5 Best Stainless Steel Microwave for your Kitchen


A kitchen is incomplete without equipment and devices which make the work easy. They make the task so easy and make working in the kitchen comfortable. Few devices like refrigerator, mixers have become an integral part of every kitchen. Microwaves are also very important part of kitchen and are used extensively in every kitchen. Be it baking, making the food warm or cooking, everything can be done in a microwave.

Microwave ovens have developed a lot and they not only make cooking simple but also save our time and turns to be a healthier alternative. There are many microwaves available in the market and the question arises is can stainless steel be microwaved and the answer is yes, the best microwaves is made of stainless steel and is called stainless steel microwave.

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#1 – Frigidaire FGMO205KF Gallery Series Microwave

Frigidaire Fgmo205kf Gallery Series Microwave Product Image

If you are looking for a perfect microwave for your kitchen, this is probably the one. It has the perfect metallic body and enough capacity so it can really meet up your kitchen requirements. It operates on a minimal 1200 watt and come with all features, a perfect microwave should have. It has an auto sensor which cooks perfectly. The body is metallic and is made of stainless steel, giving it a really long life.  To cook in this oven is very easy as it is incorporated with seven user preference options. It has one touch option which is very easy and you can get delicious baked food with just a single touch.

The company which manufactures this microwave has a very good rapport and its main aim is to give the best quality product to their customers and that’s why it has a chain of satisfied customers. It has also an auto cook options which cook the food in different modes you want and make a perfect meal for you. If you love baking and want to bake the perfect cakes and brownies for you, this is a convenient choice as it bakes the food perfectly. The body is very attractive and due to the metal, the overall look is very elegant. Baking becomes very easy once you have this microwave. It is very simple to bake anything you want in a very less time.

What we like about it

This stainless steel microwave is the perfect choice for your kitchen as it uses a minimal power and in return bakes the tastiest food for you. In occasions, you can rock the stage with this microwave. It is very simple to operate and being stainless steel, the body is very tough and break resistant. Perfectly baked food is just a touch away when you have this oven. It saves your pocket and in turn makes the healthiest and tasty food for you.

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#2 – Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot Convection Microwave Oven

Cuisinart Cmw 200 1.2 Cubic Foot Convection Microwave Oven Product Image

This is probably the best microwave for the people who want to save their money and want to get the perfect microwave for their house at the same time. It is very cost efficient and still has promising features. Cuisinart is one of the quiet microwaves with loud performance. It also operates on very less power hence saving the electricity as well as the money. The body is made of stainless steel which makes it long lasting. It is the perfect form of modern type of microwaves. Its stainless steel body is very durable and does not absorb any external odor and hence protect the natural aroma of the food. It has got a very good capacity which complements its features. It has got touchpad controls with LCD facility. It is perfect to bake any kind of cake you want.

Sometimes, when one is cooking frozen vegetables, it is important to thaw it first. For this purpose, there are two defrost buttons which thaw the food in relation with weight or time. While purchasing, it comes with a recipe book which will help you to make different food items which will surely win the heart of your family members and friends. The company is very promising and only offers good quality microwaves to its customers. It also comes with a long three-year warranty with is a bonus. If you want to purchase it, just order and the shipping will be free and safe because it is one of the small stainless steel microwaves also, it is cheap stainless steel microwave with better facilities.

What we like about it

The most likeable thing about this microwave is its very low cost and very less usage of electricity in comparison to other microwaves. It also comes with a three-year long warranty. The stainless steel body gives it a perfect look and also doesn’t let the bad odor to come inside and spoil the natural aroma of the food item. Being cost efficient it also has a good capacity which is an advantage if you are cooking for more people.

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#3 – Panasonic NN-SN766S Countertop/Built-In Microwave with Inverter Technology

Panasonic Nn Sn766s Countertop Built In Microwave With Inverter Technology Product Image

Branded things are best because they are durable as well as long lasting and they perform well. Companies like Panasonic are very dependable and is famous for delivering only good quality product to their customers. This is why it is very popular in market. If you are a brand conscious person and want to make sure that you buy only good products, choose this microwave. The name is enough for you to choose this as the perfect microwave in your kitchen’s countertop. It uses comparatively less power of about twelve hundred watts and it return, cooks food real fast so don’t worry about the cooking time, you will get the tastiest and fast cooked food in minutes.

