5 Best Spice Grinders for your Kitchen


Almost every restaurant kitchen and even in homes you can now find the handy machines which are known as the spice grinders. When it comes on good flavor, the ground spices will not enhance the taste as the freshly grinded spices will do. They can be used for grinding different spices in one click.

As you all know, grinding is one of the most used function of every mixer grinder. Thus, a best spice grinder can make complete sense. You can have a look on the spice grinder reviews for buying the best one for your use.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon

#1 – Secura Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder

Secura Electric Coffee Grinder And Spice Grinder Product Image

Are you the one who need to always grind spices and every day? Then, this is one of best electric spice grinder that you need. It comes with safety lid which protects eyes from getting burnt as some spices grinders don’t have lid and the spices directly hit while grinding. This product comes with this additional benefit which makes it a plus. You can also find a chopper in it which assists in chopping onions in finest way. The spice grinder & chopper come in this single unit. Due to its stainless steel blade, it makes it long lasting and has an interior of stainless steel which enhances well its performance.

You can find 200 watt of motor on this Secura Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder and a safety feature for turning it off automatically, in order to prevent the overheating. This helps it motor to last longer and prevent any of the accidental beans or spices heating. You can find two removable cups which holds capacity of one cup. The two different numbers of stainless steel blades are included as said, used for chopping and grinding. It is great to have one machine which can function easily and can fulfill more than one work. The transferring of contents, removable cups, easy and convenient wash makes them more upgraded. Its stainless steel designing also comes with transparent lid which is easy in handling and attractive.

What we like about it:

This is one of the qualities rated spice grinders which comes with base of wrap around cords and can be stored anywhere. For powering grinder on, you just have to apply pressure to lid. With its chopper function, this spice grinder turns out as multi-functional as well as versatile. This comes with limited warranty of one year; consist of safety locking lid, one cup capacity on both the bowls and two bowls which are removab

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#2 – KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder:

Krups F203 Electric Spice And Coffee Grinder Product Image

This spice blender is king of all the spice grinders. This comes with alluring interior & exterior and have a lid too which includes a safety lock. This can blow your mind with its amazing looks and its 200 Watt of motor holds heavy duty performance. The best part is that, you can get two years of warranty with this product. So, in case it fails in just one day its warranty feature can revive the same for free. You can get this dry spice grinder today for enjoying the feature of grinding spices as well as to make delicious foods.

With the KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder, you can grind coffee, spices or herb in few seconds. It has great sizing capacity of around 3 oz. If you will use them for grinding coffee beans, then this can also be best for brewing around 15 coffee cups within one grind. However, if you will make use of this one machine for grinding spices, then you can grind enough for lasting it for long hours and uses. You must also remember that you will not use same grinder for the spices and coffee beans, as spices leaves residue behind which might flavor the coffee beans too. You must get this spice grinder as its 200 watt of motor makes its powerful and strong enough for making it quick and to work out any grinding job.

What we like about it:

The stainless steel blade of this best electric spice grinder makes it more powerful. It holds safety lock in its place, and machine doesn’t run unless lid gets locked in its place. This don’t have removable grinding cup to pour or wash out. One can dump the ground contents in its lid and can turn grinder upside down. This is also one of the amazing spice grinder which is stylish enough due to its finishing of brushed stainless steel.

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#3 – Easehold Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder:

Easehold Electric Coffee And Spice Grinder Product Image

This is the best flax seed grinder which is electric in nature. It can easily grind coffee beans, herb, spices, flax seed, pepper and some of the other ingredients of food. They are fit option for coffee beans, hemp seed, walnut, pecans, flax seed, coconut pieces and more. It comes with stainless steel blades and have a motor speed of around 28000-30000 PRM. It offers the feature of fast grinding as it is equipped well with powerful motor. Complete load of the beans can also be grinded in just 30-60 seconds. The feature of adjustable course is also easy to use.

If you are willing to grind finely or in a uniformed way, just make a button press. It can be used in a versatile way as it perfectly grinds well herb, spice and more. This is portable in size and fit for both countertop and travel usage. Its sturdy built makes it as the best which don’t sustain any of the fragrances, that usually happens in plastic spice grinders. You can call them as the reliable kitchen gadget as well as the time saver, which makes all the grinding work efficient and easy. You can call it as the electrical small appliance which all the modern kitchen around must have. It is well-equipped with 200 W of powerful motor that ensures higher speed operations.

What we like about it:

You can load the grinder with beans and can grind the same within 30 seconds. This grinding size in these best spice grinders are adjustable in accordance on time that you grind. For coarse grind it is just 10 seconds, for medium grinding it is 25-30 seconds and for fine grinding it takes 40 to 60 seconds. This is the simple to use grinder which is activated by off/on switch. Its stainless steel finish makes it more durable.

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#4 – Bazaaranatolia Turkish Grinder, Spice Grinder:

Bazaaranatolia Turkish Grinder, Spice Grinder Product Image

If you are looking out for a versatile and beautiful appearance of the spice grinders, then look you must go for this Turkish grinding product. It is alluring die cast spice grinder which is the best from all around. You must know that in Turkey, traditionally coffee gets served with glass of water on one side for helping in cleansing palate so that coffee can also be fully enjoyed and even for dislodging any of the stray particles of coffee which is trapped between teeth. For this purpose, a best grinder can be used for grinding the coffee beans.

This appears beautiful and is designed for high end perfection. You can find it in 6 different colors as light copper, dark silver, antique gold, gold, antique copper. All of them looks sensational and lends exotic touch to the kitchen. This helps in grinding the beans well and don’t take lot of space. It easier the whole task by allowing grinding spices at the same time. It is decorative yet functional. It stands as the traditional spice grinder which comes with one short handle, detachable holder and the sliding hole for pouring. With the help of its corrugated rollers, it can produce even grinding sizes. It can be used for grinding spices like pepper, cardamom, salt, coriander and others. It can be a stylish addition to your display in home and kitchen décor.

