3 Best Meal Delivery Service (2021 Guide)

Here’s our list of the 3 best meal delivery service providers. The main benefits that they offer include a huge selection of delicious options, fresh and healthy treats prepared with industry-standard safety specifications, convenience, reasonable prices, and of course, quick delivery.

To create this list, we asked around and went to our friends, colleagues, and our fellow foodies at the online and offline communities where we hang out to talk about various recipes, restaurants, and other food-related stuff. We also spoke to several nutritionists and dieticians, to ask their opinion about which meal delivery service provider is the best one for them. All of these opinions were soon collected, and we ended up measuring both the pros and cons of these three services.

Best Meal Delivery ServiceThere were loads of meal delivery services that we wanted to try out. But in the end, we chose these three. All of them had a very huge following and seemed to serve delicious and nutritious meals for their clients. We also chose to weigh ourselves before and after subscribing to these diet meals, and it yielded spectacular results. All of these meal delivery service providers were great, and we would subscribe to them again if we could. So here’s a quick overview of what we found out for our selection of the 3 best meal delivery service providers today:

Meal Delivery Service Review Center

ImageMeal Delivery ServiceRating
Sun Basket#1 - Sun Basket
Approved by Dieticians
Complies with USDA Dietary Guidelines
Fresh, Flavorful, Tasty
Freshly#2 - Freshly
Expertly Prepared
4 Weekly Meal Options
No Non-Organic Ingredients, No Artificial Coloring
#1 - Freshly
Expertly Prepared
4 Weekly Meal Options
No Non-Organic Ingredients, No Artificial Coloring
The Purple Carrot#3 - The Purple Carrot
Flavorful Plant-Based Vegan Recipes
Free Shipping
Expertly Prepared, Safe & All-Organic

Just head on over to our comprehensive reviews below to know why we really like these 3 best meal delivery service, providers. And simply hit the yellow button to get the best prices from their websites today!

#1 – Sun Basket

Sun Basket

Sun Basket promises real food with unreal flavors for their clients. All of their meals are delicious, oven-ready, and delivered to your doorstep, ready for you to eat them within minutes. You get to cook and prepare this company’s meals whenever you want, so you no longer have to purchase all of these ingredients and do the painstaking task of preparing a healthy meal for yourself every day. Sun Basket believes that a good, healthy meal should emphasize organic produce, whole grain, and loads of protein-rich food.

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  • Each meal contains 500 to 800 calories
  • All of their meals are packed inside a facility that managed gluten-free food, as well as common food allergens such as seafood, nuts, wheat, soy, etc.
  • Includes paleo diets, vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as gluten-free diets
  • Gives back to the community through organizations such as Feeding America
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  • Recipes are approved by dieticians and follow the USDA dietary guidelines.
  • Ships to nearly every US state.
  • Food comes packaged in recyclable boxes.
  • You can be certain that this company only uses the best organic produce and cleanest ingredients for their food.
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#2 – Freshly


Do you want to chow down on a meal that can satisfy your appetite in mere minutes, tastes amazing, and is purely healthy for you? Well, you’re in luck because Freshly is all three of those, and more. This is one of the best meal delivery service providers you can try if you are allergic to gluten, or want something that is sugar-free yet tastes delicious at the same time. Thanks to Freshly’s line of amazing chefs, each bite of their meals is not only delicious but nutritious at the same time.

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  • Choose between four types of meal plans: 4 meals per week, 6 meals per week, 9 meals per week, and 12 meals per week
  • Each of the meal plans costs: $11.50 per meal, $8.99 per meal, and $7.99 per meal, respectively
  • Delivers to all US states
  • Meals have to be heated up at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, in 30-second increments
  • Packaging is not stove or oven-friendly
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  • All of Freshly’s meals are prepared by a skilled professional chef.
  • You get to choose your meal plan for the week.
  • After you select your preferred meal plan, you’ll also get to decide which is the most convenient delivery day for your food.
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives in their meals.
  • Each meal package contains some easy-to-follow instructions about heating or reheating them in a microwave.
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#3 – The Purple Carrot

The Purple Carrot

The Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service that is sure to fit a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. The main objective of this company is to cultivate a plant-based revolution. They have experts in their team who sincerely believe that when a person follows a plant-based diet, plenty of nutritional benefits happen to their body, and this is technically true. They want to place the fun back into eating delicious plant-based food, and prove that these meals don’t have to be boring.

