3 Best Olive Oil Dispensers for your Kitchen

3 Best Olive Oil Dispensers for your Kitchen

Would it do you any good to get any of our 3 best olive oil dispenser selections? Well, olive oil has a bunch of health benefits. And these are supported by vigorous scientific research today. A good reason to buy one, huh?

Plus, we want gourmet flavors and a mild touch of pepperiness to spice up our food. But of course, we want to dispense olive oil as correctly as possible. So if you’re looking for a more convenient way to do this, then take a look at our collection of the top 3 olive oil dispenser models this year.

How did we end up with these 3 best olive oil dispenser units? The simple answer is, we did a lot of work. We went to Amazon’s bestseller list this Q1 2021. Of course, we also checked out other wildly popular shopping platforms. And we asked our peers what they can share about this.

We then tested a number of units. Soon, experts helped us carefully study our results. That’s when we finalized our top 3 olive oil dispenser selections today. And a quick summary is found below. It’s an overview of what shook out, from our time and effort.

Best Olive Oil Dispenser Review Center

ImageOlive Oil DispenserRating
Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle - 500ml Dark Brown Oil & Vinegar Cruet with Pourers and Funnel - Olive Oil Carafe Decanter for Kitchen#1 - Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Dispenser
Drip-Free, Spill-Free
Funnel for Easy Refills
Long-Lasting Freshness & Flavor
Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set with Stainless Steel Rack and Removable Cork – Dual Olive Oil Spout – Olive Oil Dispenser, 17oz Olive Oil Bottle and Vinegar Bottle Glass Set#2 - Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set
BPA-Free, Food-Grade
Optimum Pour Control
Sturdy & Durable
Rachael Ray 58182 Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser with Spout - 24 Ounce, Blue#3 - Rachael Ray EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser
Stylish & Trendy
Airtight, Preserves Freshness
Quick & Easy Cleanup

These olive oil dispensers are highly recommended. Continue reading as we tell you why we really like these products. Once you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Dispenser

Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle - 500ml Dark Brown Oil & Vinegar Cruet with Pourers and Funnel - Olive Oil Carafe Decanter for Kitchen

When we asked our peers for their feedback regarding olive oil dispensers in general, some of them recommended AOZITA. So we checked them out. And we learned that their glass olive oil dispenser is in Amazon’s bestsellers today. So we tested the product. And simply put, our findings led us to include it in our top 3 selections.

  • PROS
  • Comes with an elegant 17-ounce bottle, pour spouts equipped with dust and flat caps, an 18/8 funnel that’s made out of high-grade stainless steel, a black seal at its top, and white inner corks;
  • Measures 10.25 inches long and 2.3 inches wide (bottle), 1.88 inches wide (funnel), and 1.3 inches long and 4.3 inches wide (spout or pourer); and
  • Weighs 1.3 lbs.
  • Non-drip design for dispensing olive oil without leaks;
  • Retains olive oil’s flavor, aroma, and texture, thanks to the airtight design of its 18/8 stainless steel pour spouts, flap, and sealed caps;
  • Maintains olive oil consistency through its dark glass material, which is available in dark brown and dark green;
  • Long-lasting freshness because of its airtight mechanism, which is optimized by a white inner cork and an external black screw cap; and
  • Quick and spill-free refills through its 18/8 stainless aided funnel.

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#2 Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set with Stainless Steel Rack and Removable Cork – Dual Olive Oil Spout – Olive Oil Dispenser, 17oz Olive Oil Bottle and Vinegar Bottle Glass Set

Zeppoli is known to offer quality kitchen products, utensils, and tools. This oil and vinegar bottle set is among their top-rated products today. It’s designed to retain the freshness of your olive oil’s aroma, flavors, taste, and texture. And it’s bundled with a polished steel rack.

  • PROS
  • This set includes 2 dispenser bottles and its designed for olive oil, other cooking oils, vinegar, and even other similar sauces;
  • It also comes with 2 dual spouts and a stainless steel rack; and
  • Its bottles and pouring components are about 12 inches tall, and the rack that comes with this product is, around 13 inches long.
  • Free from BPA and other harmful toxins, including stoppers and seals;
  • Good pour control, thanks to its collapsible funnel;
  • No-spill, no-drip design through its 4 spout seals;
  • Built to last; and
  • Can store up to 17 ounces of olive oil, vinegar, other cooking oils, and the like.

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#3 Rachael Ray EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

Rachael Ray 58182 Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser with Spout - 24 Ounce, Blue

A lot of Rachael Ray products end up at the top spots in Amazon’s bestseller lists. Just like this EVOO olive oil bottle dispenser. It’s available in many stylish colors. And we really liked how this dispenser performed during our evaluation.