What we like about it:

This Bazaaranatolia Turkish Grinder, seed Grinder is Antolioan made and is known as the best pepper and salt shaker which are made of the brass and alluring hand crafted designing. It can add eye catching touch to your countertop. The brass which is also obtained is done by amalgamating zinc and copper. It is hard and durable and works easily. It is available online at fair prices and one can have this classic piece which is attractive enough.

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#5 – Kuhn Rikon High Performance Ratchet Grinder:

Kuhn Rikon High Performance Ratchet Grinder Product Image

It comes in the list of best spice grinder 2018. This spice grinder has just redesigned the way the spices, pepper and salt are ground with quality rated grinder. This is one of the grinder which can offer coarse fine grinding. It comes with ergonomic handle that makes grinding of spices much easier. It is good for daily use for all those that struggle with their traditional grinders. It can also make your grinding of spices easier and better. It is also the one which takes effort out of the fresh ground spices. For filling, you just need to open its front door, add on your spices, pepper or salt.

For adjusting the grinding option, turn your bottom knob clockwise for the fine grinding & in counter clockwise for the coarse grinding options. To grind, you can move simply its handle back & forth and can get ready to make own spicing combinations in one go. The cleanup of this grinder is also easy. You can grind the coarse salt for cleaning all residues & spice after taste. Its sleek and stylish feature of spice grinding comes with a good motor, quality blades and good gram capacity. You can get around two years of warranty that is offered by them. Being designed in Switzerland, this Kuhn Rikon High Performance Ratchet Grinder can be your ultimate choice.

What we like about it:

This is the ceramic stone grinder which will not corrode at all. One can wipe this spice grinder on occasion basis for coarse grinding. It can also be used with pepper, salt and other spices. Its main features as adjustable fine and coarse grinding, the ergonomic handle, BPA free material makes it highly attractive. For filling, you can just open the front door; add on spices, pepper and salt. Get this spice grinder at fair prices online.

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How we choose the top spice grinders in our list:

What exactly you must look out for buying spice grinder? There are different number of things that you should consider as do you need electric or manual grinder? How much amount of the spice it will grind at once? The capacity of these grinders varies. The spices around can be made of buds, bark, roots, seeds. The other spices can also be found in these whole forms. These experts here have reviewed the top spice grinders in their list. They tested all of them by personally using them at their places. They also took help from world class chefs and asked them to test them during their work.

According to their results and best spice grinder reviews, the quality spice grinders comes with these features as,

  • Batches: One can grind easily in these spice grinders. It can be either in large batch or small. You can later on store them in tin.
  • Flavors: By grinding the spices in these spice grinders, you can maintain the aroma and flavor of your spices
  • Different spices grind: They allows the quick and easy grinding of different spices as cloves, cardamom, all spice, cinnamon, flax seed, pepper, celery seed and more
  • Material: Mostly all of these spice grinders are made of stainless steel, thus it allows easy grinding and don’t passes the old flavors to new spice grind.

You can check out these helpful reviews and can consider the above features while ordering a small spice grinder online. They are known for their affordable price tag too.

Different types of spice grinders

There are different types of the spice grinders available which are based on the needs and the type of spices you want for easy grinding. You must have a look at the different types which are as,

  1. Traditional Mortar & pestle: This is exactly what you want if you want to grind small quantities. Many of the spices can also be ground. It comes with easy cleanup method as well. But as compared to the electric grinder, it takes lot of time in grinding the spices.
  2. Electric coffee grinder: They can be used for easy grinding of spices. They don’t even alter flavor of coffee beans and can be used for both grinding as well as chopping. As compared to the traditional grinders, they stand as the best because within few seconds you can grind the spices.
  3. Microplane: the other way for grinding spices is with microplane. Apart from lemon zest or cheese, they graters stands good for cinnamon and ginger but not for all spices.
  4. Burr grinders: they are other famous option in the small spice grinders. Many of the people around prefer them for coffee beans grinding as they believe that they will offer more consistency to grind and better brew at the same time. It can be used for smooth grinding of spices. However, the electric grinders stand as the perfect option for all.

So, if you are planning to make a purchase of all new spice grinders, then you must compare and contrast different spice grinders and buy a new one.

Why you need the best spice grinders in your kitchen:

Spice grinder is one tool which is used for grinding up dried and hard whole spices. One can grind all of them coarsely and in fine powder. You really need it in your home as buying spices whole and even grinding them can help in producing rich flavor than employing the pre-grind counterparts. As these spices include essential oils & flavor compounds simple dissipate quickly once it is pulverized. These best spice grinders can be handy for all as they are compact in nature and can get whole job done easily. They are just like the coffee beans grinder. One can use them for grinding spices and can use the same for daily grinding. Be sure to keep your freshly ground spices in a safe food storage container on your spice rack!

Some of the other amazing features of these spice grinders includes as,

  1. Easy holding: Its minimalist and sleek design makes it easier in holding, handling and storing which is perfect for all.
  2. No trapping of spices: The cleanups of the small spice grinder are easy as the spices don’t get trapped beneath blade. Similarly, you will not get unnecessary notches or rid gets for clogging up with the spices.
  3. One touch button: It comes with one touch of the button that makes them easier in operating quickly and yields consistent and fine grind with the both tough and large spices as seeds or cinnamon.

If you are really into grinding the spices, then the best spice grinder is all you need. They work well for both dry and wet spices and even for nuts. Within few seconds, you can grind your spices within few seconds.

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