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Cooking is considered to be an art and a pleasurable experience only when you have the right tools available. The most common accident occurring in every kitchen is when your hands get burnt handling hot cookware. Hence pot top holders become an important and imperative tool in your kitchen.

The pot holder material is either textile or silicone and is quiet helpful in handling hot kitchen utensils like the pans and pots. They are designed to be heat resistant and provide a good grip to hold the utensils with ease. Not only this a pot holder can be used for other activities as well in the kitchen.

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#1 – Love This Kitchen Premium Silicone Pot Holders

Love This Kitchen Premium Silicone Pot Holders product image

The silicone pot holder is an innovative product offered by the brand Love This Kitchen. Made from high quality silicone it is one of the best potholders with highly versatile usage hence can be termed as an Ingenious Kitchen Multi-Tasker. The pot holders cum trivet mats are 7 inches wide and have a thickness of 0.3 inches. While the weight of the product is approximately 3.52 ounces, the product provides a sturdy grip while holding the pot and also protecting your hand from getting burnt by the heat of your pizza oven. The silicone used is FDA approved and is known to be resistant to stains, mild dew and molds.

The pot holder is said to be heat resistant and can withstand heat up to 442 degree Fahrenheit. Hence any accidental contact with the food has no affect on it therefore making these the best silicone pot holders available. The premium quality silicone makes the trivet quiet easy to clean. These can either be washed by hands or even put in a dishwasher. Everything from greasy to sticky food particles can be wiped off with ease. The silicone pot holders and trivets are available in a variety of exciting colors to choose from. Go ahead and pick the one that suits your kitchen decor perfectly. The ultra-flexible calphalon pot holders set of 2 are available online and come in a pack of two.

What We Like About It

The pot holder can be used as a 5 in 1 tool that makes life easier in the kitchen. The primary usage being its ability to grip pots safely or move hot utensils from the cook tops, it can also be used as a trivet that provides sturdy base for heavy pans. Since, it is resistant to heat and stains the holder can also double up as a spoon rest. The product can also be used as a jar opener and coaster.

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#2 – Lifaith 100% Cotton Kitchen Everyday Basic Terry Pot holder

Lifaith 100 Cotton Kitchen Everyday Basic Terry Pot holder product image

The Lifaith brand offers the best kitchen accessories suitable for your cooking and baking needs. Their cotton pot holders are one of the best available in their range of kitchen products. Crafted in 100% heavy weight industrial terry looped cotton the pot holder is heat resistant and ideal for both cooking and baking. Its design and the quality of the material used make it highly functional and long lasting. Measuring 7 inches in length and 7 inches in width the pot holder is available in a set of 5. The texture of the calphalon pot holders provides good grip and flexibility. Wider dimensions make these one of the best pot holders available that allows you to handle hot pots directly from the stove with ease and efficiency.

The calphalon pot holder weighs approximately 0.32 ounces and consists of a hanging loop that allows for easy storage. You can simply hang the pot holder anywhere in the kitchen. Available in attractive colors and design these blend well with rest of the kitchen aesthetics. Since it is made from cotton cleaning and maintenance is an easy job. The pot holder is designed to be machine washable and dryer safe. The pot holders are multi utility products that can also be used as a microwave splatter guard, a jar opener due to its rough texture, as a large coaster, a trivet or a spoon rest.

What We Like About It

It is one of the best pot holders that provide optimum protection to your hands from hot utensils. The ability of the pot holder to double as a coaster, spoon rest, and trivet or jar opener makes it highly desirable. Texture of these pot holders provides optimum flexibility to hold hot pans and other utensils with much ease. Available in variety of bright and funky colors the holders add to the overall aesthetics of the place they are placed.

