5 Best Rolling Pins for your Kitchen

5 Best Rolling Pins for your KitchenA well-equipped kitchen is essential, be it your home or a restaurant. When you have all the basic required tools in a kitchen cooking a meal becomes a pleasurable experience. Different types of cooking forms need different culinary tools, as each of them has a distinct function attached to it. Be it any cooking form one of the basic equipment that is a must for every kitchen is the rolling pin.

A rolling pin is defined as a cylindrical tool generally made up of material like stainless steel or wood. It is ideally used for flattening dough or giving it a shape. It might look like a simple tool but it has much utility attached to it. This depends upon the type and style of the pin used. Other than flattening dough it can also be used to cut pasta strips or make embossed designs on a cake.

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#1 – Farberware 5215807 Classic Wood Rolling Pin

Farberware 5215807 Classic Wood Rolling Pin, Natural Wood, 1 If you are the one who loves making cookies, pastries, pizzas, fondants and other such recipes flattening the dough is an important process of the recipe. Uneven flattening of the dough might result in an unimpressive end product. The KitchenBasix brand offers one of the best rolling pins for baking that makes life easy in the kitchen. It is a perfect kitchen tool for all your rolling needs. Designed in premium quality solid wood the classic rolling pin is one of its kind. A major USP of the product is that the wood is moisture resistant making it long-lasting and highly durable. The hand tool is equipped with bearings that facilitate smooth movement on the dough.

Also, its ergonomic design provides a good grip and perfect control of the dough. It is known to be one of the best rolling pins for pasta and also other foods like ravioli and cookies etc. The pin measures 16.5 inches in height and 2.2 inches in diameter. The large-diameter rolling pin has handles attached on both ends measuring about 4 inches. The design allows the handle to rotate independently of the barrel providing a smooth finish to the dough. Maintenance and cleaning of the rolling pin are quite simple and can be done using soapy water. The brand offers products that are extensively researched and tested by professionals, hence this can be considered the best rolling pin and is worth the money.

What We Like About It

The multi-utility feature of the pretty rolling pin is the major USP of the product. Not just pizza dough its dimensions and shape help in all your baking endeavors. With the wooden rolling pin plans of making pizzas, cookies, pasta, pastries, fondants and other confectioneries with ease and efficiency. Also, the brand offers a complete money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product making it a risk-free purchase at any time. The contoured handle provides an excellent grip fits perfectly in your hands.

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#2 – Joseph Joseph 20085 Adjustable Rolling Pin

Joseph Joseph 20085 Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings product image

Joseph and Joseph is a famous kitchen tool brand known for products that are innovative and high on functionality. The adjustable rolling pins are one of their premier products to look out for in the range of kitchen tools. Unlike the ordinary rolling pins these aid in obtaining perfectly sized flattened doughs for various recipes like cookies, pastries, pasta, etc. The extra-large rolling pin has adjustable rings on both sides that help in flattening the dough in perfect sizes. The design of the pin involves 4 sets of adjustable rings that help create the exact size and thickness of the dough required by the recipe. The barrel in the center is made from solid beechwood with measurements etched on both sides while the rings are crafted in plastic.

Pin measures 16.5 inches in length while the diameter measures 2.5 inches. The four adjustable rings measure 1/16, 1/6, 1/4, and 3/8-inches in diameter and are held together by plastic screws. The approximate weight of the tool is about 1.06 pounds. To change the dimensions the screws can be easily removed and fixed again. Cleaning and maintenance of the pin are also easy. The pin can be washed with hand using soapy water and then towel dried. While the discs are dishwasher safe. The manufacturer instructs you to dry it immediately after washing to maintain its longevity.

What Do We Like About It

The adjustable rings on the sides alter the rolling pin outline as per the measurement required by the recipe. Center barrel has measurements etched in both inches and centimeters. This helps in making pie crusts, cookies, tarts and other such things with ease and perfection. You are no more required to rely on guesswork while flattening the dough. Further, the colorful rings on both sides enhance the visual appeal of the tool. The tool is known to be food-safe and BPA free.

