5 Best Pastry Brushes for your Kitchen

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the smell of freshly baked bread every morning? Each bakery in town seems like a paradise every time a new tray pastry comes out of an oven. Just a look at the top of those enticing brown stuff would make you drool.

However, what is the secret behind those lovely things? Besides flour, the oven, and the baker, what makes a pastry special? What kitchen utensil holds the secret to a perfect bread? The answer? Pastry brushes.

If you are looking for one, you are reading the perfect review as I personally picked the five best pastry brushes for your kitchen. Join me as I list the best ones that would perfectly help spread those aromatic butter and glaze oil to your masterpiece.

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That list seems enough to help you make your decision. However, let us dig deeper and look closer at the details of each item. After that, you can freely click on the yellow buttons to get their best deals on Amazon that I personally picked for you. So, let’s dive in!

Silicone Basting Pastry Brush by Consevisen

Silicone Basting Pastry Brush Spread Oil Butter Sauce Marinades for BBQ Grill Baking Kitchen Cooking, Baste Pastries Cakes Meat Sausages Desserts, Food Grade, Dishwasher safe

The best thing that makes this brush stand out among others on this list is its uniqueness. Unlike any other pastry brushes in the market, this pastry brush is made of silicone. But, should you be worried about it? No! You can be assured of its safety as it is made of high-quality food-grade silicone which is BPA-free.

Furthermore, it can resist extreme temperature as high as 446℉ which makes it 100 percent safe for your daily baking moments. With its tough resistance to heat, you can also use it for basting grilled meats without the fear of having your brush getting melted. Thanks to the solid internal steel core installed in its handle, this brush can promise you the best durability.

Even the bristles of this brush are utterly impressive compared to other cheap silicone brushes in the market. It has 85 bristles (5raw x 17 bristles/raw) on the big brush and 52 bristles (4raw x 13 bristles/raw) on the smaller one. Nonetheless, regardless of the size, both can hold and spread a good amount of liquid evenly. Most of all, say goodbye to your fear of bristles falling off and being shed on your food. This brush promises you exceptional durability while being delicate on your pastries. Lovely!

What We Like About the Product
The most endearing part about the Silicone Basting Pastry Brush is that it is a risk-free purchase. If you are not satisfied with its performance (which, of course, would be impossible as it is just truly perfect), you can request a new replacement or a full refund.

And speaking of being risk-free, it also has a promising feature when it comes to cleanliness. Far from those conventional and dull brushes, you can easily clean it by hand or just put it into the dishwasher. With the material it has, grease has no chance of sticking in any part of Silicone Basting Pastry Brush.

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OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush

OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush - Large

This brush comes in classic black color that contributes to the elegance of its appearance. Nonetheless, besides its beauty, it also offers satisfying function in its design. The OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting and Pastry Brush have an angled figure that keeps the bristles off the countertop or any surfaces. This helps the brush to avoid any contamination while being used. It also offers extended long handles that give your hands a safe distance whenever you are using it in basting hot meat on grills. These intelligent designs are present in both small and large sizes of the brush.

Also, with the material that is used, you can be sure that it won’t retain any unwanted odors which is a major problem in most pastry brushes. You can simply clean it by hand or through a dishwasher without the fear of damaging it.

Its bristles, on the other hand, have no chance of clumping as it is also made of silicone. Each bristle can deliver gentle strokes to your pastries through its tapered outer ones. It also has multiple layers of silicone bristles feature gaps in the center ensuring that it could hold a great number of liquids.

Despite its apparent perfect features, it offers a risk-free purchase that guarantees you a product placement or full refund, in any case, it fails to meet your expectations. This gives you the best and risk-free deal that you need.

What We Like About the Product

The most astounding thing about OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting and Pastry Brush is its impressive high resistance to extreme temperature. It can endure heat as high as 6000F giving you an assurance that it won’t scorch when you use it to grease a hot pan. Perhaps, it is the very reason why this brush is hailed as the best basting brush by The Sweethome. Impressive!

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Hotec Silicone Basting and Pastry Heat Resistant Brush Set

Hotec 5 pieces Set Basting Brushes Silicone Heat Resistant Pastry Brushes Spread Oil Butter Sauce Marinades for BBQ Grill Barbecue Baking Kitchen Cooking BPA Free Dishwasher Safe (Black)

As many fear the danger of using silicone brushes, the Hotec brush set proves that it can offer you 100 percent safety through its brushes. It meets the SGS Food Grade requirements making it BPA-free and lead-free while being environmentally friendly. It can stand extreme temperatures from -104℉ to 660℉.

