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S’mores meaning some more is a popular campfire treat especially in Unites State and Canada; mainly known as emblem of American childhood. Lately, this unsophisticated classic treat has bid good-bye to its traditional form and finally begun to establish itself as main food on desert menus in various parts of the countries above.

It consists of fire-roasted marshmallow along with a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. S’mores though not much popular in India, is not just fit for dessert dishes but also find its place in snacks, bars and more. To experiment and re-invigorate what people it, chefs have come up with S’more roti, milkshake, and cocktail and have embraced this childhood treat.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon.

#1 – KOVOT 3-in-1 Treat Maker S’mores/ Fondue and Gummies Station

Kovot 3 In 1 Treat Maker S'mores Fondue Gummies Station Product Image

The deluxe set includes 1 treat maker, 1fondue bowl, 4 gummy molds, 1 large gummy bear mold, 4 forks and 1 8-foot power cord. The 3 in 1 treat maker from Kovot is one stop station for all the S’mores and gummy lovers. The deluxe set is perfect for rainy days and can be used to make gummy candies, roast marshmallows and melt chocolates. It is made in such a way that the central stainless steel pot is at the top of a base that consists of four storage compartments along with removable silicon trays. All the customer has to do is just set the unit’s temperature and heat the gelatine mix that they have prepared in the included stainless steel pot.

Once the mix has been melted, it has to be poured into the cavities on the silicon mold to make your favourite delicacies with ease. After cooling them for a while, the delicacies like the gummy candies can be peeled out of the molds and stored or probably eaten.  The storage trays otherwise can be used to hold fruit, cookies and other snacks too. Thus it is multi-purpose in nature. The melting pot is most commonly used to melt chocolate for fondue style dipping. If the melting pot is removed altogether, the treat maker in that case can be used to roast/ heat marshmallows. Thus the treat maker allows the customer to make a variety of treats, experimenting each time.

What we like about it

It is truly a multipurpose treat maker and one stop station for all the S’more lovers wherein the storage trays can be used not just for making S’mores or fondue or gummies but also for storing fruits, snacks and cookies. By placing the marshmallows on the ends of stainless steel forks, it takes just 5 minutes for a gooey delight. With KOVOT treat maker, the customer can try out different ingredients and recipes for the whole family.

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#2 – Nostalgia SMM200 Electric S’mores Maker

Nostalgia Smm200 Electric S'mores Maker Product Image

The four compartment serving tray for marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates is an electrical flameless heater which includes two stainless steel roasting forks that is durable as well as BPA free. The set also includes additional two roasting forks made up of stainless steel. The maker is easy and simple inn design consisting of a metal grill with electric burner mounted on it. This makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. The marshmallows baked in them come out of them as perfect golden brown without them getting burned or charred. It is perfect for cold days and an indoor activity. The customer has to wait just for 10 minutes to get perfect marshmallows.

This S’mores maker does the best at the its price change with the added advantage of being electrical in nature and becoming more kid friendly than the open flame thus reducing the energy used and heat produced as well as does not drain the pockets dry. The customer just has to plug this unit into any electrical outlet both indoors and outdoors, rainy or sunny day giving 110V supply to it. That is why it is among the top five S’more makers. The four little trays can be easily detached for stowage and easy cleaning. The tray can later be used for storage purpose as well and thus making it a multi-purpose maker.

What we like about it

The Nostalgia Electric S’more maker is in the top five categories because of the added advantage of electrical and much better than turning on a fireplace in summers. The maker can be used both indoors and outdoors irrespective of the weather and also the four trays that come along with it can easily be detached for storage and easy cleaning. Also the marshmallows that are made are perfect golden n colour and crispy too.