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#3 – Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin for Baking

Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin for Baking product image

Despite the fact that all types of rolling pins generally look the same, there is a difference depending on their functionality and use. The Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin is one of the best stainless steel rolling pin that is a must-have if you are an avid baker. It has been crafted beautifully in 100% stainless steel with a very ergonomic design, perfect weight, and size. The dimensions of the pin include 15.8 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches and its weight is approximately 10.1 ounces. The lightweight of the pin is due to the fact that the design has a hollow core in the center. All along the 15 3/4″ length, it comes in contact with the dough.

This facilitates more area of dough being rolled out in comparison to a normal rolling pin. The center which measures about 1.5 comes gradually starts to taper towards the end. This makes the dough rotate smoothly without any fine lines on it. It has been made from food-grade stainless steel and is completely hygienic. Cleaning the rod is easy as it can either be washed by hands or even put in a dishwasher. An important recommendation that comes with the product is that when the rolling pin is chilled in the freezer before use it will not only keep the dough from warming up also effectively melts the butter.

What We Like About It

The design does not put much pressure on the wrists thereby increasing your efficiency in the kitchen. The weight of the rod is known to be just perfect to make a variety of confectioneries like cookies, homemade pizzas, fondant and also pies crusts. The pin can be considered as a best rolling pin for dough as it does not absorb any flavors or odor there is no chance of cross-contamination taking place. Unlike the wooden ones this do-not crack and do not require any kind of oiling.

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#4 – Black Walnut with Sugar Maple Celtic Knot French Style Rolling Pin

Black Walnut with Sugar Maple Celtic Knot French Style Rolling Pin product image

It is one of the best rolling pin available in the market today that caters to all your baking needs like rolling out pizzas, flattening the cookie dough or fondant. Crafted from solid black walnut wood it features a beautiful sugar maple Celtic knot inlay design on the surface. The French style rolling pins are a must-have in the kitchen if you are one of those who loves baking. It is one of the best rolling pins you can buy today. The pin is known to have better functionality than the ones made from marble, metal or silicone. With a slightly tapered design, it can be considered as one of the best rolling pins for pizza dough, cookies, bread, pasta and many more.

The design and style give you more control over the dough as it disperses the weight evenly. The end product is a smoothly textured dough perfectly suitable to make various confectioneries. Made from premium quality wood it offers a non- sticky surface and hence is easy to clean. Also, the stunning design of the French style pin perfectly complements your kitchen aesthetics. The dimensions of the pin in the middle are about 18″ x 1.75” and then gradually tapers to 1.25” at the ends. The weight of the rolling pin is approximately 14.4 ounces. The rolling pin is sold by Top Notch Kitchenware a brand known for highly functional and quality products.

What Do We Like About It

The tapered design of the pin allows you to disperse the dough evenly with a smooth texture and perfect shape. It is a beautiful yet practical product that is easy to use and maintain. The pin is a multi-utility product and is helpful in making a wide variety of baked products. It is handcrafted hence is quite durable and long-lasting. It can be used with ease on a silicone mat or even on a cooking counter made of marble or granite.

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#5 – K. Adams FRP-1 Maple French Rolling Pin

J.K. Adams FRP-1 Maple French Rolling Pin product image

J.K Adams is a popular brand offering kitchen storage solutions and other equipment like rolling pins. The brand is known for its excellent craftsmanship and quality of products. Their products are designed with a sleek design and convenient functionality. They have one of the best rolling pins for baking available in the market. Handcrafted with maple wood their award-winning French rolling pin is a favorite of many bakers around the world. Having been manufactured in Vermont, USA the pin has a professional and smooth finish to it. The dimensions of the product are 20.5 x 1.8 x 2 inches and its weight is approximately 15.5 ounces.

The perfect tapered design of the rolling pin facilitates in preparing pie crusts, dough for pizza and cookies and other patisseries. This French Dowel Rolling Pin is quite easy to use and maintain. After each use, it can be gently washed with warm soapy water and towel dried. The brand also offers Mineral Oil or Beeswax Wood Conditioner that aids in the maintenance of the French rolling pin thereby enhancing its durability. It is one of the best French rolling pin handcrafted in unfinished wood. This enables us to take on the flour over time and also it is less sticky than other pins. Made from premium quality wood the pin is both crack and warp resistant. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the product, no questions asked.

