knife enthusiasts. What else? The product also has separate slots for holding scissors and sharpening rod and other important tools too. The slots are purposely made wider so that they are able to fit in knives of varying sizes and blade types. The rubber bottom of the knife block makes sure that the product will not slip or fall off form the countertop, making way for easy maintenance. The slot edges are angled which makes it extremely easy for the block to hold knives properly in position.

What we liked about it:

The product is hands down, a complete winner when it comes to choosing a perfect knife block. The very fact that all the slots are horizontal ensures that your knife blades will stay protected and sharp and this is the second basic consideration that we focused on after the quality to fit in various knives. Also, this knife block is made with bamboo and wooden core which is a mark of the durability and finesse.

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#2 – Hiware Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block

Hiware Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block product image

What a great world it is to be in where all that you think of actually comes true in reality! Talking about the various modifications in the knife block, how can we possibly forget talking about this particular product, one which is the epitome of modernity? This stainless steel model is something that will instantly catch the attention of the quality conscious buyer for stainless steel products automatically boast of a superior quality and carry a mark of durability. Along with this, the bilayered angle slots present in the block are exclusive to this product and ensure that the knives are carefully held in position safely and securely. The top of the product has a wavy design to fit in knives of any size and blade types. This means that you do not have to worry about the fact that whether your knives will fit or not in the block for the product will take care of it.

The bottom of the knife block is weighted which adds the balance to the product and the fact that the block is capable of holding up to 12 knives of different variety and blade types makes it highly functional in the restaurants and houses. The knife block is easy to clean and dry as the bottom can be removed and washed in water which makes it highly convenient.

What we liked about it:

What we really like about the product is the brand name associated with the product which offers a lifetime promise of durability and strength of the product. However, these are not just mere words as the company takes care to fulfill them too. The brand offers a lifetime guarantee on the product which means that if there is any fault in the product, the company will replace the product instantly without any further cross questioning. This makes it the best modern knife block.

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#3 – Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage Block, 19 Slot

Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage Block, 19 Slot product image

We do know how much it irks you to see your kitchen all messed up just because you cannot help but decide as to which knife block to choose from. Well, we are here to solve your troubles by adding on to them! This is to say that we are going to talk about another great product from our list which is best bamboo knife block available in its price range. This particular product by Cook N Home is made with natural bamboo which grants it the elegance and strength at the same time. The product is a winner in terms of storage space offered too as there are 19 slots of different sizes present in the block. Thus, the product is capable of fitting everything, from a butter knife to s butcher’s knife quite easily. Just think about bringing home a kitchen furniture that would perfectly complement your kitchen garden and we have got you covered.

The diversity in the tools that this product is capable of handling is something to definitely talk about for the knife block is extremely suitable to holding the most common knives in practice in restaurants or houses. This means that everything from a chef’s knife to a steak knife to long ones and cleaver can be easily fit inside the knife block. The knife block is just perfect in size to add the perfect rustic dimension to your kitchen.

What we liked about it:

What we really liked about the product is the fact that the product is a perfect blend of traditional and modernity. The design and aesthetics of the product perfectly resonate with the back to basics ideology while the functionality of this particular knife block is commendable. The very fact that the product is able to accommodate 19 different types and sizes of knives is extremely essential for people looking for a space saving knife block.

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#4 – Kapoosh Rondelle Knife Block

Kapoosh Rondelle Knife Block product image

Another great product that comes to our mind while talking about best universal knife block is this wonderful, petite yet highly efficient knife block which definitely occupies a unique position in our list. We do understand that there is a problem of spa e in most of the houses in cities. Most people find it difficult to fit in the basic necessities in their houses. Especially when it comes to your kitchen, things get a bit difficult to manage if you do not have sufficient space to store appliances and tools. However, this particular knife block was designed keeping in mind the need for space saving tools in your kitchen and hence is made and marketed as a universal storage knife, one which allows you to store different types of knives of varying blades and varieties at a single place. The block is divided into two sections and can easily fit in knives of blades which are up to 5-8 inches long.

The plastic flex rods are also of superior quality which prevents your knife blades from getting dull or chipping, thus providing long life to your favorite kitchen utility knives. When we talk about best universal knife block reviews, this product tops our list for it is capable of all that the description of the product promises. All of these features makes it a preferred choice among people in the market.

What we liked about it:

The brand that is associated with the product is something that really attracts us about this product. The technology of using flex rods to store the knives is patented by the company which ensures that the knives remain in shape and the blade does not chip or get blunt. Also, the rods are absolutely safe to be used in a dishwasher as all you have to do is remove the flex rods and place it in the dishwasher.

