5 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers for your Kitchen


If you are an ardent coffee lover in the early morning and evenings, then you are in the right place to know how to have the best-flavored coffee in its purest form. Our daily busy schedules definitely need a booster to keep going throughout the day energetically. Starting a day afresh with a good cup of coffee can make all the difference and helps you get rejuvenated and gets you prepared for the day.

Ensure that you have a perfect tasting coffee each morning and surprise yourself to have a great start of the day. There is a variety of best pour over coffee makers in the market that gives the purest flavour experience. Some of them have an easy design making them easy to use while others have complex design making it difficult in the first few usages. Here are five best pour over coffee makers shortlisted based on the ratings and reviews from the previous customers. Check them out before you invest in one for a lifetime!

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker product image

It is one of the best pours over coffee maker model in the market right now and has the best ratings. The product comes with eight cups, which assures that it will deliver the perfect cup of coffee. This pour over coffee maker is made of non-porous Borosilicate glass. In terms of the design, the Chemex classic series, pour over glass coffeemaker is elegant, simple, flawless and timeless. The glass does not absorb odours and prevents sticking of chemical residues on its inner glass walls. Chemex being a registered brand is popular in kitchen equipment. Being one of the best pours over coffee maker, it allows the prepared coffee to be chilled and refrigerated and reheated later when needed without losing its actual flavour at least bit. When you need to reheat/warm up your coffee, you can place the glass coffee kettle direct on the glass stove top on the mild flame. If you have only electric coil stove top then use the Clemex stainless steel wire grid just below the glass kettle to avoid its breakage.

One needs to carefully maintain and clean the Chemex classic series coffee maker with either a mild detergent soap or carefully place them inside the dishwasher. If done so properly, it will offer a lifetime of service. There is a silicon stopper to keep the hot water at its peak without venting out. So the glass neck always remains cool for easy pour. Chemex coffee maker weighs 1.6 pounds with 40-ounce capacity, height 9 1/8″ and 5″ in diameter.

What we like about it:

The Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker has a thick-walled glass that is high heat resistant. The flat-bottomed kettle is easy for reheating and brewing process. The eight glass brewers are visually appealing and the highlight among them all is the polished wood collar with leather tie. It has become people favourite and addictive over the past few years. It gives the expected perfect cup of filter coffee for any passionate coffee lover!

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#2 – Bodum Coffee Maker, Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

Bodum Coffee Maker, Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter product image

Made in Europe, this is a best functional Pour over coffee maker ever. One need not worry if the coffee maker has many other teeny tiny instruments to carry along when brewing or needs more of their time for washing them and maintain with care. For this Bodum coffee maker comes in a single glass jar brewer with one permanent filter on top in attractive looks. The Portugal based cork looks attractive and is functional. It gives a very good grip and insulation to the filter making it easy to hold and pour the ground coffee. There is no need to use a paper filter as this best pour over coffee maker comes with a mesh stainless steel filter that does an excellent filtering work.

The glass carafe from borosilicate has high resistance to heat. Know the simple method of making coffee with Bodum pour over glass coffee maker. Place the grounded coffee beans on the filter. Then pour the hot water onto it until it gets soaked. Within 4 minutes, the coffee drips into the borosilicate glass container and is ready to serve after removing the filter. The Bodum pour over glass coffee maker weighs 1.55 pounds and measures 5.4 x 0.9 x 5.4 inches. This product comes with a warranty on purchase. This coffee maker is easy to clean with just a mild soap water due to fewer items in the entire set. This is manual but still easy to brew coffee in just five minutes. This coffee maker also comes with coloured silicon bands on its neck instead of the cork, giving its customers a few options to pick from. It is dishwasher safe. This best single cup pour over coffee maker makes 8 servings in one fetch.

What we like about it:

The timeless look of the Bodum coffee maker is the one reason many customers choose it for their classical kitchen look. This is a manual coffee maker and aids you to make the best tasting coffee in a few minutes without any hassle or waiting. This coffee maker, with its permanent filter, performs exceptionally well and is highly recommended for its classical look. Its promises excellent taste and aroma without removing the natural oil of the grounded coffee beans.

