5 Best Microwave Drawers for your Kitchen

5 Best Microwave Drawers For Your KitchenDo you know what really grinds my gears? Seeing my kitchen countertop cluttered with appliances. Not only does that make the whole place look like a mess, but it also reduces productivity and comes as big turn off when I’m trying to neatly organize my Baking Tools and Baking Mat Set to prepare some knock-you-naked brownies for my family.

Microwave drawers are the new trend in the kitchen utensil world, giving you the best of both worlds by saving on space and looking incredible under your counter. So, what are the best microwave drawers on the market? And why do you need to grab your credit card and get one immediately?

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

Sharp Smd2470as Microwave Drawer Oven

It’s only natural for the first microwave drawer on our list to be from Sharp, the world-renowned appliance company, considering that this giant manufacturer was the first to introduce microwave drawer ovens to the world, and it’s still going strong to this day with incredible products in this category. As a matter of fact, Sharp still holds most of the patents involved in the production of Microwave drawers, which says a lot about the quality you can expect from this product.

The Sharp 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven is a feature-packed kitchen appliance designed to heat your foods perfectly without ruining your kitchen’s design. It reflects Sharp’s innovation through a set of convenient features that would make your experience seamless.

Sharp’s Microwave is a built-in ready, which means that you can easily install it under your kitchen counter the same way you’d install a built-in Beverage Refrigerator, something that would appeal to new homeowners looking for an easy-to-integrate appliance.

Using this microwave drawer is a breeze, as all you have to do is click a few buttons to set your settings from the front-mounted touch controls, which come with a Digital LCD Display, and you’ll be good to go with your heating. What’s impressive about these controls is the fact that they can be hidden when you’re not using the microwave for an added convenience and elegance.

What we like about it:

What is there not to like about it? Sharp’s 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven is as convenient as it can get. You get all the features you need in a microwave, including touch controls, a digital LCD display, and an interior oven light that allows you to check your food without having to lay your hand on the appliance, along with an aesthetically appealing exterior that would add a modern touch to your kitchen décor. All of that comes at a reasonable price, making this appliance a must-have for homeowners looking for space-efficient utensils.

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5 Best Microwave Drawers for your Kitchen

Touch Open

Simple touch automatically and smoothly opens the drawer. Top that with Hands-Free Close.

5 Best Microwave Drawers for your Kitchen

Large Capacity

4-Qt capacity is more than enough to accommodate big and deep dishes like a casserole. You can also fit a large cup.

5 Best Microwave Drawers for your Kitchen

Accessible Control Panel

45° angle control panel allows for easy access for monitoring & settings.


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#2 – SHARP SMD3070AS Microwave Drawer Oven 30″

SHARP SMD3070AS Microwave Drawer Oven, 30", Stainless Steel

No, you’re not experiencing a déjà vu. This is indeed another microwave drawer from Sharp, but it’s more of an expensive version of the model reviewed above.

Does the higher price point mean that this model is more capable? Well, yes and no. This is not the absolute best microwave drawer out there, that’s a fact, but it’s surely the best product for the money and an excellent choice for those on a budget.

The Sharp SMD3070AS microwave drawer comes in a 30-inch width, and it can provide around 900 Watts of power, which is more than sufficient to heat any homemade dish with ease. Just like the Bosch microwave reviewed above, you’ll have to rotate the plate yourself as it doesn’t include a built-in turntable, again, to keep the maintenance costs at bay. Instead of a turntable, the entire cooking apparatus rotates internally, making this appliance more complicated mechanically-speaking, which raises the need for a thorough warranty check before throwing your money on this unit.

As for the features, you get all the essential electronic functionalities, including sensor cook modes, presets, and a button to open the door and slide the drawer smoothly to about a foot and a half to provide enough space for any plate or Casserole Bakeware Set.

The only issue with this unit is the fact that it’s not waterproof, which means that you need to be extra careful when heating liquids. Nevertheless, it’s still a solid appliance worth considering, especially if you’re not willing to go near the thousand dollars line.

What we like about it:

The microwave drawer market is filled with overly-expensive products and models, which may come as a turn off for new homeowners looking to modernize their kitchens without blowing a hole in their wallets. Thankfully, you can still find some good models that won’t break the bank, which is the case for this appliance. You get all the needed features in a sleek-looking, durable casing and at an affordable price. Sure, the Sharp SMD3070AS 30-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven is not fresh off the press, but it’s hard to beat the performance that this unit offers in this price range.

