5 Best Salad Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Leave behind your regular mixed green routines and bottled salad dressing and get ready to get inspired by the top five salad centric cookbooks. Right from meal worthy, hearty salads to the lighter and no fewer attracting options, you will find a variety in these Salad Cookbook options and hence after trying these, you will never consider the salads as a simple addendum again.

The recipes included are old times favourite to the modern-day green salads with a flavoured twist to suit your taste buds. Keep reading to explore some of the hunger pangs inducing salads and produce heavy Salad Cookbook that is designed especially for salad lovers and eaters.

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#1 – Food52 Mighty Salads: 60 New Ways to Turn Salad into Dinner

Food52 Mighty Salads 60 New Ways To Turn Salad Into Dinner

Turn your regular salad into a whole meal with this Salad Cookbook designed mainly for people who are surviving solely on green salads. This is the cookbook that comprises the best collection of 60 salad recipes from across the world and each recipe is designed by keeping the nutritional needs of people in mind. Using the collection of recipes in the cookbook you can easily turn any ordinary salad into a complete meal that meets your body’s nutritional needs. If you need something nutritious and healthy and easy to carry in your bag, then give try to this salad cookbook to find some salad recipes that can be twisted and turned into a whole meal and at the same time, it is easy to carry.

The cookbook features over 60 different salad recipes with hefty vegetables, grains, fish, meats, bread and pasta to give you a full dose of a meal. Salads are designed with shrimp radicchio tossed in bacon vinaigrette and it is twisted with the white beans with charred lemon and fennel seeds and combined with slow roasted duck and apples that are scattered across the spicy green. This is a complete meal that is made appealing by charring one ingredient or marinating the other. The cookbook also comprises of loose formulas for the confident off-roading and some back-packet tips along with tricks for improvising the recipe of old salads.

What We Like About It

Food52 Mighty Salads is the cookbook designed for people that are passionate about exploring different recipes of salad. The cookbook provides you with details of over 60 different salads that can turn your ordinary salad into a complete meal by adding a few new ingredients and adding toppings to it. From back pocket tips to tricks for improving your old salad recipes, you will find a comprehensive guide for salads and dressings along with some other topping information.

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#2 – Salad of the Day: 365 Recipes for Every Day of the Year

Salad Of The Day 365 Recipes For Every Day Of The Year

Nothing can be more appealing and delicious than salads with shredded, tossed and chopped composition as they are versatile both in flavours and forms. These salads are healthy food options that help display the seasonal produce in better way possible. Right from the protein-rich main course salads to the light starters with cleansing accompaniments, they are the most loved dishes that play a pivotal role in every meal of the day. So, to revamp these salad recipes and give a new twist and turn in the ordinary salad recipes the Salad of the Day 365 Recipes was launched. This is the bestselling in 2012 and revised version of the salad cookbook has been designed which includes new pictures of over 90 new recipes along with guided instructions. This is the calendar style salad cookbook that is designed to provide you with guided instructions of over 365 attractive salad recipes that suit every meal, mood and occasion.

From extremely versatile to fresh vibrant salad recipes, you will find a comprehensive guide for a variety of salad recipes that change along with the changing seasons. So, you are likely to find a good dose of every seasonal ingredient in the recipes mentioned in the cookbook. The revised version features some new recipes like the Warm Gigante Bean Salad with Herb Roasted red onions and wilted greens, grilled calamari salad with green harissa and pardon peppers and more.

What we Like About it

Capture the essence of every season with the different salad recipes mentioned in the cookbook which change along with the season. So, the best part is that the salad recipes in the cookbook provide you with a good dose of seasonal ingredients which you often skip in meals. It features over 365 recipes of new salads and greens which you can try every day for a year to develop new taste buds and enjoy a new salad recipe everyday with every meal of the day.

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#3 – The Dinner Salad Cookbook: Easy & Satisfying Recipes That Make a Meal

The Dinner Salad Cookbook Easy & Satisfying Recipes That Make A Meal

Make your everyday dinner simple, yet nutritious with the satisfying and simple salad recipes mentioned the Dinner Salad Cookbook. The cookbook features some of the amazing and interesting salad recipes which are easy to prepare using basic and healthy greens and other ingredients. The cookbook features popular chicken gyro salad, Hawaiian Pork salad and the BLTE Panzanella salad and more and each recipe is included keep the nutritional needs of every user. This salad cookbook is the ultimate guide and solution for turning your ordinary dinner salad into complete nutritious meal which satisfies your cravings while keeping you healthy. It gives you the option to have a plate full of lean proteins, healthy greens and flavourful dressings which would really satisfy your cravings with simple and quick to serve salad recipes.

The salad cookbook gives you a comprehensive guide for preparing different salads using simple greens and dressings. So, you can enjoy the flavourful meal every night. It gives you practical recipe details, of which most of easy to prepare and can get ready within 30-35 minutes and it uses the ingredients that are easily available at your home kitchen. This is the easy and simple fix to complete your daily nutrition needs with a plate full of proteins and greens. It will never leave you to feel hungry throughout the day and night as it has complete meal recipes.

What We Like About It

This salad cookbook comprises is over 365 salad recipes which you can try everyday for a year and enjoy new salad recipe every year. All recipes are easy to prepare and some of the recipes get ready within 35 minutes using the few simple kitchen ingredients. The recipe book has the best salad formulas and it comprises foolproof recipes to prepare new salads for dinner. All recipes are designed keeping in mind the daily nutritional needs of the users.

