5 Best Seafood Boilers for your Kitchen

Nothing can beat the mesmerizing taste and flavour of the seafood. But the challenging part is when you try to cook seafood at home without depth knowledge. This is where Seafood Boiler comes to your rescue. This is the must-have cookware in kitchens where seafood is mostly cooked. There are different models available in market and you may be confused in selecting the right Seafood Boiler.

So, for your help here is the brief guide on selecting the best Seafood Boiler and the unbiased reviews of top five Seafood Boiler models which you must consider buying. So, have a look at the reviews and then the guide for selecting the best among them.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler

Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler

Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler is the designer seafood boiler which belongs to the unit for crawfish boils and it is made out of sturdy and durable steel material that is coated with black colour and equipped with stainless steel jet burners for healthy and even cooking. The unit comprises dual burners and it comes with 100-quart unit and 3 burners with 160 quart unit and this is subject to availability. Depending upon your needs you need to make the selection between 100 quart or 160 quart and this unit is designed to hold seafood up to 40 to 80 lbs of crawfish and also it can be used for sausages and potatoes and corns. Moreover, the unit is equipped with the 30-psi high pressure regulator which can provide up to 200000 BTU’s of high heating power and this is ideal for evenly boiling of the foods.

Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler is designed with stainless steel spigot and it helps in keeping the outdoor boiling and cooking area free from the splatter. This makes cooking a clean and hygenine procedure with the unit. The unit is covered under the limited 1 year warranty from the manufacturer and you can select available size options as per your cooking needs between 100 and 160 quarts seafood boiler. It comes with a stronger frame and stand which is made out of stainless steel.

What We Like About It

Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler is the powerful seafood boiler which can be used both for outdoor and indoor cooking. It comes with different size options to suit your specific cooking needs and users can make selection between 100 and 160 quartz for seafood cooking. It has a stronger steel frame which is coated with black colour and has stainless steel burners that makes even cooking easier and faster. You get the choice to choose between 2-3 burners which are high pressure jet burners.

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#2 – King Kooker 4545 Jet Burner

King Kooker 4545 Jet Burner

King Kooker 4545 Jet Burner is the high power seafood boiler which is designed to boil seafood up to 50 lbs at once and it considered to be the heavy duty propane jet cooker for seafood boiling. The seafood burner is CSA design certified and this ensures that the even cooking is possible and also boiling is easier for 50 lbs of seafood at once with the jet burner integrated into the unit. The unit comprises of separate drain valve which is installed at the left bottom edge of the unit and it makes draining of the water after boiling easier. Moreover, the wide open mouth makes cleaning of the interior of the boiler easier for the users. This unit is designed with heavy duty 192000 BTU jet burner which releases high pressure propane gas for boiling of the food at rapid pace. It also comprises of a high pressure regulator which connects to the propane gas cylinder for high pressure supply of gas for the unit.

King Kooker 4545 Jet Burner comprises of a 70 quart aluminium pot which is perfectly designed with the hinged lid for easy opening and closing of the unit while boiling. The pot and the lid can be used for supporting the unit while it on table and it comes with a cooking thermometer which makes checking the temperature of the boiling water.

What We Like About It

King Kooker 4545 Jet Burner is the heavy duty seafood boiler which is designed for ultimate seafood boiling needs. It is integrated with heavy duty 192000 BTU jet burner which is helpful for easy and rapids boiling. Moreover, the unit comprises of single 70 quart aluminium pot that has hinged lid and basket which can be used for supporting the table. It is designed with steel frame for stability and durability while boiling and it comes with cooking thermometer too.

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#3 – Bayou Classic 800-144

Bayou Classic 800 144

This is another powerful and amazing seafood boiler by Bayou Classic. As the name suggest it comes in a classic design with modern boiling feature. It is the classic design modern boiling unit for outdoor entertainment and can also be used as a home brew kit for small events or parties. This is the versatile and really useful boiling unit designed with stockpot of 44 quarts and it is fully stainless steel material with perforated basket. The unit comprises a stainless steel cooker which also comprises a cast aluminium high pressure burner for heavy duty boiling of the foods. Moreover, the boiling unit comprises of a powerful 10-psi LPG regulator along with hose assembly and this makes connection easier and the supply of gas is uninterrupted for easy and faster boiling needs.

The best part of the Bayou Classic 800-144 is that it comprises of a stainless steel brew thermometer. The unit also comprises of a 24 inches of stainless steel stir and the mash paddle. The complete unit is made out of stainless steel material and has a brew cooker kit integrated in it. Its elevated perforated basket is good for boiling as well as for steaming the seafood too. The unit comprises of a rust free cast aluminium burner which deliver a powerful 58000 BTU’s of heat for faster and optimal heating for boil.

What We Like About It

Bayou Classic 800-144 is the all stainless steel steamer and also a brew cooker kit which is ideal for outdoor cooking adventure and also for home brews. Moreover, the unit comes in an elevated perforated basket that is ideal for boiling and also for steaming the seafood. Moreover, the unit has a rust free cast aluminium burner which claims to deliver powerful 58000 BTU’s of heat for even boiling and steaming of the foods and it is powered by 10psi regulator hose assembly.