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#3 – Sharp SMD2470AH 24″ Microwave Drawer

Sharp SMD2470AH 24" Microwave Drawer with 1.2 cu. ft. Capacity in Black Stainless Steel


Sharp SMD2470AH is another big name in the microwave drawer industry, and the SMD2470AH 24-inch microwave drawer is yet another one of their excellent, innovative utensils designed with both convenience and aesthetics in mind.  Yet another microwave drawer manufactured by Sharp, so set your expectations right, as this is a high-end product. You didn’t hear that from us.

Starting with the looks, there’s really nothing much to say here. The Sharp microwave drawer rocks a stainless steel design that looks modern and sleek, and that would blend easily with its surroundings in any kitchen. The controls are perfectly positioned in the front for you to easily tweak the settings when you’re trying to heat your Canned Chicken for a night food run.

Sharp’s microwave drawer boasts all the functionalities you’d expect from a product coming from this brand, including sensor cooking, a timer, and multiple power levels for you to enjoy your food exactly as you like it. You can also take advantage of the keep warm feature, which can keep your food toasty for up to 30 minutes without overcooking it and ruining the taste.

There’s no turntable functionality here, so you’ll need to rotate the food yourself. That may sound like an inconvenience, but it’s actually better when it comes to durability. The less moving parts, the longer your appliance will live.

The only disadvantage to this unit is the fact that there’s no interior illumination, which means that you cannot sneakily heat your food at night.

What we like about it:

It’s Sharp’s appliances, which means that you’re getting premium-quality and top-notch features. The SMD2470AH model looks modern and sleek, and it would blend with any décor. It offers all the essential microwave functionalities along with several extras, including 10 power levels and automatic sensor programs. Granted, the price is steep, but for the quality, you’re getting, it’s worth every penny.

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#4 – ZLINE 24″ 1.2 cu. ft. Microwave Drawer in Black Stainless Steel

ZLINE 24" 1.2 cu. ft. Microwave Drawer in Black Stainless Steel

Have you ever looked at an appliance in one of your friends’ houses and were like “Wow, that appliance looks absolutely astonishing, I wish I had a similar item in my own kitchen!”. That’s exactly what your guests are going to say when they see your new ZLINE 24-inch black stainless steel microwave drawer, which offers the standard 1.2 cubic foot capacity, allowing it to fit in any cabinetry perfectly without ruining the design or requiring unnecessary home repairs.

Now, the fancy exterior isn’t the only perk of Zline’s appliance, as it packs several features that allowed it to make it to our list. For starters, the manufacturer went the extra mile and included 11 power levels instead of the standard 10 levels. Also, you get a unique melt feature, which allows the microwave to melt butter, chocolate, cheese, and marshmallow risk-free.

You also get all the essential features found in other microwave drawers, including one-touch opening and closing functionality, several defrost settings, an easily accessible touch screen menu through which you can tweak and edit the settings to get the right heating level and a plethora of cooking options for you to get a perfectly-cooked or heated meal every time.

What we like about it:

The MWD-1-BS microwave drawer from Zline is another highly-priced product designed with elegance, space-saving, and durability in mind. It offers all the essential features needed in a microwave, along with a set of extra functionalities that would make your experience even more convenient and refined. We really dig the efforts put into the designing and manufacturing of this microwave drawer, and we believe that it’s well worth the price you’re paying. You get a freaking dedicated melt feature, for god’s sake. How awesome is that?

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#5 – Bosch HMD8451UC 800 24″ Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer

 Bosch HMD8451UC 800 24" Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer

Quality comes at a price, there’s no denying that, and if you want the best of the best, you need to be willing to go hard on your wallet. No regrets though, as if you get the RIGHT expensive appliance, you’re bound to get the best seamless experience in your kitchen. That’s exactly what the Bosch HMD8451UC 800 24-inch microwave drawer is about. Giving you one of the best heating experiences out there, in exchange for your cash.

The HMD8451UC drawer microwave from Bosh is a no-frills appliance designed to look incredible and get the job done perfectly. It offers a 33.9 liters capacity, which is more than enough for any plate or casserole. The exterior of this microwave is simple yet elegant, with a beautiful front and a stainless steel frame for durability.

As far as the features go, you get all the essential functionalities, including Open-Close Touch Control using which you can open your microwave with class, along with other Glass Touch Controls to tweak the settings as you wish. Automatic Sensor Programs are also present in this unit, something that would appeal to hands-free operation seekers.

For safety, this microwave drawer includes a child lock. If there are kids in your household, you needn’t worry about them getting hurt when you install this appliance.

What we like about it:

Kitchen appliances can be costly, but if you’re getting the right expensive products, they’re totally worth it in the long run. Bosch’s microwave drawer is no exception. It boasts an excellent, elegant design and comes with all the functionalities one would need in a product in this category. The price is steep compared to other recommendations on our list, but this is Bosch we’re talking about here, so you shouldn’t worry about the quality and getting your money’s worth when getting such a product from this brand.