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#3 – Sterno 70278 S’mores Maker, Junior

Sterno 70278 Smores Maker Product Image

As a registered brand and known for its long standing expertise in catering heating products, it has come up with yet another heating system that creates impeccable fire to broil marshmallows along with keeping up a sheltered situation. The Sterno S’more maker consists of a base, cooking fuel suspension frame, roasting safety screen, roasting forks and can of S’mores heat. It is perfect for do it yourself S’more station and table side dessert. The built in screen in the maker creates even roasting and protects user from the flame too. Sterno keeps its tradition of maintain the quality, performance and delivers the most comprehensive line of portable warming, emergency illumination and commit to excellence. The maker can be used anywhere both indoor and outdoor.

The best part about it is that it is compact in size which makes it easy to store with no extra trays and can easily be transported. Because of this it can be used anywhere and anytime that is for picnics, at dessert time, holiday events, sleepovers, barbecues, weddings. This can be a fun gift to receive as well gift your closed ones. The bonus point is that no smoke is produced, so the ideal S’more maker can be used by kids and adults. The serving tray is hard plastic so doesn’t burn or melt easily and the fuel canister is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily without much effort. Because of so many advantages, it is the first choice of many customers.

What we like about it

The cost effective and compact size maker is easy to store and transport; makes it ideal S’more maker for family gatherings and other events too. It can be used by people of any age be it a kid or an adult because of the built in screen that comes along to protect customer from flames thereby producing no smoke. The maker is dishwasher safe too. Also, Sterno is a registered brand in catering heating products and with this maker it follows its tradition only.

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#4 – Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave S’more makers

Prep Solutions By Progressive Microwave S'mores Maker Product Image

Prep solutions carry on with their legacy with this new S’more maker providing products of finest quality and sophisticated designs. The designs made by them are simple along with no nonsense part and functionality. The dishwasher and microwave safe S’more maker cooks at the most 2 delicious S’mores within 30 seconds; so the user can make up to several S’mores within a minute as per the requirement. The user just has to fill the water reservoir after every use that comes along to prevent the sogginess and get crunchy graham crackers. What usually happens is that the marshmallows always roll off the cracker when placed in the stainless steel microwave so in this two arms are attached in the maker which move up and down easily to prevent the marshmallows from over expanding and over cooking so that the user can get S’mores that are perfect in shape, size and taste.

There are steam holes at the top of the reservoir too so that the water vapour can come out and saturate the air thereby cooking the S’mores more evenly. With this the user can make food faster, easier and keeping the actual taste thereby making the family gatherings and outings more enjoyable. It is made up of plastic that is BPA free. The compact sized maker is surely recommended by many people both as a gift and for personal use too.

What we like about it

The S’more maker doesn’t mess up and comes with an extra water reservoir along with steam holes on the top of lid to prevent the sogginess and get crunchy crackers. The additional two arms prevent the marshmallows from rolling off in the microwave and does not let them get over cooked and over expanded. The maker is dishwasher and microwave safe. The quality of the product cannot be questioned because Prep Solutions is known for its high quality designs since last 40 years.

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#5 – S’more to Love STL-611 Six-S’more Maker

S'more To Love Stl 611 Six S'more Maker Product Image

The prestigious cuisine art brand offers S’more maker offers a fast and easy way to make not just marshmallows but also graham cracker and chocolates that too not in gas cooktop, toaster or grill. The best part about this S’more maker is that the user can get 6 S’mores in just 5 minutes. 6 stacks provided in the maker securely lock the S’mores into place while cooking thereby the mess that would have been produced otherwise and usually happens in many of the S’more makers. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor treat. The space between each basket is provided so that the convection currents can be created so that the heat passes evenly around each S’more.

The entire stand just needs to be placed in the oven and grill as per the requirement along with a foil barrier underneath the basket so as to prevent and catch drips if any after mixing the ingredients and the user gets a S’more in each slack within few minutes saving much effort and time. For a barbecue, no campfire is required specially to make S’mores; so it can be used in summers under the scorching sun without waiting for National S’more day in August. The added advantage that comes along with this maker is that it is easy to clean with soap and non- abrasive sponge.

