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Like all other bento boxes, these have an origin from Japan.  It has a light fake wooden looking coating at the top along with the name of the company. It consists of two containers held by an elastic band that keeps it together very firmly. So that they do not fall apart. It is the same as the last described best bento box but in this one after removing the lid, it has been found that it comes with a cutlery set consisting of a fork, spoon, knife, and chopsticks. The cutlery sets are nice and steady and are of good quality. They are not flimsy.

The cutlery sets are provided in a holder to fit them right back after the use. At each box, it contains an air whole so that the steam of hot food can be passed from that hole. The lid of each box has a rubber seal at its edges which makes it leak proof. It consists of a kind of separator just like the previous one which enables us to separate the food by adjusting the separator according to the requirement. But only the one out of both the boxes has a separator. The boxes have a good space to store the foods. It can be either to use one kind of food or different foods. Both hot and cold food can be stored according to their preferences.

What we liked about it:

It comes in many different colors. The presence of cutlery does not require to carry any extra sets along with us, it is all provided in the same box. The boxes are airtight and do not have any leakage. They can be washed in the dishwasher and do not cause any damage. It is easy to use as they are not replaced because they are held tightly by a band that surrounds it in a proper and supportive way.

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