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#4 – Salad for Dinner: Complete Meals for All Seasons

Salad For Dinner Complete Meals For All Seasons

Salad always remains the most appealing victuals to eat and it is made engaging in a sense by contrasting the flavours, colours and the textures with different toppings and dressings. This is the basic culinary in every meal but often overlooked by eaters. A good and healthy salad bowl is full of flavours because of its amazing dressing coats that you experience in every bite and with the combination you can create your salad into a full meal. The Salad for Dinner cookbook comprises of details regarding salads which make vegetables and whole grains quite attractive to consume. This cookbook features some of the questions and imaginative ideas about preparing salads using the most ignored ingredients like Parmesan, kale with lemon, almonds and more.

From Indonesian chicken salad with pineapple slaw to salmon with quinoa salad, yogurt and sorrel salad and more, you will find new salad recipes along with a twist in the dressings and toppings to give the ordinary salad a new look and taste. The salad cookbook comprises of super hearty recipes to satisfy the taste buds of biggest appetites like the buttermilk fried chicken salad and Korean barbecue beef salad and duck confit with fingerlings and frisee. The cookbook comprises of salad recipes which will help you think out of the box when preparing salads for every meal of the day. It provides you instructions in preparing dinner salads which would satisfy your cravings and the nutritional needs amazingly.

What We Like About It

Whether you are throwing a weekend dinner party for a crowd or preparing your regular dinner salad, the cookbook comprises of every detail for preparing mouth-watering salad dishes that will fulfil your nutritional needs with a whole bowl. The cookbook has steps and instructions for creating mind-blowing recipes of dinner salads which are full of nutrition to satisfy your cravings without making you feel hungry all day long. So, give try to this recipe book to have some ordinary salad recipes in a new style and twist.

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#5 – Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don’t Have to Be Vegan to Love

Salad Samurai 100 Cutting Edge, Ultra Hearty, Easy To Make Salads You Don't Have To Be Vegan To Love

Salad Samurai is the bestselling salad recipe book that shares over 100 salad recipes for main dish salads that are packed with high proteins, whole foods and seasonal ingredients. This is the cookbook where the author shares some of the recipes to change the opinion of the people regarding salad dishes and see the things with a new and different perspective. The cookbook comprises of salad recipes which will help you to forget about the bland salads which are just the ordinary side dishes and explore new salad recipes which you can turn into your whole meal and satisfy your daily cravings for nutrition. So, this salad cookbook is the ultimate solution for that salad Bushido as it helps them learn the new ways for zesty dressings along with some tasty toppings to amazing the taste buds.

The salad cookbook comprises of some meatless salad recipes which are based on complete meal elements and seasonal produces. So, with the recipes, you can expect to get a good dose of veggies that are produced seasonally without relying on salads rich in proteins and meats. The recipes included in the cookbook are all dairy-free and hence people with lactose intolerance issue can also give try to these recipes of new salads. With the use of this recipe book, you can explore some new and exciting salad recipes which you can prepare at home like tempeh salad or deviled kale Caesar.

What We Like About It

For all vegan people, this is the ultimate salad cookbook that comprises of meatless recipes of salad that are based on whole food elements and has many seasonal produces to suit your taste buds. Moreover, all the recipes are dairy free and hence people with lactose intolerance can even try these salad recipes. There are many interesting salad recipes that are included in the cookbook and it gives you the option to explore more salad recipes that you can try every day.

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How We Choose the Top Salad Cookbook in Our List

All the salad cookbooks that are mentioned in the salad cookbook are derived from some of the recipes of renowned chefs of popular restaurants. You will be amazed to see the salad recipes that are included in the cookbook. But, the selection of the cookbook mentioned in the list is done based on certain essential criteria. The product size is often considered when selecting the salad cookbook for your home kitchen. It must include a variety of salad recipes which are easy to prepare using the home kitchen ingredients and few basic elements. Since it is a salad cookbook, it must have details of the nutritional value of all the salad recipes included in the cookbook. Moreover, the quality of the cookbook is often checked and considered while including it into the list. The recipes and its nutritional value and quality are also considered before including it into the recipe list.

The author and the manufacturer of the salad cookbook are also considered and ensure that the cookbook is published by some renowned personality in the field to ensure that you get the best out of your investment in the salad cookbook. Based on the main features of the cookbook, they are selected and this ensures that our readers get what they are paying for.

Why You Need the Best Salad Cookbook in Your Kitchen

Salads are the best hors d’oeuvre for every meal and having a healthy bowl of salad not only keep in a better state but also kick start your day full of energy. Salad recipes are rich in nutrients and healthy minerals and fibers and consuming them regularly can help you stay fit. So, having the best salad cookbook in your home kitchen is necessary for all those who love to stay fit and healthy without feeling craved for foods. These are the best salad recipe cookbook comprising the best recipes and details of old, ordinary and modern salad recipes which you can try at your home and preparation takes very less time as compared to the traditional salad recipes.

The modern-day salad recipes mentioned in these cookbooks are all healthy and support you to lead a healthy lifestyle without unnecessary proteins. From vegan salads to meatless and dairy-free salads to protein rich and full meat salads and more, you will find recipes for every occasion, mood and needs in these salad cookbooks. So, ensure to have the best in salad recipes with these cookbooks and try them all to begin your day with a healthy kick of traditional and modern salads.

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