What we like about it

The 6 stack holder that is easy to clean with soap and non- abrasive sponge can be used in summers too. So the kids do not have to wait for special days and gatherings to have S’mores. The whole basket just needs to be placed in oven or grill keeping in mind to place a foil barrier beneath to prevent and catch drips. No special campfire is required and it doesn’t mess up chocolates, graham crackers and marshmallows.

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How we choose the top S’more maker in our list

Since marshmallows cook faster on a metal rod than on a wooden one and also coal tends to cook the snack faster, this has inspired American food manufacturers to create other marshmallow treat which includes Pop Tarts, ice cream. With this the restaurants are even trying to capitalize with some iteration like S’mores French fries, martinis, macrons, etc. With that being said, we all have heard that cooking is kind of an art while baking is itself a science because the ingredients used in baking have a reaction when combined and heated. Not only this, they also react to the container that has been chosen. Extensive search is conducted before choosing the best 5 S’mores pan for kitchen ware. Our first plan of action was to root on the online shopping sites and make a list, followed by examine the technical   aspects of each one of them.

According to us the best S’more maker would be one that:

  1. Size: The size of the S’more maker should be compact and big enough to make good and perfect S’mores and graham crackers. The maker should be easy to store and transport so that it can be used for both personal use and gifting purpose and also can be used for both indoor and outdoor treats like family gatherings and camping.
  2. Covered heat source: Some parents in western countries prefer buying makers that is safe for kids to use; so, they go for in search of makers that are fully covered too. Also, many models are electrically powered these days too.

Different types of S’more Makers

S’mores Makers have now days have become must haves in kitchenware with on-going craze for S’mores and to have delicious yet healthy cooked S’more in family gatherings and camps with friends. They are light in weight and inexpensive and can be used to cook chocolate and graham crackers too.

There are different types of S’more Makers available:

  1. Tray Type– They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  2. Microwave Type – These types of makers’ heat up an already made up S’mores and creates less mess.
  3. Flameless Electric Type– This is the safest type of maker and can be used by kids as well because the user just has to plug it to a supply.
  4. Slack Type– in this, the maker consists of slacks so that it can be used in convection oven, indoor grill, induction burner, or electric griddle.
  5. Canned Fuelled Type – This type of maker is the one that makes up for a light snack.

These human effort savers come in so many different shapes and sizes with some consisting of some heating device over which the user can marshmallows or chocolates as they melt and can easily be sandwiched directly. The others have a special rack designs too that makes it easier to cook meals outside. With so many varieties available, the user can make this classic treat on any day irrespective of the weather outside. Most of these makers are specially made from non – stick materials because marshmallows get really sticky and messed up after it melts and it becomes difficult to clean it thereby making them dishwasher safe too. Special sticks made from food grade materials are also provided in many to aid in S’more making process without burning or injuring one’s hand.

Why you need the best S’more maker in your home:

With the changing technology and the world getting more and more westernized and materialized, no one wants to be left out. Nowadays, everyone is going gaga over S’mores and therefore it is important to remain healthy yet westernized with S’mores makers. These S’more Makers are not specific in their use, but can also be used to make graham cracker, chocolates and all the other deserts you wish for. A S’mores maker enables you to make S’mores out of things like marshmallow, which wouldn’t hold their shape without a holding or stack. Also, cooking in a maker that is specially designed for the same is far easier, less messy and healthier than standing in front of heat to melt the marshmallows and the clean up the stickiness and mess that it creates that goes into such recipes hardly qualifies them as healthy. No need to use a cooking torch to sear the s’more!

As far as the cost lingers, these makers are inexpensive too. Now days, there are so many online shopping sites from where one can easily buy from thereby cutting down the availability issue too. In fact, the silicone S’more Makers are light in weight, non- stick in nature, have excellent heat regulation, are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe and does its best at the price range.  The best part about these makers is that they are reusable and can be easily stored in your kitchen island, microwave cart, or baker’s rack. Therefore, it saves the space in your kitchen pot rack for other products too. Also, spending money on something which can be cooked easily at home, why would one think of leaving the offer; despite knowing that the ones made at home are much healthier than the ones we buy and eat.

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