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Best Overall Bento Box

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Zojirushi lunch jars can keep the food hot or cold for hours. The main body of the jar is vacuum insulated which means that the air between the two layers helps in creating airtight insulation. It works the same as a vacuum bottle which keeps the substance inside it hot or cold for a long time. Each container in the box is stabbed in a proper way to hold the heat or cold. The main bowl and the soup bowl are put at the bottom at the insulated part of the jar. The lid of the main bowl is also insulated which becomes a sort of temperature barrier for the side bowls.

This allows the food stored in the side bowls to remain at room temperature from the hot or cold of the bottom bowls. The side bowls are placed at the top and covered with a non-insulated outer lid. Some of the models of these boxes have side bowls that can be fitted into a tote bag separately but the insulation of the main body works the same. The outer container has a non- stick coating to make the cleaning easy. The inner bowls are BP free and microwave safe but it should be kept in mind that the lip should be removed before microwaving.

What we liked about it:

Zojirushi lunch boxes have some amazing features that might not be noticed. The lid of the main bowl is insulated to keep the food hot or cold. To close the lid, match the indicator marks to a click shut. The soup bowl is well designed to store the liquid foods because of its tighter fit and seals, it makes a suction. The upper bowls are best suited for storing the snacks or any lighter product that can be stored at room temperature.

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