5 Best Russian Cookbooks for your Kitchen

We all love international cuisine for sure, varieties in taste, the difference in flavor, and many other things, all these factors make these international dishes favorite of all. When we talk about cuisines of the international level, how can we forget the Russian dishes? Russian recipes are one of the well-known recipes around the world. The taste and verities you will get in these dishes is extremely different and luscious. In this article, you are enlightened with all different types of best Russian cookbook and their reviews as well.

Since there are different types of Russian and Ukraine cookbooks available in the market, some of the topmost significant cookbooks have been mentioned below through which you may get the best of the aid for your cooking. They are as follows:

Russian Cookbook Review Center 2021

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Master the art of soviet cooking: A Memoir of Food and Longing by Anya Von Bremzen

Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking A Memoir of Food and Longing by Anya Von Bremzen Product Image

The book is written by an award-winning lady Anya Von Bremzen, the author is an experienced lady and knows much about the soviet eating legacy, she was born in that era when the issue of bread shortage was at the peak. With time, she has introduced the parallel legacy of current five-star restaurant’s cuisines which soviet people find delight in eating as well as the food that has been termed as one of the historical heritage of the country Russia.

Benefits of purchasing this book:

This cookbook is quite beneficial for those who are interested in the deep knowledge regarding the food heritage of Russia. The author of the book has given you each and every minor and major detail about the dishes and its making. All the essential details regarding ingredients and other things are appropriately mentioned in this book. The language of the book is also understood, they are available in English. As the foremost problem usually occurs before the readers when they do not get any Russian cookbook in English, in such cases the reader gets disappointed because the best soviet cuisine’s volumes are generally available in the Russian language than in English. Therefore, choosing them can be the best option so far. This book not only helps the domestic makers as well as to the professional chefs that are seeking adequate Russian cooking knowledge. Getting this volume will certainly help you in a long run irrespective of the designation you hold.

What we liked about it?

These cookbooks are also available in Kindle, paperback, hardcover, and audio CDs. Any of them you may purchase online at reasonable prices. They are completely informative and beneficial, choosing these books can be the best option for you. The book is quite detailed about all the necessary factors that a person will need while shaping the dish. Not only essential information respect to the making of the dish, its significance, and history is also described within the chapters.

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#2 – Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine and Eastern Europe by Olia Hercules

Mamushka Recipes from Ukraine and Eastern Europe by Olia Hercules Product Image

The book is written by Olia Hercules who was born in Ukraine and moved to London to become a chef. Before moving to London, she has lived for several years in Cyprus. This recipe book contains all the essential and delicious dishes from the eastern part of Europe, in this edition you will know about the most prevalent as well as delicious dishes from Eastern part of Europe, you will get to know about the different cuisines from the region of the Black sea to the part Baku and same from the Kiev to the country Kazakhstan. Different and unique dishes that are only found in the region of the Eastern part of Europe are thoroughly described in this volume. This book is one of the best Ukraine cookbooks around the world.

Benefits of reading this book:

The advantages of reading this cookbook are quite huge. Since the book is detailed with every essential detail of the recipes as well as its significance in the culture of the eastern part of Europe. The book contains everything about food, its flavors and heritage of the dish from the past, and many more things.  The book contains more than 100 recipes; these recipes are fresh, luscious, and unexpected dishes. In this cookbook, not only recipes, even the stories and tales of the author related to the dish are also explained in this cookbook volume. With adequate knowledge of the dishes, you may also know about the stories and legacy behind a particular dish as well as its historical aspect too.

What we liked about it?

The book is quite commendable as it generally describes everything about the international cuisines of the eastern world of Europe. She has shared all the recipes who she finds the best one to be included in the volume. All her favorite recipes are included in this volume. They are available in numerous online selling stores; you may buy them online from a specific website that provides these products at reasonable prices. They are only available in Hand covers. Though there are various websites here that sell this cookbook at the best price, comparing the entire website to each other is quite beneficial so that you may be able to choose the appropriate one for you.

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#3 – Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook by Anya von Bremzen

Please to the Table The Russian Cookbook by Anya von Bremzen Product Image

This volume is written by Anya Von Bremzen. As we already mentioned above the entire personification of the lady that is one of the best recipes writers around the globe. Whatever volume she writes, each and everything is written properly. Each of the details mentioned in this cookbook is based on the real-life theories and experiences shared by the author.

Positives of this cookbook:

Like every volume of Anya, this is too incredibly written and thoroughly detailed. The book comprises all delicious dishes from Azerbaijan, the prevalent eatables borscht & beef stroganoff as well as grains and yogurts from the region of Georgia. Everything is well described in this volume. The travel food experiences of the author are also highlighted in the chapters. The basic histories of the dish along with necessary add on are a part of this cuisine. The content in the book basically talks about the travel chronology of the author around entire soviet, prominent cuisines, cultural dishes, and historical foods are also appropriately detailed within the texts. This volume talks about different things, first the diversities of the cuisines as well as the unity in some specific delicious around the world.

Advantages of choosing this cookbook:

This book please to the table basically talks about the culture of Russian cuisine, therefore, choosing them is the appropriate alternative so far. Like many cooking books, this volume too very beneficial and helpful for those who are interested in innovation of the Russian food culture and its history. The book contains chronological aspects as well as a reasonable part too. People belonging to any of the age groups may use this book to get helped with Russian cuisines and their heritage.

