5 Best Spatulas for your Kitchen


Have you ever been frustrated when while cooking some eggs, maybe an omelette or maybe some sunny side ups, you haven’t been able to take the egg out of the pan completely and so a bit of it broke off? Or when you’re making crepes or pancakes and you just can’t seem to get them out on the first try?

Well, fret no longer; this is exactly why you are in dire need of a spatula. This review should tell you exactly what kind of spatula you need; the one to fulfill all your needs. Given below is a review of the best spatulas out in the market; read on to find out which one is the one for you:

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon.

#1 – DI ORO – Silicone Spatulas:

Di Oro Silicone Spatulas Product Image

Hands down the best silicone spatula set out there; the DI ORO spatula set can be used for all kinds of things. Their large spatula was awarded the Equipment Review Winner for being “2017 Best All-Around Silicone Spatula”. It strikes the perfect balance of strength and flexibility and is definitely a much needed utensil in everybody’s kitchen. Manufactured from food grade, BPA free and FDA approved silicone; this spatula is perfect for stirring, folding, scraping and more. It can work with a large variety of food stuffs without cracking or melting off. No cracks equal no trapping of food and no trapping food equals less bacteria; these spatulas are very easy to clean and keep your food safe as well.

This spatula that has been created to be safe for non-stick cookware and the like is heat resistant up until 600F; this makes it safe to work with hot food as well. The reinforced S-core stainless steel technology that has been used to create the handle makes this spatula durable and strong enough to withstand the demands of both home cooks and professional chefs; it will not break easily unlike other inferior plastic spatulas. It also comes with a forever warranty; this means that you can replace the spatula any time you break it for a lifetime; a purchase that is worth every penny for sure.

What we like about it:

With its seamless design, this spatula set has been created to meet all your kitchen needs. Whether it’s to stir, scrap or fold this spatula has been designed to make all your dishes taste great. The three-piece set ensures that you have a spatula for every occasion; one for scraping bowls and pans, another one for mixing, scooping and for taste tests and finally the smallest one to reach into jars. Finally, it is super easy to clean these as they are dishwasher friendly.

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#2 – OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Flexible Turner

Oxo Good Grips Large Silicone Flexible Turner Product Image

The best spatula for flipping eggs, burgers, pancakes, crepes and so much more. A spatula that is worth it at its price point, this flexible silicon spatula has thin edges that allow it to slip underneath different foods easily. The high heat resistant silicon head enables you to cook even hot food with this spatula. This spatula combines the strength of steel with the flexibility of silicone by bonding the silicone with stainless steel. The outer layer of silicone is bonded to the stainless steel core for enhanced flexibility. The thin edges of this spatula make it perfect for flipping delicate dishes like crepes or eggs by still keeping them intact as well.

It is perfectly safe to use with non-stick cookware and has been designed to withstand high heat levels so you don’t have to worry about the head of the spatula melting when working with hot food. The spatula also has a comfortable, soft and non-slip grips that are perfect for when you’re working on some heavy duty dough or when to avoid the spatula from slipping out of your grasp when your hands are sweaty. The makers of this spatula have catered to every whim of the customer’s when it comes to using a spatula and what you expect out of one. These spatulas are the perfect counter parts to non-stick cookware and bakeware.

What we like about it:

It is a well-rounded spatula with design features that make it a perfect tool to have in your kitchen. It is sturdy, strong and flexible because of the silicone bonded with the stainless steel. It comes with a good grip that doesn’t slip out of your hands and it is easy to clean too because it’s dishwasher friendly. Truly, it is the spatula that is needed in every kitchen to make your dishes tastier than ever.

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#3 – GLOUE Silicone Spatula Set:

Gloue Silicone Spatula Set Product Image

Definitely one of the best kitchen spatulas to have at hand; this BPA free and FDA approved silicone coated stainless steel spatulas are an essential utensil that every kitchen needs. These spatulas are safe for non-stick cookware. The beautiful colour and design makes these spatulas not only functional but also stylish. The ergonomic design that perfectly balances strength and flexibility makes these spatulas comfortable to hold and use. The one-piece design ensures that there are no cracks in the design for the bacteria to slip through and take hold. The stainless steel added to each of these spatulas make them durable and sturdy.