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#3 – HIC Pour-Over Coffee Maker Borosilicate Glass with Bamboo Handle Stainless Steel Filter

HIC Pour-Over Coffee Maker Borosilicate Glass with Bamboo Handle Stainless Steel Filter product image

The HIC Pour over coffee maker comes with a pretty bamboo handle for pouring the brew with ease. This manual easy pour over coffee maker gives a consistent and rich flavoured coffee each time. The borosilicate glass carafe is high heat resistant, handles tough moments and does not break easily. The bamboo handle is attached to a stainless steel collar and its resists breakage. The fine mesh liner on the top of its spout wonderfully brews medium grinds and traps the sediments so there is no paper liner involved or needed here. It is both stovetop and dishwasher safe. It is easily washed and rinses using a mild soap liquid.

This HIC best pour- over coffee maker gives a flavorful and aroma filed coffee to its coffee lovers. So, this one cannot escape the eyes of any coffee lover who wants it to get brewed in a few minutes time.  The HIC pour over glass coffee maker weighs 3.2 ounces and measures 7 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches. There are precise marking on the glass carafe. This ensures the correct coffee to water ratio. It has a handy coffee measure of 22 oz. Here are few small steps to follow to make the best coffee ever in HIC coffee maker.

  • Select your favourite coffee beans to grind into the medium
  • Keep the grounded beans on the stainless steel fine mesh filter
  • Pour steaming hot water over the ground beans till it is soaked. 1 tablespoon coffee for 4 oz water ratio.
  • Make a round or back-forth movement till coffee gets brewed into the bottom beaker completely.
  • Toss the filter and enjoy the perfect coffee!

What we like about it:

If you are a coffee lover who wants to have that same consistent taste each morning and also in a very quick duration, then this HIC pour-over the coffee filter is highly recommended. The break-resistant glass, good grip bamboo handle, the stainless steel collar that is heat resistant and the fine stainless steel filter that filers even the smallest sediment into coffee beneath its beaker below are the most beneficial features in this coffee maker.

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#4 – Coffee Gator Pour over Brewer

Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer product image

Gator products are known to last lifetime with careful wash and regular maintenance. Coffee Gator pours over brewer is very popular among regular coffee drinkers across locations. This is a manual pour over the coffee maker single cup. The glass carafe is 100% BPS free. This has a fine stainless steel mesh filter sitting on its spout and goes paperless. It is a well-known fact that single-use filter is expensive, so it is worthy to invest in this kind of coffee brewer and save pennies. One can drink better coffee with coffee gator pour over brewer than your previous old coffee brewer models. One can make the coffee of their choice without any fuss in five simple steps. Add medium ground coffee beans to filter mesh, slowly pour hot steaming water into ground coffee beans inside the mesh filter, let the water drip, remove the filter, pour and drink.

One has to consider the coffee beans grind size, water temperature and the ratio of coffee to water each time a coffee is made to get the same consistent results. Percolation is the filtering method used in Gator best pour-over coffee brewer. The unique feature about the gator coffee brewer is that the filter is laser cut steel and surgical-grade. It is rust free and can withstand extremely high temperatures. The coffee pours over brewer measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 6.8 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces. The ratings for this coffee maker are high and the reviews are too good. So one can rely on this brewer without any hesitation.

What we like about it:

Coffee gator pours over brewer takes minimal effort to make the maximum flavoured coffee. Complete BPA free and non breakable single cup coffee maker is unique in its making. Brewing coffee in Coffee gator pour-over brewer is pure bliss. The surgical grade mesh stainless steel filter does an excellent percolation filtering process and offers the best aroma and taste to its brewed coffee. Make an impeccable coffee with freshly grounded beans of your choice and refresh your day!

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#5 – Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker

Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker product image

The unique feature about Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker is its stand-alone drip coffee cone made of laser cut dual stainless steel mesh without any paper usage. It is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry anywhere during travel if you are an ardent coffee drinker. This small coffee maker effortlessly offers one or two cups of coffee in a very less duration. You can quickly rinse it with hand and immediately use it again to make the next flavorful coffee batch. The stainless steel mesh filter is better than any other filters that are made of plastics, ceramics or glass. The drip cone best single cup pour over coffee brewer from Poland has a history to talk about for its making.