What Do We Like About It

The maple French rolling pins are the true definition of what is the best rolling pin and very useful for making a variety of recipes like pie crusts, cookies, homemade pizza bases, and tarts, etc. Unlike the ordinary rolling pins which tend to be bulky, this one is lighter and more flexible. When you get a hand of it the dough spreads out more evenly with ease. Works well with a variety of doughs and pie crusts.

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How to Choose the Top Rolling Pin in Our List?

Rolling pins form a basic kitchen tool and essential equipment for baking. There are a variety of rolling pins available in the market today each with a different function and utility. A comprehensive study was conducted to put forth the best available rolling pins in the market. The following features should be considered in choosing one out of the list.

  1. Rod or a Roller: Depending upon the utility and function choose a pin that has a roller or a rod as the center Both are known to have a different feel and function.
  2. Material: A rolling pin is either available in wood, steel or marble. Choose one that suits the recipe you intend to make. In comparison to the others, the marble ones are considered to be heavy-duty. If you intend to buy one to ensure that you choose a brand that offers the best marble rolling pin as they are prone to chipping.
  3. Length: If you plan to make something like pasta the length of the pin matters as you are required to make wide sheets from the dough.

There are different types of rolling pins available in the market based on features and use.

  1. American Rolling Pin: It consists of a wooden center barrel that rotates on two handles independently. It is great in terms of comfort and use and is made from wood, silicone or sometimes marble.
  2. French Pin: It is designed in a single piece with tapered ends on the sides.
  3. A classic Shaker pin: It consists of a single piece with fixed hands on both sides of the barrel.

Different Types of Rolling Pins

A rolling pin is primarily used to shape and flatten dough for cooking and baking purposes. The shapes and sizes of the pin can vary depending upon the requirement of the recipe.

One of the most common types is the rod-shaped pin having an approximate diameter of 2-3 comes. These can either be completely cylindrical or be tapered from both the ends and a single side. French-style rolling pins are generally available in the rod style. There is also the roller type pin that is designed with a center heavy barrel that is fixed on to two handles. The center rod moves while the handle remains stationary. Apart from these basic type rolling pins, there are some specialized ones as well. These are the textured rolling pins that help make textured designs on the dove. Another classification of the rolling pins can be made on the basis of their material.

One of the most traditional rolling pins is those made from wood. The USP of these rolling pins is that they are rustproof and provide a smooth rolling action. An example of this rolling pin is the Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin. Other than wood a rolling pin can also be made from premium quality marble. These are heavy-duty and provide the perfect rolling action. Marble rolling pins are non-sticky, easy to clean and long-lasting. An example is Fox Run 4050 Marble Rolling Pin. Rolling pins are also made from premium quality stainless steel. These are not only non-sticky but are also long-lasting and have a shiny attractive finish. An example of stainless steel is the RollerMaster Rolling Pin.

Why You Need a Rolling Pin in Your Kitchen?

The best part of cooking is that each of the kitchen tools has no specific function. With a little innovative thinking, the tools can be effectively used in any which way. This not only makes life simpler but also saves on both time and money. For example, a rolling pin has more to it than just rolling. Rolling pins make for one of the most essential equipment in the kitchen useful for flattening various types of dough. A handy rolling pin helps you make homemade pizzas in your pizza oven, pie crusts, cookies, and other confectioneries. The rolling pin can be used for more than just flattening the dough. Other functionalities of a rolling pin in your kitchen are as follows.

  1. Grinding: The rolling pin is used to grind whole spices in case you do not have a mortar and pestle. The end product might not be very impressive but it is worth the try in times of emergency.
  2. Tenderize: You can use the rolling pin as an effective replacement for the meat mallet if it is a heavy-duty tool. It can tenderize the toughest of meats efficiently.
  3. Crumb: The rolling pin can effectively crumb chips, corn, and potatoes. Make those yummy cutlets and fried chicken with ease. One can also use it to chop nuts quickly instead of using the electric food processor.
  4. Crushing: Your rolling pin can double up as the ice crusher as well. If needed it can also be used to crush herbs and release their essential oils.
  5. Mould: The pin can also double up as a mold for fondant and tuiles. The edges can be used to make uniform discs and decoration purposes.

Make effective use of the rolling pin in the kitchen and save big on time, money and space.



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