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#4 – Kachka: A return to Russian Cooking by Bonnie Frumkin Morales

Kachka A Return to Russian Cooking by Bonnie Frumkin Morales Product Image

The author of this volume is Bonnie Frumkin Morales and he has introduced a modern version of Russian Cuisine to the world. The introduction of the other part of the Russian’s kitchen or say the modern part of the Russian cuisine is enlisted in this cookery volume. This book Kachka covers the verities of dishes and cuisines from Russian culture. Starting from pickles to dumplings, vodka infusions into the most traditional ways of lifestyle, each and every food category is thoroughly explained in this volume.

To bring a change in orthodox American thinking towards Russian food, the book is comprising of 100 delighting and delicious recipes that leave an unforgettable impact on the person’s mind. The book is detailed described with all the old style of eastern European trending food with a modernized touch of hands. The food which was a part of the Soviet heritage has been upgraded with touch of a hand; it is entirely changed and given new flavor. Though it still retains the old taste the feel of the cuisine has been a bit modernized.

Benefits of using this cookbook:

The book thoroughly explains numerous dishes, some of them are new where the others are a bit improvised with taste and flavors. Ingredients used in these books are different and quite rare. The whole book is a retreatment of the old style of Russian dishes in a modernized form. Kachka’s recipes are well-written narratives over the aspect of traditional smoked fish, dairy products and vodka treated with meat & potatoes. The food described in the volume is clear as well as inviting.

Why we liked it?

The reason of choosing this cookbook can be actually fruitful as it provides you the knowledge of old cuisines as well as its modernized version. The language of the book understands so that each group of people may easily understand this culinary volume. If you are interested in knowing old as well as the new time recipes of Soviet countries, get this book without any second thought.

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#5 – Baba’s Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food: with stories from the village by Raisa Stone

Baba's Kitchen Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village by Raisa Stone Product Image

Last but not the lost cookbook known as Baba’s Kitchen is also described here, this culinary volume is written by Raise Stone. This book contains all the essential foods of Ukraine and its suburb regions. The book is a result of a decade amount of time spent on searching outrageous stories of the food and lifestyle, with 200 recipes there are several other things highlighted within the chapters of the volume. Numerous types of home remedies are described by the survivors of soviet & Nazi terror.  Their experience and life advise are also mentioned in the texts. The narrator of the book is Baba; one of the survivors of this fall out has told different and unique alternatives regarding the lifestyle picture of the old-time and essential knowledge of the present world.

Benefits of this cookbook:

Since the book comprises all the chronological aspects of the old period, all the delicacies and delights mentioned in this volume are respect to the old lifestyle. Thus, getting this cookbook for you will benefit you in a way; it will introduce you to the old food practices of the war period as well as its implications in the present time. It has gained the best Ukraine cookbooks review by the users.

Why we liked it?

The foremost reason for liking this book is that it tells the outrageous of war times, tales of the period are officially described by the people who have experienced everything in real. The tactics used by them to survive in this world are also well detailed through the mouth of the narrator Baba in the book of Raisa Stone. With this, the delicious food practices of old-time with almost 200 and plus recipes are also attached within the text of this volume.

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How we choose the top Russian cookbook on our list

Since there are numerous types of books available in the market, you may straight get confused about choosing a specific one for you. Therefore, certain ways are described here for you so that you may be able to choose the best one for you. They are as follows:

  • Get the thorough detail of each and every cookbook present online, once you are done with the knowledge the next step would be of comparison.
  • Even if you have finalized the product you are going to buy, the next step is to make the product’s comparison in online selling stores. Compare each book to find out the best one for you.
  • After this, look for the price. Get the most reasonable price respect to the quality of the product. Make sure the price is going appropriate with the book’s quality of information.
  • Whether you are buying a Russian or Ukraine cookbook, you must go to the buyer’s reviews and ratings before finagling anyone for you. Get the best website to know the most appropriate Russian cookbook review so that you may be able to buy the most suitable one for you.
  • To buy the best product, go with online ratings. Choose the products that are best rated by the users. Ratings generally describe the market value of the product as well as its quality assurance.
  • There are verities of copied versions are available in the black market, these products are using the author’s name but are not official and real, the quality of the paper and knowledge may be false and manipulated.

Why you need a Russian cookbook in your kitchen

Getting these recipe books is actually very essential for you as they introduce you with the cooking culture of Russia, a best Russian cookbook will let you know about all the necessary intakes regarding the Russian cuisines and its heritage. In these Russian cookbooks, all type of detailed information about any type of Russian cuisine is thoroughly detailed. What ingredients that are required for a perfect Russian dish, why the dish is prevalent, what are the beliefs and other add on things that are a part of the making of any dish.

Each question will be answered in such cookbooks. Same goes with the Ukraine cookbooks too; you will get to know about each and every minor and major aspect of the Ukraine cuisines. Therefore, getting a cookbook for you is quite beneficial for anyone. There are numerous sources of getting these cookbooks, you may order these international cuisine cookbooks via the online platform or various offline sources are also there that provides such cookery books.

You can simply order these books from various online selling stores that sell these products in reasonable prices. There are certain cookbooks that include different types of dishes or different international dishes in one volume whereas some are there that are available in a single volume of best authentic Russian cookbook.

Hence, getting these Russian cookbooks is one of the appropriate alternatives for you to so that you can make best of the Russian delicious cuisines perfectly. With respect to the aforementioned reviews, you can choose the best Russian and Ukraine cookbooks for your convenience.