It is also engrossed with microwave inverter technology which makes it work even when there is a power cut. It can defrost frozen food easily and in no time. It readily defrosts food and makes it available to be cooked. It is medium sized microwave and is perfect for a medium sized family. The controls of the microwave are easy and can be operated easily by the user without much confusion. The automatic sensor installed in it alters the time of cooking according to the type of food placed inside it. People interested in making different foods are very lucky buying this product as it comes with a booklet with twelve different recipes which can make a perfect meal.

What we like about it

The brand is the main thing which draws attention towards this product. Not only is it of a perfect size but also it has the best baking power. It can cook any food perfectly as it comes with time adjustment according to the food type. It can defrost and cook food without taking much time. The best thing about it is that there is no need to worry about its life as it very durable and long lasting thanks to the company which manufactures it.

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#4 – Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB 1.1 Cubic Foot 1000-Watt Microwave Oven

Farberware Classic Fmo11ahtbkb 1.1 Cubic Foot 1000 Watt Microwave Oven Product Image

If you want a pocket friendly microwave for your kitchen, this is the best one and probably the cheapest and the most cost efficient microwave available in the market. Despite its low cost, it’s laden with many facilities. It operates on a minimum power of thousand watts which is very less as compared to other ovens. It can be regarded as small stainless steel microwave. You can also adjust it according to your requirements. It has got ample storage area with multiple storage area where you can cook the meals and snacks of your choice. It has very easy control system and it is laden with sic one touch controls for cooking different snacks like pizza from your pizza oven, vacuum sealed food, popcorn from your popcorn popper, and even beverages. This is a very good option as it cooks different food items differently. Defrosting can also be done easily and is done according to the time and weight.

There is a facility of digital controls which has a timer in it along with LED display and a clock. Inside, there is also a glass turntable which can be removed if you want. Probably, this is the best small stainless steel microwave. Moreover, it is also blessed with a keypad which is covered to prevent it from damage and unsupervised use. The capacity is also appreciative and can easily fit in your kitchen and can make tasty food for you too. Warranty is also available for one year after purchasing.

What we like about it

Being the most cost efficient and quality promising in the market, this Farberware microwave has many appreciable features including the less and adjustable power usage. Due to it there is less power wastage. It also cooks the food you want to just by touching the proper food dial. It comes with a digital clock with LED display and timer. Apart from that it also has one-year warranty. It is a perfect example of being cost effective with a lot of features. The controls are easy to manage too.

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#5 – LG LCRT2010ST 2.0 Cu Ft Counter Top Microwave Oven

Lg Lcrt2010st 2.0 Cu Ft Counter Top Microwave Oven Product Image

If you are searching for the best counter top microwave, you are in the best place because this microwave has all it takes to be a perfect microwave. It is the best 2.2 cu ft. microwave. It’ll easily fit on your microwave cart or kitchen cart. It is developed by the company TrueCookplus which has its own patented technology. It is very easy to cook in this microwave because it does all the calculations itself and you just have to put the food inside it and take the tasty food outside. It is one of the compact stainless steel microwaves. Leading companies use TrueCook for their food production so it is very reliable and gives a good output. The sensor cooking technology present in this oven senses moisture level inside the oven and adjusts cooking time automatically to make the tastiest and well cooked food. The heating is very well done and hence the food cooks well from all sides.

The setup of the device is such that the cleaning can be easily done and hence hygiene can be maintained to a great extent. The round shape from inside prevents the round edges and hence is convenient to cook as well as to clean. Compact stainless steel microwave with a child lock which ensures safety while operating it in presence of small children. You just have to think about the recipe and it does the rest for you just leave the food inside and the rest is its job. The round shape also increases the usable cooking area.

What we like about it

This is manufactured by a trusted and well known company having its own patented TrueCookPlus technology. It is a very hygienic oven with a lot of space inside due to the round edges inside. The sensors measure the humidity inside it and automatically adjust the cooking time so that the food cooks perfectly maintaining a fine line between tenderness and crisp. The round edges make it easier to clean and don’t require any additional cleanser.

