3 Best Molcajete Brands (2020 Guide)


This is our collection of the 3 best Molcajete brands that we found and tested. According to our results, these products are ideal for preparing our favorite Mexican recipes. Unlike traditional mortar and pestle sets in the market, these Molcajete brands are designed to give us ingredients for our Mexican meals and snacks in the right consistency, texture, and flavors.

This is a completely unbiased list of what we think are the best kinds of Molcajete to use for grinding a variety of ingredients for many Mexican dishes. The testers that we picked for this list are very diverse. A couple of them worked in the restaurant or food industry and were extra helpful in handing out some great advice on which brand was the best one.

Best MolcajetePlus, ranking this list of the top 3 Molcajete brands came out more straightforward than we expected. What we initially did was to identify the most popular brands today. So we went to Amazon’s best-seller list for this particular category. Of course, we also asked around, especially our fellow home cooks and pro chefs at reputable Mexican gourmet restaurants. And after we tested the top 10 products in our shortlist, here’s an overview of what we found as the top 3 Molcajete brands this year:

Best Molcajete Review Center

Granite Mortar and Pestle Set guacamole bowl Molcajete 8 Inch - Natural Stone Grinder for Spices, Seasonings, Pastes, Pestos and Guacamole - Extra Bonus Avocado Tool Included#1 - UMIEN Granite Mortar and Pestle Set Guacamole Bowl Molcajete
Easy to Clean
Simple to Use
Authentic Granite Material
IMUSA USA MEXI-2013 Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder 6-Inch, Gray#2 - Imusa USA Mexi-2013 Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder
Ideal for Party-Sized Servings
Authentic Design
Durable, Pure Granite Material
Vasconia 5031764 4-Cup Granite Molcajete Mortar and Pestle#3 - Vasconia 5031764 4-Cup Granite Molcajete Mortar and Pestle
Elegant Granite Finish
Large Capacity, Smooth Interior
Also Ideal for Baby Food

We talk about the results of our tests in our comprehensive reviews below. Check them out to learn why we chose these as the 3 best molcajete brands of the year. And as soon as you’re ready, just hit the yellow button to get the best prices at Amazon today!

#1 – UMIEN Granite Mortar and Pestle Set Guacamole Bowl Molcajete

Granite Mortar and Pestle Set guacamole bowl Molcajete 8 Inch - Natural Stone Grinder for Spices, Seasonings, Pastes, Pestos and Guacamole - Extra Bonus Avocado Tool Included

This Molcajete is a must-have for every household. Feel free to use UMIEN’s Molcajete to mash, grind, crush, and mix any herb, spice, or grain to make authentic Mexican food or dips and sauces. The grinding bowl itself comes in a gorgeous grey granite pattern that surely matches every kitchen concept, or dining room if you choose to serve your dips in the bowl itself. You can impress your family members or guests with your amazing taste, and create amazing recipes.

  • PROS
  • ‘VIDEO’
  • Has a measurement of 9 x 8.7 x 4.6 inches
  • Weighs 11.82 lbs.
  • Grinder measures eight inches
  • Made from authentic granite
  • Comes with a bonus avocado tool
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean — Hand-washing recommended.
  • Product is covered by a year-long warranty. If you’re not happy with the product, then send it back and UMIEN will give you your money back.
  • The avocado tool will help you slice, peel, dice, and mash fresh avocados to use for recipes.
  • Also comes with a felt pad that prevents scratches on tables and countertops.

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#2 – Imusa USA Mexi-2013 Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder

IMUSA USA MEXI-2013 Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder 6-Inch, Gray

This product is a Molcajete constructed from granite. It’s a mortar and pestle set that has the ability to extract oils from herbs and spices and brings out their best flavor — No matter if it’s fresh or dry. The non-porous qualities of granite won’t absorb these oils, so the flavor and heat is retained in your food, and won’t seep into the tool. The product has a stable weight, and won’t move an inch when you’re using it in your kitchen.

  • PROS
  • ‘VIDEO’
  • Has two measurements: Six inches, and eight inches
  • Constructed from pure granite
  • Weighs 5.3 lbs.
  • Measures 3.9 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches
  • The size is big enough for you to whip up a fresh batch of guacamole for nacho parties.
  • Made by IMUSA, a company specializing in ethnic houseware brands with deep Mexican and Latin American roots — You can be sure that this product is as authentic as it can be.
  • IMUSA has also been around for 80 years.
  • A beautiful serving piece.
  • Can be moved seamlessly from your kitchen to the dining table.