Beyond that, it can also give you a satisfying performance. Its four rows of 60 silicone coated bristles are specifically crafted to hold a generous amount of liquid. The brush set comes with one large brush and four small ones that are perfect to meet your different kitchen needs. This also helps you to avoid an unwanted mixture of flavors in food. 

With Hotec brushes, you can also be assured that no bristles would be shed on your food as it promises pure sturdiness from its handle down to each of its bristles. Cleaning it isn’t a problem as well as it is dishwasher-friendly and incapable of retaining odor.

Lastly, it is a risk-free purchase as it promises a 100 percent money-back guarantee which most products are incapable of offering.

What We Like About the Product

Having brushes that come in a set is truly the best part about the Hotec brushes. It doesn’t just give you numbers of brushes that can serve as your spare ones but it saves you time in cleaning especially if you need to prepare various foods simultaneously. With the Hotec brush set, you can spread various liquid coatings on any food without the fear of contaminating them with other flavors.

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Carlisle Sparta Meteor Pastry and Basting Brush

Carlisle 4037800 Sparta Meteor Pastry/Basting Brush, 2", Boars Hair

There is always one problem when it comes to conventional pastry and basting brushes: the accumulation of dirt. Nonetheless, the Carlisle Sparta Meteor Pastry and Basting Brush assure that it addresses this problem. While keeping its classic look, it prevents the accumulation of bacteria in its bristles that are epoxy-set in its durable plastic handles.

Its bristles that are made from natural boar and synthetic nylon bristles give you the assurance of excellent fluid retention. Each bristle is flagged on the ends to hold more liquid that makes it ideal for any type of food preparation.

Lastly, the Sparta Meteor also offers you other practical functions. With its fine bristles, it is also ideal for cleaning grinders and spice mills. That said, you can be certain that you won’t regret each dollar you would for this brush!

What We Like About the Product

The Sparta Meteor brush offers great function in each of its parts. Besides having the bristles epoxy-set in the handles, I am impressed with its molded-in hanging hook. This lets the brush hang on the lip of pots preventing dirt contamination in its bristles and promoting food safety. Purely genius.

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Boar Bristles Pastry and Basting Brush Set by Boao

4 Pieces Pastry Brushes Basting Oil Brush with Boar Bristles and Beech Hardwood Handles Barbecue Oil Brush for Spreading Butter Cooking Baking Brush (1 Inch, 1 1/2 Inch)

This brush set certainly looks like those typical pastry and basting brushes out there. However, despite its appearance, it offers sturdiness that typical brushes fail to give.

Its bristles are made of high quality natural soft materials giving you a smooth basting experience. Nonetheless, despite that fact, it doesn’t easily lose its hair bristles as it is designed to hold each one firmly by its beech handle.

Furthermore, the handles give you a smooth and comfortable sensation and are water-resistant assuring you of its durability and long-lasting use. 

The package contains four pieces of brushes that vary in size. Two of the brushes are in 1-inch size while the remaining two come in 1 ½ inch. These brushes attend the needs of your various food preparations as they come in various sizes. 

What We Like About the Product

Some people despise conventional-looking pastry brushes but this pastry brush is different from them. One of the good things about using this fine boar-bristle brush is its apparent capacity to hold a great amount of liquid. Lastly, with its gentle bristles, you can be assured of a smooth basting experience in applying any liquid to your foods.

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Pastry Brush Buyer’s Guide

There are lots of pastry brushes being offered in the market. Each one offers promising features but which one should you believe? That said, here are the important points that you should remember when choosing the best pastry brushes for your kitchen.

  • Research. The most crucial thing to do is to dig for the product’s details thoroughly. Proper product information can assure you whether to buy the product or not. Visit each and every product related website online to find out the appropriate details about the product and to verify if the given information is true. Also, do not settle for those comments you can see on Amazon. Try to visit other forums to validate facts.
  • Compare Products. The second thing you should do is to have an online comparison of the products. Read articles from online comparison portals to make a comparison of your product from other products available in the market. The best comparison can bring out the most suitable results. Therefore online comparison is the best alternative.
  • Reviews. After a proper comparison, read the reviews of the products available online. Rummage for the feedbacks written by the customers. Their feedback can help you in choosing the best product available in the market. Nonetheless, be careful in what you would believe in.
  • Look For the Best Deal. Last but not least is to go for the products which wouldn’t just offer you the quality you need but would also offer you a fair price. Buying an ordinary product at higher prices will be an obtuse idea. Hence, get a quality product at a reasonable price.