On top of all these features these spatulas are also odour and stain resistant; this means that no odour will creep into your food and your spatulas will not be discoloured after prolonged periods of use. These spatulas are guaranteed to not lose colour, chip away, melt or change shape even after extended periods of use. Though the features listed out may make it seem like the spatula set is expensive it is in fact the other way round; this set is affordable and worth every penny spent. The spatula set comes with a lifetime guarantee. If ever your spatula set becomes worse for wear just let the company know and they will send over a new set immediately.

What we like about it:

The myriad of features that come together seamlessly and work to make this spatula a highly functional and versatile utensil. It is stylish, ergonomically designed, highly functional and durable, flexible and versatile i.e. it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The thought that has gone into the making of this spatula is just so amazing. It is a great utensil and even though it comes with so many features it is still affordable and truly worth the price.

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#4 – Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Turner

Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Turner Product Image

Without a doubt the best stainless steel spatula in the market; this spatula is 13 inches long and slides under all sorts of foodstuffs easily and since it is made out of the strongest stainless steel it is durable and strong. Plastic tools are all well and good when it comes to cooking inconsequential dishes that don’t require much stirring or heavy duty scraping. However, plastic is flimsy and sometimes you will be cooking dishes at extremely high temperatures; so high that silicone would melt, which is why steel spatulas are such an important commodity.

With its ergonomically designed handle, moulded out of plastic for optimum comfort and of large size to enable you to grip it better thereby being able to operate it with more ease; this spatula is extremely easy to use. The utensil is made out stainless steel and therefore will not rust even after numerous uses. It is easy to clean as it is dishwasher friendly and due to the quality of the stainless steel that has gone into the manufacturing of this utensil it will corrode and will look the same as it did on the first day you bought it. You can use this utensil without fear of a bacterial infection as there are no removable parts. This makes it a hygienic utensil to have in your kitchen, it prevents your food from being contaminated etc.

What we like about it:

The strength and durability of this product is its greatest selling point. Its strength enables you to use it for heavy duty cooking and stirring dough and other demanding kitchen jobs. The durability of this utensil allows you to use it for longer periods of time; making this an economically sound decision. Its large plastic handle that has been designed to allow you to handle it comfortably even for long periods of time.

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#5 – overstockedkitchen New Grill Turner:

Overstockedkitchen New Grill, Turner Product Image

The perfect spatula for making smash burgers; this spatula set manufactured out of stainless steel has one of the spatulas possess a perforated face and has both the spatulas equipped with a wooden handle for both aesthetic and smooth gripping purposes. The solid faced spatula is ideal for cooking food stuffs like eggs, crepes, pancakes etc. Basically anything that needs to be flipped and have the food retain its shape. Whilst the perforated spatula is perfect for cooking smashed burgers where you push down the burger patty until a little bit of the meat comes up through the holes of the spatula.

This set of spatulas is perfect for so many different kinds of food dishes and not only that it improves your co-ordination and cooking as well. These spatulas are of commercial grade and are suitable of meeting the demands of home cooks and professional chefs as well. In case you run out of utensils and have to use these spatulas with a Teflon coated pan then worry not the smooth edges of these spatulas will minimize any sort of scratching on non-stick indoor grills and pans. You can use these spatulas on a grill too; there is nothing these heavy duty capable spatulas cannot handle. It is a great purchase as these are durable, sturdy, versatile and also very aesthetically pleasing to look at and use for your kitchen.

What we like about it:

For the price at which you buy this; this spatula set is definitely a good find. Commercial grade quality, manufactured out of high quality stainless that lends itself to the strength and durability of the set, come with a stylish yet comfortable wooden handle with a good grip and they clean up easy seeing as how they’re dishwasher friendly. Simplistic yet functional; this is a great find and a very economic purchase.