Make your coffee in the ratio of two tablespoons of coffee grounds for 6 oz. of water for the best taste. This is hand washable and also dishwasher safe. The dimensions of the cafellissimo coffee maker are 5.2 x 4.5 x 3.4 inches, the smallest ever handy coffee maker and weigh 3.36 ounces. When purchasing this product online, it assures full money back refund within thirty days in case of dissatisfaction. To know what a perfectly steeped coffee taste like, try this cafellissimo coffee maker and tell about its distinguishing prototype to the world. Makes the best barista coffee ever!

What we like about it:

Cafellissimo Paperless Pour over coffee maker is the best coffee maker for coffee connoisseurs. The stand-alone coffee filter fits securely on any coffee mug. It offers bolder flavours compared to its similar stand-alone coffer maker models. The stainless steel is 18/8 grade. This coffee maker is lightweight, mess-free and compact travel sized. One can carry it at work, camping or use it in your own small kitchen. This definitely assures a superior coffee drinking experience since it offers the best ever coffee!

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How we choose the Pour Over Coffee Makers in our List

One has to consider certain criteria’s when choosing the top Pour-down coffee maker from the list. They are:

Material quality – The built-in quality of the stainless steel mesh and the thick-walled borosilicate glass needs to be checked first if it is from its credible and original manufacturers. High-grade glasses if used with care and proper maintenance exists lifetime.

Product size and quantity – Look for a well sized coffee maker if you are one who drinks coffee frequently. Single cup and multi cups coffee makers are available in the market. Choose the glass size depending on the number of your daily basis servings.

Filter type – The filter has to be reusable, laser steel cut, rust resistance, high steaming heat resistance and should filter even the smallest course coffee beans inside it. Paper filters are out of scene nowadays because single-use filters are expensive.

Insulated handle – Pour over coffee makers with Bamboo handles are the best options. They are insulated and easy to pour.

Design – A pretty coffee maker in your dream kitchen counter definitely adds special looks. Some coffee makers have simple single cups that have minimalistic design and needs very little maintenance.

Weight – Go for lightweight coffee brewers, since they are easy to carry and pour over.

Different Types of Pour Over Coffee Maker

The pour over coffee makers can be widely classified as electrically operated or manual type. There are so many choices of the brands to choose from for electrical coffee maker. The electric pour over coffee maker as the name suggests works on electricity to heat the water that drips into the ground coffee beans, whereas the manual pour-over coffee maker is operated manually by pouring hot water into the filter filled with ground coffee beans. The electric coffee maker also comes in a kettle form for a controlled pour like in Hario Electric Buono Kettle. However, the manual drip pour over coffee maker wins the hearts of many passionate coffee lovers for its incredible taste.

The main difference between drip coffee pots and pour over coffee makers is the quality of the coffee taste that they make. The pour over coffee makers will likely win. The pour over coffee makers again in turn differs in the filter made up material. The filters are made of metal, cloth and paper. The best manual pour over coffee makers mostly comes with reusable mesh stainless steel filters that carefully drip the coffee into the glass beaker below. The coffee makers either comes in a drip down carafe with a handle that is visually stunning and sometimes comes with just the filter where you have to brew into a coffee mug. Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker is a direct stand alone drip coffee cone made of stainless steel and does not have any built-in carafe to hold the brewed coffee. In models that come with built in carafe like Chemex Classic Series Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker, the excess coffee in the built-in carafe can be refrigerated and warmed again on stove-top when required.

Why you need the Pour Over Coffee Makers in your Kitchen

A rich and quality cup of coffee is because the best pour-over coffee filter provides essential nutrients to the body that keeps it energized all through the day.

Being able to drink an incredible barista coffee at home is everyone’s dream. All above coffee maker manufacturers have put in a whole lot of effort to make the best features in their coffee making machines and make this dream come true with the help of best Pour Over Coffee brewer. There are a whole lot of pretty designed coffee makers in a market that has a lot of special brewing features to offer the best coffee to you. It is always worth investing in the best pour over coffee maker and make your coffee making memorable task! You deserve to drink the barista coffee at home all brewed by yourself in a jiffy!

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