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#3 – Campanelli’s Cooking Buddy – Professional Grade All-In-One Pot Holder

Campanelli’s Cooking Buddy - Professional Grade All-In-One Pot Holder product image

The right kind of equipment is an absolute necessity for both cooking and baking processes. One such equipment that is imperative for every kitchen is the pot holder. Every day we transfer hot utensils from the cook tops with risk of burning the hands constantly lingering on us. With a wide variety of pot holders available the scenario does not exist anymore. The professional grade pot holder from Campanelli is one of the best hot pan holders available today in the market. Made from professional grade 100% Terry the holder also has silicone inserts inside that makes the product heat resistant.

It can withstand up to 500 degree Fahrenheit with ease. Designed with the dimensions 34.8 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches the product weighs approximately 8 ounces. The unique design of the holder makes it convenient to be hung on the pot rack. The advantage of this is that the holder will be well within reach when ever hot pans and utensils are being used. Its design and material makes the holder non slip and provides the perfect grip to hold hot utensils like the pots, pans and baking dishes with ease. Since it is made from 100% Terry cleaning them is also an easy job. Either it can be hand washed or also can be put in a machine. It is known to be machine washable and completely dryer safe.

What We Like About It

The silicone inserts inside the holder are a selling point of the product. Unlike the traditional cloth holders these are resistant to heat and 100% can protect your hands when taking food out of the roaster oven or rotisserie oven. All in one usage of the holder is another high point. The holder can be efficiently used as a lid gripper and a trivet other than just using it to hold hot utensils while cooking and breaking. It has embroidery on one side that enhances the visual appeal of the product.

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#4 – Ankway Silicone Pot Holders

 Ankway Silicone Pot Holders product image

Many times we accidentally touch pots and other utensils kept on the cook top thereby burning our hands. Hence a pot holder is considered to be one of the essential tools in any kitchen. Made from heat resistant material they make life easier in the kitchen. You can hold on to hot cookware without the heat burning your hands. There are many available in the market but one of the best potholder is the Ankway Silicone Pot Holder. Uniquely crafted from food grade silicone the product is available in a set of 4 that is two in green and two in blue. These are amongst the best silicone pot holders and enjoy good user reviews across various forums.

Designed with dimensions 7.3 x 7.3 x 0.2 inches and approximate weight 13 ounces the holder shows optimum insulation performance. It has the ability to withstand heat up to 450 Fahrenheit. The holder sports a honey comb design and provides the perfect non slip grip. Also since the pot holder is made from FDA approved silicone it poses less harm even if it accidentally comes in contact with food. There will be absolutely no change in color or taste of the food. Storage of the product is easy as they either can be rolled up or hanged on to a hook in the kitchen. The design and colors blend the tools perfectly with the kitchen decor.

What We Like About It

These are considered to be the best silicone pot holders with multipurpose utility. One can use them as coasters, trivets, pot holders, jar openers and spoon rest. Also since these pot holders are dishwasher safe it makes the cleaning of the product quiet easy. If there is no access to dishwasher these can simple washed with hands as well. Due the premium quality silicone used the holder is stain, mold and mild dew resistant. Also it does-not absorb any kind of odor.

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#5 – Ritz Royale Collection 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Pot Holder

Ritz Royale Collection 100 Cotton Terry Cloth Pot Holder product image

Ritz is known to be one of the best brands dealing in pot holders. Crafted in premium quality 100% Terry looped cotton the ritz royale pot holder is available in a set of 4. These measure 8.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches in width while its weight being approximately 8 ounces. Unlike the other flimsy oven mitts these provide 100% protection to hands against heat. The ritz basic potholder is known to be a highly versatile pot holder that can also double up as hot pads in order to protect the kitchen surfaces from damage. Since the ritz potholders are made from cotton they can be easily cleaned. One can either wash them by hands or put them in the washing machine.