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How we choose the top stainless steel microwave in our list

It is very important to choose the best stainless steel microwave for your kitchen. The utmost importance and significance of microwave oven is clear by now. It is a must to have in your home. But before buying a microwave, you should have the perfect knowledge and awareness on how to purchase the bets microwave of your king. There are a variety of microwaves available in the market ranging from small to big size. They have several other features when the price of the microwave increases. There are many companies which manufacture microwaves. They have different varieties of microwave to fulfill different needs of its customers. There are few important things you should consider before purchasing a microwave for your kitchen-

  • The capacity-the capacity of microwave is measured in cubic meters. You should consider the family size before choosing the best capacity of microwave for you. Usually, small and medium families use capacity between one or two cubic meters and it is just perfect.
  • The price-it is the most obvious thing to consider before purchasing the best microwave for your kitchen. If you have a low budget, you can go for normal microwaves which fulfill the need without adding much detail.
  • Power consumption-usually microwaves use power in watts above thousands. High power consumption means high cost of operation which adds additional cost to the cooking. While buying chose the oven which uses comparatively less power and hence it will give the maximum output.
  • Brand-considering the brand is also important. Many brands provide better products than the other. We also want to ensure it works with your existing cookware – whether you’re cooking or heating up water for tea or coffee, it’s important that it works, and works well!

Different types of stainless steel microwave

There are many different types of microwaves available in the market which basically help in baking but operate under different principles. Ovens are also available as compact stainless steel microwave. Every different type has an advantage of its own. While getting knowledge about the things you should keep in mind while buying it, you should also make it specific which kind of microwave you want for your kitchen. There are three different types of microwaves on the basis of their mode of operation. They have their own pros and cons so the one which fulfills you need to great extent should be in your kitchen.

  • Solo microwave oven-they have the basic structure of an oven and use magnetron to release microwaves. They are cheap and suitable for a small family. This is only used for baking and it is not used to bale or grill food items. They are primarily just concerned with baking.
  • Grill microwave oven-this type of microwave can also do grilling along with baking. You can grill anything you want from vegetables to meat as well as steak. It is embedded with heating coils which help in roasting, grilling as well as toasting. If you want to do both baking and grilling in a same device, it is the best. We still prefer specialty appliances, such as a sandwich maker, panini press, waffle maker, and sous vide machine over an all-in-one device.
  • Convection microwave oven-this type of oven heats the surrounding by generating heat waves and then uniformly distributing it with the help of a fan. It is very much needed to bake cakes, pizzas, breads etc. as it cooks the food normally. They are the most in-demand microwaves used all over the world exclusively as they make the tastiest meal.

Why you need the best stainless steel microwave in your kitchen?

Microwave is indeed very important in the kitchen when it comes to cooking. A perfect house meal is incomplete without baking and it brings out the best taste of the food. Over the years with the improvement in technology, the basic structure of microwave ovens has changes and stainless steel in microwave is used to give it strength because stainless microwaves last longer. The technology on which they operate has developed too. Some ovens use magnetron to produce the waves while others use a heating material and a fan to distribute the heat equally. The most modern form of ovens uses stainless steel in their body construction for their long lasting body. There are many reasons why you need the best stainless steel microwave in your kitchen and some of the reasons are obvious and are as follows-

  • Best cooking experience-a good oven will let you bake the perfect meal for your family as well as friends. It is very important to have a good oven as it turns normal food into an expensive hotel delicacy.
  • Taste-the best convection oven will always spread even heat all over the food item and hence, the food will be cooked very well making it tastier than ever. It will make everyone enjoying the meal very happy and contented.
  • Power saving-it will also consume less power and hence will save extra cost making. This will prevent unnecessary wastage and will give better results in return by giving you tasty food.
  • All in one-most of the microwaves come with the facility of baking along with grilling like an indoor grill and roasting like a roaster oven.

Along with these things, it will help you to create a good rapport among your colleagues who will appreciate your food. Therefore, don’t wait and grab the best one for you.

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