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Divine, tender and juicy, pork can really be the pride and joy for your upcoming lunch or dinner party. It even marks a loving place in your regular family’s menu. Pork is considered to be the versatile meat and it goes well with everything and it can be combined with different flavours and cuisines masterly. So, learn the different ways of preparing and cooking pork meat with these below-mentioned Pork Cookbooks.

From Italian recipes to American favourites, to German made pork recipes and even the Jamaican Pork chop, you will get to learn every recipe from these pork cookbooks mentioned below.

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#1 – Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog

Beyond Bacon Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog

Beyond Bacon is the authentic pork cookbook that pays homage to the humble hog by educating the readers and guiding them with how to prepare more than 100 recipes using pork meat. The cookbook features the pork cuts methods to preparation and cooking of different pork recipes. Bacon is considered to be the popular part of the pig for most of the paleo diet and recipes, but there are also other parts that go into making other delicious and nutritious recipes and you will learn all in this pork cookbook. The motive of this pork cookbook is to break the myths and display you the ways to cook delectable cuisines and dishes from pork meat. This cookbook enhances your health and environment by focusing more on sustainable swine. All recipes that are included into the cookbook are elegantly approachable, thereby making it ultimate guide for foodies that love pork meat.

The author behind the pork cookbook showcases that there is much more to pork cuts and cooking and not only they have included amazing pork recipes, but also provides you other health benefits that you can enjoy with the pork cuisines. Apart from delicious recipes, the cookbook also has full coloured pictures of the recipes to help you with the cooking process and make it easy for you. It has instructions and guide for cooking interesting and delicious recipes right at your home kitchen and also provide you with information regarding the essential nutrients that you will find with the pork recipes.

What We Like About It!

This pork cookbook features over 100 recipes and features the cuts from the entire animals. It gives you information about the nutritional value of the cuts from the animal and also some amazingly prepared recipes using the pork meat. The recipes included in the cookbook are all set to improvise your overall wellness and health and also the environment by focusing on sustainable swine. From pork chops to savoury bacon jam and even pork noodles and more, there are healthy recipes included in the cookbook.

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#2 – Pure Pork Awesomeness: Totally Cookable Recipes from Around the World

Pure Pork Awesomeness Totally Cookable Recipes From Around The World

Pure Pork Awesomeness is the cookbook written by the highly respected Atlanta chef and 2016 James Beard Award nominee for Best Chef Southeast, Kevin Gillespie who shares some of his unrestrained passion for the pork recipes and hence he has written 100 of unique and creative recipes of pork meat with some amazing global flavours. The cookbook provides you with the information regarding the selection of the pork meat and cuts and cooking of the recipes along with enjoying the pork recipes in unique way possible. The cookbook also features over hundreds of full coloured pictures of the recipes to help better understand. The author uses hundreds of ways for pork cuts and cooking them to create new recipes and he has shared all these experiences in a creative way in this cookbook. The recipes included in the cookbook are made out of pork meat either as a prime ingredient or as a background flavours.

Everything from the bacon jam to the bacon popcorn and bourbon street pork chops and other pork recipes, everything is shared in this cookbook by the author in an easy to follow way. All recipes included in the cookbook are easy to prepare and cook and they are well organized with full coloured pictures. From buying pork meat to preparing and cooking the recipes, all details are mentioned in step by step manner and you can try them all in your home kitchen.

What We Like About It!

This is the cookbook where the author shares his experiences with pork cuts and meat and cooking. He has mentioned 100 different ways to cook pork meat in a unique style and the recipes include the global flavours too. From selecting pork meat, cuts, preparing and cooking, everything is mentioned clearly in the recipe book along with full coloured pictures of the recipes for easy understanding of the methods. From pork chop to bacon to Korean BBQ pork Bulgogi and more, you will find different pork recipes that you can try at your home kitchen.

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#3 – The Whole Hog Cookbook: Chops, Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, and All That Good Stuff

The Whole Hog Cookbook Chops, Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, And All That Good Stuff

The Whole Hog Cookbook features the information for all those how love trying and exploring new pork recipes. It demonstrates the details of every cut of the hog and the preparation method along with cooking of different pork recipes in a single cookbook. From juicy pork chop from oven to thick bacon sizzling in the pan and plump sausages sputtering on the grill, there are hundreds of mouth-watering and delicious recipes of pork that are mentioned in this cookbook and you can try them all in a different and unique way. Right from grilling the meat to roasting and frying to pickling and braising, Libbie Summers have mentioned the special way to cook pork meat, thereby taking the old-fashioned dishes out of your dining table and replacing it with stylish and fun-filled twists of pork recipes.