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#5 – Mantello 2 Tier Universal Wood Knife Block

Mantello 2 Tier Universal Wood Knife Block product image

Things really start to heat up as they reach the end, isn’t it! Well, when we talk about this particular product, all we are doing is combining the best of features of the best knife blocks to make a single products which conforms to all the other standards laid down by the customers. To begin talking about the product, we have nothing but praises for the product combines some of the exclusive features found in various other products. The functionality of the product is something that makes it the top pick for the universal knife block reviews. The wooden build of the product ensures that it offers the durability and aesthetics as the knife block looks nothing different than an elegant furniture in your kitchen. Apart from that, the flex rods inside the hollow space in the block make sure that you do not have to worry about finding the right slots to fit it in your knives.

Apart from the fact that the product is absolutely convenient and efficient to be used in your kitchen for daily solutions, the product is also easy on your hands which means that for the purpose of cleaning the block, you can easily remove the flex rods and keep it in the top rack of the dishwasher or dish drying rack for cleaning it. All of this makes it one of the best knife storage block.

What we liked about it:

A striking feature of the product which differentiates it form rest of the products is the fact that the product has a universal storage feature, something that attracted us the most about the product. This means that you are allowed to insert knives anywhere and everywhere without worrying about causing damage to their blades and sharpness. What more? The product is absolutely safe to be used in a dishwasher which further contributes to its popularity.

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How we chose the best knife blocks in our list

Now that we have completed reviewing the best products in our list, we would like to tell our readers as to how we chose the top knife blocks. Well, there are certain parameters that were to be complied with in order o be a part of our list. The very first one being the quality and material of the product.

We made sure that all the knife blocks that are a part of our review list are all made of superior quality wood or stainless steel material. Wood adds the aesthetics and durability to the knife block while stainless steel designs are known for their longer lives. Apart from that, another parameter that has to be complied with is the slots offered in the block.

A knife block is a tool that is meant to keep all the jives in place and protected and therefore it is important that each knife block in our list offers sufficient space. Therefore, all the products in our list lives up to that standard. An important point of consideration is the angle of the slots. A horizontal angle keeps the blades protected and sharp as the knives are not placed from the side of the blade.

However, a vertical slot might damage your blade as the knife blade are placed against it. We have made sure that all the products in our list have horizontal slots or flex rods for the purpose of convenient and protected storage. All of this provides for an n efficient knife block.

Different types of knife blocks

While looking for best and most reliable knife blocks available in the market, we came across several models and types of plastic models which were quite attractive and unique in their own way. Here is a brief comparison of the major types of knife blocks that are commonly found in the market:

Wooden vs. plastic models – Whether it comes to cutlery or furniture, people have always considered wood to be the most reliable option to be carved into a furniture piece. Wooden models add a certain dimension and aesthetics to your kitchen. Also, the fact that these blocks are made of bamboo and other superior quality wood adds to the longevity of these models. Talking about most reliable of our wooden models, Shenzhen Knives 20 Slot Bamboo Universal Knife Block is a piece that you won’t regret buying. But, wooden models tend to get damaged soon when they comes in contact with water and therefore, plastic models are also prevalent in market. Although these models offer you the protection that you want, yet the quality of the product depends on the brand name.

Stainless steel vs. wooden models – The stainless steel models fill in the shoes of the wooden models quit easily. For those of you who would want a simple and space saving model, a stainless steel knife block suits your needs perfectly. Among our models, Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage Block, 19 Slot is something to give a serious thought to. However, stainless steel models fail to give the right look to your kitchen. Wooden models have been used since ancient times as a reliable and trustworthy option. The bamboo knife blocks have been quite a popular choice among the people for their strength and durability. One of the best small knife block in the market these days is also a chic wooden piece.

Why do you need the best knife block in your kitchen?

The importance of a knife block cannot be ignored when it comes to making things look more organized and professional in your kitchen. We know what a knife means to a chef and the blade of the knife is something that has to be kept intact for a long period of time. Your entire cooking speed depends on the knife that you use. That’s why you want to keep it sharp with your electric knife sharpener.

Whether it is to chop the vegetables or meat or anything else, a sharp knife always helps you finish the work before time. A knife block helps you to prevent the blade of the knife as the slots in the tool allow you to store the Japanese knives properly. Apart from that, it adds a more professional touch in your kitchen.

We do understand how much you like to collect knives of different sizes and blades. However, all these knives tend to lose their luster after a point of time because of poor storage and maintenance. This is where a knife block comes to the rescue as it helps you to make space for each of your specialty knives, like cheese knives and boning and fillet knives. The sufficient number of slots present in the block ensure that you will be able to fit in knives of varying sizes and types, such as bread knives and carving knives, with the same ease.

Also, a knife block is a multi-purpose tool which means that it is not just meant for the purpose of storing knives. There is sufficient space to keep other important tools of the kitchen too. Thus, it makes for a complete package and helps you keep your things in a more organized manner.

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