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How we chose the top spatulas in our list:

This review was the product of meticulous searching. Our plan of action was divided into essentially 3 steps:

  • Research: Scour through all kinds of different online websites and try to find the best product over there. To be the best product that particular spatula has to have the best features product wise and have to have the best reviews left by customers. We made a list of spatulas that ranked equally high when it came to both function and customer reviews.
  • First-hand experience: We then purchased and used every one of the spatulas in the list. We used them in different kinds of cooking and got the first-hand experience of what it felt like to use them. We compared the comfort of handling certain spatulas more than others, ones that were built sturdier, and others that couldn’t adjust to the heat and melted etc.
  • Technical experts: We talked to some professional chefs and some home cooks as well and asked them which spatula was the tool of their choice and why and if there were any special features that they looked for in one. According to them; a spatula must have a good grip and a strong core in order to keep up with all the demands of a kitchen. It must be durable as no one wants to keep buying spatulas that keeps breaking or getting discoloured or crack and then be unsafe for using with food.

We combined all the information we had gleaned from different sources and put all those sources together and sat and made a comprehensive version of it; that which you have just finished reading.

Different types of spatulas:

A spatula refers to “a utensil with a broad, flat, blunt blade used for mixing and spreading things” if we were to go by the general definition online. However, we use this word to refer to a lot of similar looking utensils that all have different functions. Given below is a list of said utensils and how they are to be used in your kitchen:

  • The Turner: This is the spatula that most of us are familiar with. You can use it to flip eggs, burgers, pancakes etc. on a your cookware, use it for scraping extra batter out of the sides of mixing bowls etc. Almost everyone has one of these in their house. You can use it for flipping, frying and stirring too. In case you want a turner that does not scrape out the Teflon coating on your pans there are turners with high heat resistant silicone heads available.
  • The Scraper: Apparently in the commercial and the manufacturing industry this is what most people refer to when they talk about a spatula. Their primary purpose is in their name; these are commonly used for mixing batter and then scraping the batter out of the sides of bowls. Scrapers almost always have silicone heads and are flexible enough to scrape every last bit of batter from the bowl.
  • The Frosting Spatula: Finally, this is the original and actual spatula that we all now call a palette knife. It is narrow and long and is identical to the tool that lets painters mix and apply paint. In the kitchen however the frosting spatula is used to ensure that all the icing on the cake is evenly spread.

Hopefully this should have cleared up any doubts regarding spatulas you may have harboured.

Why you need the best spatulas in your kitchen?

Spatulas are useful for a large number of activities. For all the cooks and home chefs out a spatula is a utensil that helps you out with quite a lot of tasks. For ex:

  • Folding in cake batters: After you’ve mixed all your wet ingredients together usually the first step that chefs take after that is to sift in all your other dry ingredients and then fold well making sure that there are no lumps in the batter. Cake decorating kits using our cake cookbooks are great to pair with your spatula!
  • Flipping different food stuffs: While making eggs in your skillet or pancakes or maybe even crepes; there comes a point during the cooking process wherein you will need to flip the dish. And since these dishes are so fragile they tend to tear apart if not handled carefully. This is why you need spatulas. Certain spatulas have a broad enough head that allows you to handle these dishes without breaking them.
  • Frosting cakes: The cake frosting spatula allows you to cover your cake evenly with frosting. Cake spatulas are long and thin and have almost the same design as palette knives used for mixing paint. The long edge makes the application of frosting accurate and gentle enough to do on a cake stand.
  • Stirring: Spatulas are also used for stirring different food stuffs including hot ones like soup in your pressure cooker, or cookie dough and making sure all the ingredients have been incorporated completely into the mix.

This review should hopefully show you which kind of spatula is the best one to suit your kitchen needs and why you need the best spatula for your home.

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