The author Libbie Summers has grown up in the farm of hogs and he has developed a love for this creature and hence he is in the better state to explain the best cuts of the pork and the cooking methods of the meat and try the meat in a different and unique way. Most of the recipes that are included in the cookbook are having the down-home accent and also reflect the global influences. Some of the recipes include the Pork chops and applesauce, brined pork shoulder, jerk roasted tenderloin, pork pies and pork belly gyros. All the chapters included in the cookbook are separated as per the primal cuts like the loin, shoulders, ribs and bacon.

What We Like About It!

This is the cookbook that comprises of amazing and sizzling pork meat recipes which can be prepared in 100 of different styles and the interesting part is that all recipes can be prepared using the simple kitchen ingredients and the pork meat remains the prime or the background flavours of the recipe. Most of the recipes that are included in the cookbook have the down-home accent and also reflects the international influences of the pork recipes.

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#4 – Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey: Recipes from My Three Favorite Food Groups and Then Some

Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey Recipes From My Three Favorite Food Groups And Then Some

Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey is another successful pork cookbook by award-winning chef, James Beard and in his recipe cookbook, he has shared over 130 mouth-watering recipes along with his colourful personal stories and some beautiful pictures and music pairings. With his cookbook, the author has provided you with some of the amazing and interesting flavours of pork recipes rather than the old fashioned recipes which you try daily in your kitchen. Apart from preparing the pork recipes, the author has also shared some of the easy and fancy presentation methods for the recipes. In the cookbook, the author has mentioned over hundreds of recipes that are well organized with ten different methods like the boiling or simmering, slathering and pickling and canning the pork meat efficiently. In the cookbook, the author has also shared some of the personal stories and histories and the all-time favourite recipe for pickled sweet potatoes, Deep South ramen with fried poached egg, whole grain Guinness mustard and smoked endive along with desserts like kitchen sink cookie ice cream sandwiches.

The cookbook features many amazing recipes which are paired with music and the complete list can easily be downloaded from Spotify.com. For each recipe, there are stylish and coloured pictures by the popular photographer. The cookbook not just only provides you with recipes of pork meat but also gives a serious look at the Southern food that is enjoyed today.

What We Like About It!

This is the cookbook that comprises over 130 delicious recipes that you can try at your home kitchen and each recipe is paired with music so that you can enjoy browsing it with background scores. The cookbook has a recipe that focuses more on Southern food as a prime ingredient and it also shares information about desserts. This is the book that illustrates why southern food is finally not recognized as the driving force in American culinary today.

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#5 – The Smoking Bacon & Hog Cookbook: The Whole Pig & Nothing but the Pig BBQ Recipes

The Smoking Bacon & Hog Cookbook The Whole Pig & Nothing But The Pig Bbq Recipes

The Smoking Bacon & Hog Cookbook is the popular pork cookbook written by the award-winning chef who is known for smoker recipes for pulled pork, ribs, bacon and more. Bill Gillespie is the man who is behind the success of this pork cookbook and he has shared some of the best and renowned pork recipes in this cookbook. He has a team that is named as Grand Champion of the prestigious American Royal Barbecue Invitational who have also won the Jack Daniel’s Invitational with their popular and widely accepted pulled pork recipe. In general, Bill is a highly passionate and lover of good smoking pork and he has shared all his experiences of smoker pork in this cookbook in a well-organized way. He has written many cookbooks on smoker pork and meat recipe cooks that are easily accessible today.

In his second cookbook, Bill has shared some of the newer version of award-winning competition pork recipes and also easy to made bacon recipes along with other recipes and menu. This includes the stuffed and smoked sausages, amazing roasts and chops and more. With his cookbook, he focuses on taking you to the next level of pork cooking and provides you with information regarding whole hog cooking methods. He also mentioned the secrets of enhancing smoking methods while cooking hogs. All the recipes are easy to follow and simple.

What We Like About it

Weber Smokey mountain cooker; insulated vertical smokers like Humphrey’s BBQ and Barrel Smokers, all will find this cookbook really interesting. The best part is that all the award-winning recipes of pork are mentioned in the cookbook in a simple and easy to follow methods. The author has also explained the secrets to enhance the smoking of hog cooking. You will find interesting secrets and amazing facts of cooking smoky pork recipes which you can try at home with your own barbeque kitchen.

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