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Bento all in one stackable lunch boxes provide a new convenient way to store food. It is a modern lunch box for work, school and for traveling. These boxes include two steady containers to fits. It also contains dividers in different sides’ compartments allowing us to prepare all types of food whether dry of any liquid meal. It also contains a set of a fork and a spoon.

It has been provided with a secured sealing strap to hold the containers at the place without getting misplaced. It is one of the best bento box that comes in four vibrant color designs- white & grey, pink & magenta, blue & indigo, light green & dark green. In addition to its stylish design, it has been made up of environmental-friendly food-safe materials.

It is easy to clean and organize. It consists of two boxes one out of which has a separated compartment for carrying different varieties of food as per the requirement. When not in use two bento containers can be fitted inside each other for compact and easy storage. They can be used repeatedly without any damage to the boxes. Boxes are safe to be used in stainless steel microwave or any freezer for reheating or storing the leftovers. These boxes are the best way to carry out food and enjoy a home-like meal at any place and at any point in time.

What we liked about it:

It is perfect for people who are mostly to go out of their house and have no time to take a break and go to restaurants. They can carry their lunch along with them and enjoy it whenever they desire. The quality of the cutlery provided is good and firm. They do not get spoiled and do not bend easily.  The container having separation is best to carry different types of food. They are safe from any damages.

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