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#3 – Vasconia 5031764 4-Cup Granite Molcajete Mortar and Pestle

Vasconia 5031764 4-Cup Granite Molcajete Mortar and Pestle

This Molcajete allows you to make the best and most traditional Mexican recipes imaginable, all while staying in the comfort of your own kitchen. It looks wonderful while you use it to make hand-prepared salsa or guacamole from fresh avocados. This is fully authentic, and a hands-on tool that you can use for grinding herbs, spices, grains, which you can use to make salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole. It is also a fantastic tool to mash up fruits and vegetables such as bananas, avocados, pumpkins, etc. It’s a safe and convenient product.

  • PROS
  • ‘VIDEO’
  • Weighs 8.9 lbs.
  • Has a measurement of 8.8 x 9.2 x 13 inches
  • Can make up to four cups of guacamole
  • Hand-washing recommended, NOT dishwasher-safe
  • Crafted from granite
  • Has a beautiful granite finish and looks wonderful on every kitchen counter.
  • Interior is smooth and carries the classic Molcajete design.
  • Great for making baby food.
  • Large capacity.

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Molcajete Brand Buyer’s Guide

We couldn’t find any markets that sold a lot of Molcajetes, so we had to settle for these three instead. Perhaps there are better options out there, but these three were decent enough, and we were still able to prepare fresh food with it. Similar to our mortar and pestle review, we applied the same list of factors to find the best Molcajete brand out there: The material it’s crafted from, how fast it can produce powders and pastes, and finally, the pricing. We also used them to crush pills for medicine, aside from using them for food.

What Makes A Molcajete Suitable For Your Needs?

  • The Tejolote is important too — A Molcajete’s Tejolote should be long enough for you to grab when you have it in the palm of your hand. There are times when a Tejolote will seem too short. If this is the case, then you need to purchase another Molcajete instead. The two middle fingers should almost reach the bottom of the Tejolete while holding.
  • Know what you’re using the Tejolete for — A Tejolete should be used for shearing, and not pounding. For instance, if using red or green chilies, you should shear or grind them laterally on top of a rough surface. So it is actually deliberate that a Molcajete made of rock should scrape along a rough surface. This is a deliberate choice.
  • Check the interior — The interior of a Molcajete should be rough, as mentioned, to provide you with purchase to the ingredients in case you have to ‘break it in’. Some Molcajetes might seem like they’re in the right shape, but they are made of marble — So it’s the wrong rock. Granite should be ideal.
  • Bowl should be deep — A deep Molcajete bowl should let you rotate the Tejelote around without your freshly-ground food spilling over to the side. However, some fake Molcajetes will give the impression of a deeper bowl, while it is in fact the exact opposite. You have to be wary of those when purchasing one in the supermarket. The bottom of the bowl can either be flat or rounded, but it should still be well-defined.
  • Check the size — Go for a larger Molcajete bowl. Because you don’t have to carry this around with you wherever you go, you don’t have to feel too hassled about lugging something heavy around. Aside from that, a smaller bowl will include an insufficient grinding space and cause your food to spill out. Retaining Mexican dips such as guacamole and salsa will be a problem in these cases.
  • Material — The right material for a Molcajete should be something that is both hefty and abrasive. However, a bowl with a jagged surface might seem difficult to clean up. Meanwhile, a smoother surface won’t produce the best results for the food, as friction is required for grinding. So a Molcajete bowl made from hefty materials should be good, as it can withstand more pressure.

Molcajete FAQs

What is a Molcajete anyway?

A Molcajete, along with an accompanying Tejolote, are Mexican stone tools. It is the Mexican counterpart of a mortar and pestle, and sports similarities to a South American tool called a batan. And like a mortar and pestle, a Molcajete is used for grinding and crushing food. They are mostly used to create salsas and guacamoles, ingredients in plenty of Mexican food.

How do you “break in” a Molcajete?

If your Molcajete is crafted from basalt, then you have to “break it in” at first. This is because tinier grains of basalt will loosen itself from the surface of the bowl, and will end up mixing itself into your food. It’ll result in an unpleasant, gritty texture. A good way to do this is to grind uncooked white rice in the bowl, one handful at a time. When there is no more basalt while you grind it, it means that the Molcajete has been broken in.

How do you clean and care for a Molcajete?

Thoroughly rinse it a few times with warm water. Repeat this a couple of times. Soap is not recommended, because granite contains little holes which can trap the taste and scent of soap. Cleaning your Molcajete with a clean and firm kitchen brush is also great — This ensures that no soap will contaminate it.

Does a Molcajete give better results in grinding than a regular mortar and pestle?

A Molcajete probably makes better salsa compared to a mortar and pestle. However, there are times in which a Molcajete might seem too porous, and the grinding might affect the taste of your food. They’re quite similar, but some people will only use the Molcajete as a way to prepare fresh guacamole and salsa. For sauces such as pesto, a mortar and pestle is still ideal.

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