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  • Comes in two meal plans: a 2-serving plan, and a 4-serving plan. Both of them serve your weekly dinners
  • Weekly price is at around $71.94, without discount
  • Meals are received on either Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays
  • Certain snacks are only available for a limited period of time
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  • You get to eat the most delicious plant-based meals such as Hoisin tofu steaks and beet burgers for dinner, chia seed pudding for breakfast, fresh peach poke bowls for lunch, and vegan peanut butter cups for snacks.
  • Free shipping.
  • Purple Carrot lets you choose your meals, depending on your cravings for the week.
  • You can skip deliveries if you don’t feel like eating their menu for the week.
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Meal Delivery Service Buyer’s Guide

There were plenty of factors that we had to consider when doing our review of the best meal delivery service providers available. First, we had to check and see if these services had a good following — Having thousands of subscribers and followers usually means that they’re a trustworthy brand, and have satisfied many clients. We also checked how many diet plans they have in their service, to accommodate all of their clients’ preferred eating habits. Other factors included the price, the taste of the meals that they served, and accommodation.

What Makes A Meal Delivery Service Provider Suitable For Your Needs?

  • The plan must be designed for losing weight — This might seem like something simple, but plenty of these diet delivery service will provide the healthiest meals that aren’t calorie-controlled. This means some of them won’t actually help you shed a few pounds. A diet delivery service that has been designed specifically for weight loss should tell its clients the number of calories found in each meal, as well as other important information.
  • Calories consumed within one meal — Some people might already be aware of how many calories they can eat for weight loss. There are some services out there that provide its clients with a specific amount of calories that they need to consume, while other services include flexibility. Keep in mind that weight loss isn’t going to happen until you reach or make a certain calorie deficit.
  • Nutritional info should be provided — A good dieter needs to acquire enough protein to build muscle mass in their bodies. There should also be a decent amount of carbs to give you energy, and healthy fats that promote a fit body. If the diet delivery service that you have chosen includes Nutritional Facts within each meal, then it’ll be easy for you to find this information.
  • The weekly cost must include all meals — Some of these diet delivery services might seem expensive, but you still have to make your own snacks or incorporate vegetables and fruits into your diet. Check to see if you can take the additional costs when you decide to compare the pricing of the meal plans that you want to take. All of the calories from your meal plans will actually increase your daily calorie intake and impact your weight gain or loss.
  • The food has to taste good — Although this particular factor might depend on your personal preference. Each person’s taste is different. However, reading several reviews about the meals in this diet delivery service will help you decide. Plenty of these reviews will give comments about the quality and taste of the service’s food.
  • You should be able to customize your meal plan and orders — There should be a time in which you’ll be able to stop receiving meals from your delivery service. These services can be expensive when you add it all up, so it’s not exactly affordable for life. So if you want to maintain your weight loss, then you need to cook more healthy meals and snacks at home. A good healthy eating strategy and meal plan also help.

Meal Delivery Service FAQs

Can I eat these diet meals after slimming down and reaching my ideal weight?

A couple of these meal delivery service providers whip up healthier takes of meals that people love to eat. Sometimes it could be tempting to buy a large slice of pizza when you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re used to eating unhealthy food, you could go back to your nasty eating habits after you’ve gone off the diet program, and this is a problem. Tread lightly if your meal delivery service includes healthier versions of the food that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

Do some of these programs have extra services?

Yes. Some of these meal delivery service providers will give their clients access to fitness services. They may also give their support through doctors and dieticians, who have the provider’s seal of approval. A couple of the more established ones have forums with people who are also subscribed to the program, giving each other support and advice.

How much do these providers usually cost?

A couple of these meal service providers don’t charge for shipping if you’re a first-time customer. You might want to ask them regarding shipping costs, so you won’t be in a bit of a shock when your bill comes in the end. You must also learn more about how the food gets from the provider’s headquarters to your home.