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#4 – King Kooker 5012

King Kooker 5012

Now boiling of vegetables or steaming the seafood would become easier and comfortable for you with the new launch of King Kooker 5012. This is the basic steaming and boiling unit by King Kooker which is known for its multiple usages like steaming and boiling all types of foods with ease. Assembling of the unit is also very easy as you simply need to bolt together the 12 inches of flat top outdoor cooker with the 15 inches diameter of top ring and it holds the 5 quarts of aluminium ridge pot that has separate steamer basket and a lid. This is the great choice for the homeowners who want to enjoy the steaming and boiling of the foods with a single unit. The unit has the larger holding pot of 50 quarts which is sufficient for large foods and meals. It has steamer basket and lid which makes cooking easier for you. Moreover, the cooker also has the listed LP hose with regulator that has Type 1 connection deep fry thermometer.

The package of King Kooker 5012 comprises of a instruction booklet and also some recipe cookbook which you may use for enjoying different types of foods. Moreover, the unit is CSA design certified and this ensures that it maintains all safety guidelines and made in adherence to the industry standards. This is the unit which is great for steaming clams.

What We Like About It

King Kooker 5012 is the product which is ideal for steaming clams and boiling seafood. The unit is perfect for outdoor cooking and it comes with 15000 BTU flat top outdoor cookers which can release high pressure of heat for faster boiling. Moreover, the unit is CSA design certified and comes with a 50 quart aluminium ridge pot with the steamer basket and a lid of stainless steel. The metal frame with the jet burner is capable of holding the unit for optimal boiling.

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#5 – King Kooker 1265BF3

King Kooker 1265bf3

Whether you are looking for a unit to fry the large turkey of 20 pounds outdoor or simply fry fresh filets to crispy brown, you can always rely on the performance of the King Kooker 1265BF3. This is the portable propane outdoor cooker that comes with dual aluminium pots for frying. The first is the 12 inches of portable outdoor cooker that has the highest pressure of 33000 BTU’s of heat released by its cast burner and the package comprises of a large 29 quarts of aluminium turkey pot that has a separate lid and punched with the aluminium basket that makes boiling easy and hassle free. The unit also comprises of a turkey rack along with a lifting hook and a 11 quart aluminium fry pan with heat resistant handle and a basket.

King Kooker 1265BF3 also comprises of a deep fry thermometer which you can use for monitoring the temperature of the oil and bring it to ideal temperature for evenly frying. This also makes adjustment of the flame as per your required temperature for frying. It also comprises of a regulator for adjusting the flame of the burner and a battery powered timer. So, you can fry the perfect turkey in your next feast or simply boil corns, potatoes or the freshly catch of the day. The package also includes the detailed instruction booklet and a recipe cookbook for trying a variety of dishes with this unit.

What We Like About It

King Kooker 1265BF3 allows you to fry turkey of 20 pounds at once or you may use it for frying the fresh filets to bring to golden brown for crispiness. It is a 12 inches of portable propane outdoor cooker which has the highest pressure up to 33000 BTU of cast burner and it comes with 29 quarts of aluminium turkey pot along with lid and punched aluminium basket and 11 inches of aluminium fry pan with basket and has a heat resistant handle for easy handling.

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How We Choose the Top Seafood Boiler in Our List?

Seafood Boiler is the must have utensil in a home kitchen today, especially if you like frying turkey outdoor or want to boil or steam the fresh catch of the day. There are different models of Seafood Boiler and each designed with specific needs and purpose. Selection of Seafood Boiler for the list above is done on the basis certain criteria. The very first criteria is the size of the product and it is ensured that the product size is selected based on your cooking or boiling needs. Not all models are suitable for boiling all types of seafood or turkey or other foods and hence it is necessary that the right size of the Seafood Boiler is selected for the list. Moreover, the product quality is another necessary criterion while making the selection. It is important to check the quality of the material used like it must of designed with stainless steel or cast aluminium for higher durability and safety while cooking.

The brand and the manufacturer of the Seafood Boiler is also important which is considered while making the selection for the list above. You are required to check the manufacturer reputation and their experience in the field. Also check for the prime highlights and main features of the Seafood Boiler before buying.

Different Types of Seafood Boiler

There are different types of Seafood Boiler models available out there in the market. They are distinguished based on the primary features integrated into the Seafood Boiler. Some of the Seafood Boiler models are designed to function electrically, while some of designed to run on propane gas or LPG. The propane and LPG gas models are highly preferred because of its powerful functioning and boiling capacity. Not all models are designed equally and hence you need to choose the one that is easy for you to operate and makes boiling easier for you. There are also manually operated and automatically operated Seafood Boiler models. The manual models need you attention while functioning, while in the auto models you can set timers and rest will be done by the unit itself and intimate you once it is done with the frying or boiling of the food.

The Seafood Boiler models are also distinguished based on the material that is used for designing it. Some of the models are designed with cast aluminium or iron, while some models are made out of stainless steel. It is recommended that you must choose only the models that are made out of stainless steel and not cast iron.

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