But it should be ensured that after the first use it should be washed in cold water and tumbled dried on a low. Designed with hand pockets these are available in a variety of colors that perfectly suit your kitchen interiors. These pot holders can be matched with the other range of products from the brand. The list of these products includes kitchen towels, aprons, dish cloth, pocket mitts, wonder towels, and cotton/neoprene oven mitts other than the regular pot holders. You can color co-ordinate with this range of Ritz Royale Graphite Collection in order to improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

What We Like About It

The best part about the pot holder is its versatility as one can not only hold the hot utensils but also rest them on these to save kitchen surfaces from damage. Also it is quiet light in weight and easy to use and clean. The brand is known for providing high quality kitchen basics hence there is no question on quality and durability of the product. Their pot holders tend to last long and are known to be highly durable.

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How To Choose the Top Pot Holder in Our List

 After testing a number of pot holders and reviewing them through various websites and online forums we have put together 5 best available ones. The parameters used to classify them are as follows.

Material: The main function of a pot holder is to protect our hands while handling hot utensils. Hence it is imperative that the pot holders have ample heat resistance or the material used has proper thermal insulation.

Ease of Use: The design should be simple and facilitate easy use. It should provide easy and non slip grip to facilitate easy handling of the large and hot utensils. Also the dimensions of the pot holder should be wide enough to aid in proper handling of the hot utensils. Else the danger of accidentally burning hands is very high.

Machine Washable: Since a pot holder will involve rough and tough use it is important that they are easily washable preferably by washing machine. If not they should be easily washable by hands. Everything from grease to tough stains should be cleaned with ease either in the machine or by hands.

Storage: Ensure that the crab pot holder is designed with a hook or a hole that facilitates in their easy storage. One should be able to simply hand them in the kitchen.

Versatility: Other than just a stock pot holder the product should be versatile enough to do other jobs in the kitchen with ease.

Colors: Pot Holders in different vibrant colors are always a plus as they will further enhance the decor of the kitchen.

Different Types of Pot Holders

A pot holder makes for essential and important equipment in the kitchen. It not only makes life easier but also saves you from accidental burning in the kitchen. There are different types of pot holders available and these can be classified on the basis of their material. A good pot holder is either made from silicone or textile. The silicone pot holders are quiet easy to clean and do not absorb any kind of stain or odor. Also the surface does not allow any kind of growth or mild dew. Also since these are made from food grade silicone, they do not contaminate the food if it accidentally comes in contact with the food.

The ultimate pot holders from the brand Love this Kitchen are the perfect example of silicone pot holders. There is also textile pot holders available made from 100% Terry cotton like the DII Cotton Terry Pot Holders. These are more flexible and come in a variety of colors. The only disadvantage being these is not water proof in comparison to the silicone ones. But they are highly durable and give a good grip. The Silverstone lining provides perfect insulation while transferring the hot utensils. Be it the textile ones or the leather ones they can also double up as other things in the kitchen. They can be used as a trivet, a large coaster, a jar opener or even a spoon rest. These can save your kitchen counters and butcher chopping blocks by providing perfect insulation between the hot utensil and the kitchen slab.

Why You Need The Best Pot Holder in Your Kitchen?

Cooking becomes an enjoyable experience when you have the right tools and equipment. Else the scenarios of accidentally burning and cutting hands become a common phenomenon. One of the important tools that is a must in every kitchen is a premium quality heat resistant pot holder. The silicone ones are quiet popular in the list as they offer a good amount of heat resistance. The best silicone pot holders are known to resist temperatures from -40°F to 446°F. Hence these make the perfect products to be used both in ovens and freezers.

A pot holder with a textured grip can also be used as a jar opener as they provide the optimum grip without having to apply much pressure. The silicone pot holders or to be precise the oxo silicone pot holder is known to be optimum for the job. Apart from this the other uses of a pot holder include its usage as a large coaster, a trivet and a spoon rest. They act as a base to insulate the kitchen surfaces from the base of the hot utensils. These can also-be flipped and used as coasters to place ice-cold drink pitchers. Since they are stain free and heat resistant, these can also double up as a spoon rest. The versatility of a pot holder makes it an important and essential tool for every kitchen. The tool is a great problem solver and makes life quiet smooth and easier for you in the kitchen.

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