5 Best Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbooks Review And Comparison

The Mediterranean area was the cradle of western civilization; so naturally, a lot of European and Western cuisine is based on Mediterranean cooking.

Whenever you want to learn how to cook delicious Mediterranean dishes such as Pita Wraps, Pita Bread, and Salads, you would need to learn how to cook those recipes from a cookbook. Our list of top Mediterranean cuisine cookbooks is sure to help you out if you want to learn how to whip up some of the best tasting Mediterranean recipes out there. Here are the following cookbooks that you have got to consider buying.

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Comparison And Rating Of Mediterranean Cookbook 2021

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

1. The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook by The Editor’s at America’s Test Kitchen

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook Editors Americas Test Kitchen 978-1940352640 Product Image
ISBN 978-1940352640

There are more than five hundred different recipes for various Mediterranean dishes in this cookbook. If you want to make something as simple as a falafel and lentil salad, then that is no problem, then you can easily find that recipe within this very comprehensive cookbook. And if you would like to tackle something way more complicated, such as a Mediterranean breakfast wrap, then this cuisine cookbook is going to teach you just how to do that.

Aside from the huge number of recipes within this Mediterranean cookbook, there is also a wealth of knowledge and trivia about each dish that you can find, since the recipe pages also include a few little tidbits about each dish that you are cooking. They say that you can learn a bit of culture through learning about that country’s food, and that is certainly true with the help of this complete Mediterranean cookbook.

What we like about it: We just adored how comprehensive the whole cookbook is; it literally covered everything about Mediterranean cuisine. From desserts such as Baklava to lighter fare such as the delicious cauliflower salad recipe that you can find within this book. We would say that this cookbook is the premier tome for all things Greek and Mediterranean cooking.

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2. Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: The Complete Guide by Rockridge Press

Mediterranean Diet for Beginners Complete Guide Rockridge Press 978-1623151256 Product Image
ISBN 978-1623151256

The Mediterranean diet is famed for its health aspects. So you can literally get into shape with this diet planner and cookbook all rolled into one. It features around forty various Mediterranean recipes that can be planned week to week. If you follow the recipes within this cookbook you can have a healthy Mediterranean meal ready for yourself each day of the week. The Mediterranean diet is known for its health effects on the cardiovascular system. So by eating the diet plan laid out by this cookbook, you are going to have a positive impact on your overall health. You can learn how to incorporate more olive oil in your diet, by learning to prepare some simple salads, such as Greek salad. And there are also recipes here that are not only healthy but really delicious as well. This is certainly a must-have healthy cookbook.

What we like about it: We loved the fact that despite offering such delectable Mediterranean dishes as the recipes, all of the dishes in this cookbook were still extremely healthy to eat. When we tried making the recipes here, it was great because they were easy to prepare and the recipes that we tried all turned out delicious tasting too.

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3. The Mediterranean Table: Simple Recipes for Healthy Living on the Mediterranean Diet by Sonoma Press

Mediterranean Table Simple Recipes Healthy Living Mediterranean Diet Sonoma Press 978-1942411178 Product Image
ISBN 978-1942411178

There are more than a hundred fifty different Mediterranean dishes that you can find within this recipe book. For example, one recipe that we found really delicious, easy to make and most of all healthy was falafel salad, which used both lean meats and more olive oil (Here are some olive oil dispensers you may like). So if you consider yourself a foodie that wants to slim down, then this is the cookbook for you.

The index within the cookbook itself is also really easy to follow. For example, if you are trying to look for a specific dish that utilizes falafels or other kinds of greens, then you would only need to consult the index. And it would point you to the right page to go to so that you can find the corresponding recipe. We found this whole cookbook rather easy to navigate, despite the more than a hundred different recipes it had.

What we like about it: We loved how this recipe book even had more Mediterranean recipes available. We found everything in it, from a Mediterranean Vegetarian Pita Sandwich to a heavier but still healthy Chickpea Feta Wrap. All of these different healthy Mediterranean recipes ensured that we had something healthy to eat every day that we had tried out the recipes in this cookbook.

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4. Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook: A Mediterranean Cookbook with 101 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes by Salinas Press

Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook Selena Press 978-1623153755 Product Image
ISBN 978-1623153755

All sorts of slow-cooked Mediterranean dishes can be found within this recipe book. From Mediterranean beef stew to Turkey Meatballs, you can find it all. Each of the one hundred and one or so recipes in this cookbook also features all of the authentic methods for preparing them. So you are sure to get the real Mediterranean taste if you follow all of the recipes in this cookbook.

This Mediterranean cookbook also has recipes not only for slow cooker dishes but also for desserts and other types of recipes. There is one delicious Greek pudding recipe that you have got to try making if you ever get your hands on this particular cookbook.

The best strengths of this cookbook are its simplicity and authenticity. It teaches you exactly what sorts of ingredients that you should get and use so that you can achieve the most flavorful taste of Mediterranean dishes.

What we like about it: We enjoyed the variety of different dishes that we could make using a slow cooker. As we were pleasantly surprised at how many we could prepare, from breakfast foods to desserts. So this was the great Mediterranean to get, especially if you want to make more use out of your slow cooker.

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5. Mediterranean Cookbook by Marie-Pierre Moine, Elisabeth Luard, and Ghillie Basan

Mediterranean Cookbook Moine Luard 978-1465417619 Product Image
ISBN 978-1465417619

This is the complete Mediterranean cookbook, as it compiles various recipes from all over the region. You can find Mediterranean recipes from North Africa, Greece, Southern France and even all the way to the Middle East, all in this one cookbook. The sheer number of varied regional recipes that you can find in this cookbook is going to astound you. And with all of those different Mediterranean recipes in this one cookbook, it is sure to satisfy the palate of even the pickiest of foodies. While some of the recipes call for more exotic ingredients to be used, the majority of the recipes found in this cookbook are rather simple. So you should not have a hard time trying to create some of the lesser-known recipes within this Mediterranean cookbook.

What we like about it: It was really refreshing to find a Mediterranean cookbook that was not only limited to Greek food. And while this cookbook is not the easiest to follow, since some of the recipes are harder to emulate, it is still a standout cookbook based on how complete it is. We recommend getting this cookbook if you have got more experience in food preparation.

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How we choose the best Mediterranean cookbooks in our list:

Greek and Mediterranean have a long and rich cultural history, so naturally picking out the top cookbooks for this type of cuisine was done very carefully. We looked at several different factors through each Mediterranean cuisine cookbook that we found. And then we used our own stringent criteria to sort out which of these Mediterranean cookbooks were worth buying.

Authenticity of recipes

To get the best taste possible when cooking these dishes we wanted to include cookbooks that used authentic ingredients and cooking methods in their Mediterranean recipes.

Accessibility of recipes

Our recommendations on Mediterranean cookbooks are based on whether or not the recipes in them were easy to follow. We assure that anyone looking for an easy way to access Mediterranean cuisine can find a way through these cookbooks.

Value of cookbook

We wanted to recommend books that actually gave readers more value for buying it. So we choose Mediterranean cookbooks that have got a higher number of recipes.

Popularity of cookbook

Mediterranean cuisine is not that widely known, so it stands to reason that the more popular a Mediterranean cookbook it is, the better it is. So we choose the top most popular Mediterranean cookbooks that are currently on the market.