  • PROS
  • This dispenser measures 5.2 inches long, 5.2 inches wide, and 9.8 inches tall;
  • Stores up to 24 ounces of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), or any other similar oils and thin-textured sauces that you want;
  • Designed with opaque glass that’s lined with a nonporous interior glaze; and
  • It weighs around 1.4 lbs.
  • Preserves flavor, taste, and aroma of olive oil, thanks to its material design, interior components, and form factor of bottle, spout, and seals;
  • Can match both modern and traditional decor through its contemporary design and playful colors; and
  • Quick and easy to clean because it’s dishwasher-safe.

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Olive Oil Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

Exactly what should you look for, in an olive oil dispenser? Found below’s the checklist that we used. It helped us in our search for the 3 best olive oil dispensers this year. And you can use this now to make a more informed decision:

What Makes an Olive Oil Dispenser Suitable?

  1. Pour Action — This is number one in our list of crucial parameters. That’s because this can affect our control over the amount of olive oil that we want to dispense. An olive oil dispenser with fast pour action won’t be as quick and easy to precisely regulate. So we look for products with slow pour action;
  2. Materials & Components — Glass, among other high-grade materials, is free from BPA and other harmful toxins. It also retains flavor and aroma. But don’t forget, its other components should feel sturdy and durable. That includes its pour spout, seal, lid, adjustment knobs if any, and so on;
  3. Spout Design — A product with a dust cap is highly recommended. That’s because spouts designed for liquor bottles aren’t suitable for an olive oil dispenser. It’s ineffective in preventing air from coming in contact with the olive oil. this can significantly affect the taste of your food. So instead, consider getting a model with a dust cap;
  4. Seal — An airtight seal is ideal. It should ensure the consistency of your olive oil’s taste, flavor, and aroma. Units with levers can allow you to toggle its spout to open and close positions. So think about this while you’re browsing through our collection of today’s 3 best olive oil dispensers;
  5. Design & Size — Your dispenser set should look good in your kitchen, or anywhere you want to put it. Otherwise, it’ll look like a sore thumb in your pantry, countertop, or dining table. It should also be in the right size, of course. So we’re talking about style, shape, and capacity;
  6. Price & Warranty — Even if this doesn’t cost too much, we of course want to get the value of our money, right? So what we do is, weigh the benefits we get, and for how long, against what we need to spend. It’s quite easy, since it’s all about price, benefits, and warranty; and
  7. Value-Added Benefits — We all want freebies. Especially if it can help us in any way possible. So ask around. And if you have time, then you can look for freebies, discount coupons, free delivery vouchers, and so on. Keep in mind, many shops often give away these promotional deals.

Olive Oil Dispenser FAQs

What are the health benefits of olive oil?

Extensive scientific research today supports the health benefits of olive oil. These include potential positive effects on genes associated with certain cancers and anti-inflammatory properties. That's because it mainly contains healthy monounsaturated fats. Plus, it has large amounts of antioxidants. Early studies also indicate that it might significantly contribute to the prevention of Alzheimer's.

How does olive oil taste like?

It has these raw nutty flavors with a hint of vegetables, dry hay, and fresh grass. You'll also get a mild dose of spicy pepperiness. Plus, it has a thin texture and a pleasant aroma. That's why it's ideal for gourmet recipes and salads.

What is an olive oil dispenser?

It's a small appliance that's quite similar to your soy sauce and gravy dispensers. The glaring difference is that these are specifically designed to store and dispense olive oil. So it's incorporated with mechanisms and a form factor that can do this without negatively affecting your olive oil's taste, flavor, and aroma. Meanwhile, its dispensing mechanism is engineered to provide you with effectively simple precise control. Or at least, it should.

How does an olive oil dispenser work?

The fundamental design of an olive oil dispenser has a lid, a containment unit to store the olive oil, a spout to dispense it, and a seal to avoid air from coming in contact with its content. Some of our best olive oil dispenser selections have adjustment options and open/close toggle levers, too. So you open its lid, pour your olive oil, close the lid, and tilt it to dispense. If the product has an open/close toggle lever, then work on that first. And if it has adjustment knobs or something, then use that to regulate dispensed olive oil.

How can I get a bad olive oil dispenser?

What's worst for us is, an olive oil dispenser constructed with materials that aren't free from BPA or other harmful toxins and chemicals. We also veer away from units that don't have airtight seals and spouts. Another thing we don't like at all is a product with fast pour action. So instead, what's ideal for us is any of our 3 best olive oil dispenser choices.