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How We Chose the Top Microwave Drawers in Our List

When you’re about to shell out hundreds of dollars to get a new appliance, it’s essential to take your time and look for something that would suit your budgets while providing real value to your kitchen and overall culinary experience. Drawer microwaves are amazing when it comes to aesthetics and functionality, but they’re not the cheapest solution out there. We know that you’re a busy individual, that’s why we took care of the heavy lifting and chose the best microwave drawers available today based on different essential features, which include:

Convenience and Ease of Use

The main advantage of microwave drawers is the convenience they offer over other appliances in the same category. The above-reviewed products offer unbeatable practicality and ease of use thanks to the many features they provide. All of them come with easy to use controls and a set of essential settings that you can tweak to your preference without cluttering the display with parameters that you wouldn’t even check anyway.

Size and Aesthetics

All of the above recommendations come in the standard 24-inch width, except the THERMADOR microwave, which measures 30 inches. Both 24-inch and 30-inch drawer microwaves can fit in most cabinets, making them the easiest to integrate into your kitchen. Nevertheless, make sure to get a measuring tape to determine the available space before hitting that buy now button.

As for aesthetics, we made sure to choose the best-looking appliances in this category. All of the above microwave drawer ovens look modern and elegant, which allows them to blend with any décor. If you’re a sucker for stylish appliances, you can choose any of our recommendations with your eyes shut.

Extra Features

The devil’s in the details. You’ve heard that saying a lot in the past, huh? Well, it applies to kitchen appliances as well, but it’s more of a “the devil’s in the extra features” in our case. Depending on your own needs and preferences, you can choose the microwave drawer that’s most practical for your home. Some microwave drawers come with a child lock function, others offer several warming modes, while some microwave drawers rock impressive touch controls that would make your experience flawless.

Different Types of Microwave Drawers

There are four main types to know about:

Countertop Microwave Vs. Microwave Drawer

Countertop models are the most commonly-used microwave types today, which is due to their price and easy setup. As the name indicates, you just need to put this type on your kitchen countertop, just alongside your Convection Oven, and you’ll be good to go. Since they sit on the counter, countertop microwaves are accessible to both kids and adults, and they don’t require any installation for them to work nor are they hard to move around. They’re also more affordable compared to microwave drawers.

Microwave drawers, on the other hand, are more expensive, but they’re also more elegant and space-efficient. Since they’re built-in, drawer microwaves can blend with any kitchen décor and save up on space that can be used for meal prepping. Another advantage of getting a microwave drawer is the fact that you can use it as a mini oven since it offers convection features for faster cooking.

Over-The-Range Microwave Vs. Microwave Drawer

Over-The-Range Microwaves are, as the name implies, installed above the cooktop or range, just within the cabinet design, and they offer two functionalities: the standard microwave and ventilation. They allow you to have more counter space, and they can save you some cash as you don’t have to get a separate range hood. They do have some disadvantages though, mainly the accessibility issue as they’re not accessible to kids and shorter people, which gives microwave drawer the edge when it comes to convenience, considering that they’re easy to use for everyone.

Why You Need the Best Microwave Drawer in Your Kitchen

Ditching your old microwave and upgrading to a built-in microwave drawer may seem like a big move, which is why you need good reasons to do it. After all, you’ve been using your microwave for years with no problems, so why make the change now? Well, glad you asked because we do have the answer for you. Here’s why you need the best microwave drawer in your kitchen:

First, they’ll save up a lot of space in your kitchen. This is probably the main reason why microwave drawer ovens are slowly seeping into the homes of thousands of Americans. A conventional, freestanding microwave can take up to four square feet of your precious preparation space, which can be used for more essential appliances such as your Convection Oven and Knife Blocks. If you’ve just got your Cabinet Pull for your new kitchen cabinet, you can integrate your microwave drawer right away.

Second, microwave drawers can blend perfectly with any décor and add a nice, modern touch to your kitchen. The installation and customization possibilities are limitless. You can easily integrate your new microwave drawer in your cabinetry or install it under your counter or in an island structure. With a microwave drawer, compliments will pour like rain as soon as your guests step in your cuisine.

Finally, microwave drawer ovens are safe for both adults and children. How many times have you lost your dinner and had to consume Nutrition Bars instead because the plate fell as you were getting it out of a high standing microwave? Microwave drawers are positioned in a lower position compared to conventional ones, which reduces such risks. Besides, the best microwave drawers come with a child lock, which means that they’re childproof, thus adding to the overall safety of this appliance.