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Sugar is indeed the most important sweetener in the kitchen. We can’t imagine our lives without sweet sugar. It compliments everything. All over the world, sugar is consumed with love and the dishes in which sugar is added are knows as desserts.

To keep sugar at a particular place, sugar bowls are used. They keep the sugar and provide ease in taking out sugar anytime. It is kept in the kitchen or put in the dining table. Being a very convenient container it makes sugar available easy and keeps it safe on the table. Sugar bowl with spoon is dominantly available in the market. Sugar bowls are used everywhere and come in different varieties.

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#1 – Kook Sugar Bowl Glass with Clear Lid and Spoon

Kook Sugar Bowl Glass With Clear Lid And Spoon Product Image

Apart from being a convenient sugar bowl, it also adds five stars to the look of the table where it is kept. It makes the table look classic as well as perfect. The design is very sleek and curvy so it accommodates maximum sugar. Sugar bowl with spoon slot is also which helps to keep the spoon inside the bowl while keeping it closed. The spoon will be in the right position and there is less chance of it getting misplaced. The mouth of the bowl is quite wide which helps to take out the sugar in an easy way, even a child can take out sugar easily without spilling it all over the table.

The diameter is quite wide measuring up to twelve centimeters and the height is about eight centimeters. This makes it quite voluminous and can hold more than a quarter kilograms of sugar. The body is made of stainless steel which makes it long lasting and moreover gives it a classy look. It comes with a stainless steel spoon too. The lid is transparent with metal boundary and a knob. This makes it easier to look at the contents inside. Without opening, one can see where the sugar is kept. The spoon is of medium size and the whole set comes at a very convenient price and the metal body offers much durability to the bowl.

What we like about it

This is an ideal sugar bowl for a normal kitchen as well as a posh restaurant. It is very capacious and the dimensions are just perfect to hold enough sugar which will last long till the next refill. It also comes with a stainless steel spoon matching with the bowl and a spoon holder too to prevent misplacement of it. It also increases the luster of the table and being composed of stainless steel makes the bowl more durable and elegant.

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#2 – Lenox Butterfly Meadow Double Handled Sugar Bowl with Lid

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Double Handled Sugar Bowl With Lid Product Image

If you are looking for a beautiful as well as a functional sugar bowl which will add antiquity to you dining table, this is the one you should choose. This is an opaque sugar bowl with a lid. The material with which its body is made is Lenox white porcelain. It is unique material and is chip resistant. The look is very amazing and it adds elegance to the table. The exterior is painted with flowers and butterflies which catches the eye in the first sight. The bowl design is very sophisticated and has holders on both sides with a lid having a stylish knob and painted surface.

It comes with guarantee of the material and comes under sugar bowl with lid and spoon slot. There is lifetime guarantee by Lenox lifetime breakage replacement program. The images on the exterior compliment the bowl and are inspired by the garden imagery. The white color as the background makes it look sophisticated and peaceful against the colorful painting. It is crafted from Lenox fine porcelain which apart from giving it attractive and shiny look makes it more durable. It is exclusively for those people who are conscious about the look as well as functionality of their interiors especially kitchen. The cost of this antique bowl is far less than the elegance reflected by it. The durable body and the attractive painting make it worth buying it to keep the sugar inside it and increase the sweetness manifold.

What we like about it

There are uncountable features to like about it. First, the material from which it is made i.e. Lenox white porcelain which is extremely durable and has sheen of its own. It comes with painted exteriors as well as an elegant lid which increases the appeal of the bowl. It has got two holders opposite to each other which give extra balance while holding it. Apart from storing the sugar, it enhances the kook of the dining table.

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#3 – Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Covered Sugar

Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Covered Sugar Product Image

If you are a peaceful person and love sophistication with simplicity, then this sugar bowl is perfect for you and the kitchen. It is very easy going and full of simplicity yet offering lot of charm through its white and glossy appearance. When it comes to the capacity, it can carry eleven ounces of sugar. The body is made from porcelain which is of highest quality promising the long lasting nature of the bowl. Being very durable and tough, it is dishwasher safe. Not only this, it is microwave safe too which is yet other additional feature. Being dishwasher safe, one can clean it easily and hence can maintain hygiene. It is available as a single piece as well as in the dinnerware, bakeware, cookware, and other accessories. It is commonly called white sugar bowl with spoon.

The company which makes this sugar bowl is very dependable and only offers good quality to its customers. The material used in the manufacture of this bowl is hygienic and doesn’t contain any toxic chemical. The price is very less in comparison with other sugar bowl. It’s less price is not related to the high quality it offers. It is the best example of ceramic sugar bowl with lid and spoon. In this way, there is less chance of displacement of spoon. It is regarded as ceramic sugar bowl with lid. It is certain to go well in resonance with other things in the kitchen and can certainly add to the appearance of the table.

What we like about it

The most liked part about this bowl is that is made from the highest quality porcelain which offers it excellent durability and long lasting nature. The white color makes it look elegant and extra sophisticated. Apart from it, the porcelain gives it a long lasting gloss. It is strong and damage resistant and can even tolerate dishwashers as well as high temperatures inside a microwave. The lid is very fancy and even has a spoon holder carved on it apart from it, the price is very less.

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#4 – Newness Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl

Newness Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl Product Image

It is a very cost efficient as well as an elegant sugar bowl. Its shape is different from other bowls and is egg shaped. Outline of the body is made from stainless steel which on one hand incorporates a sleek look and strength on the other. It is unbreakable as well as rust resistant. It is very voluminous and the shape increases its capacity. The design is carved keeping in mind the modern trends and it suits well at present time. The volume is about two ninety milliliters which is just perfect to keep ample amount of sugar inside it. It can be used a sugar bowl at multiple places like home, Café, restaurant, party, wedding ceremony and at any place where sugar might be needed.

The egg shape provides a different look to the bowl and makes it well balanced. It proves out to be a very nice and suitable bowl for family and can be used exclusively to serve sugar to add it in milk, tea, coffee etc. it can even be used to keep coated sugar which is used to refresh mouth after eating. People can also use it as a bowl to keep fennel, cinnamon or any other spice from your spice grinder. The company is trusted and only delivers high quality products to the customers. It guarantees the products and even offers to exchange the order if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

What we like about it

It is a modern type sugar bowl which can be used anywhere including homes, café, parties etc. the egg shape make sit stand out from the rest. The stainless steel not only adds extra shine but also makes it durable. It is the perfect example of modern tabletop décor. It comes with a spoon holder too. The producing company offers good quality bowls which last long and are of modern design. The company guarantees and promises to exchange the product if the customer is not satisfied with it.

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#5 – 77L Sugar Bowl

77l Sugar Bowl Product Image

This sugar bowl is a whole new type of sugar bowl being the perfect combination of natural as well as synthetic materials. It is incorporated with porcelain base and a wooden lid which goes well with the shiny porcelain. It is a sugar bowl with lid and spoon. This is one of the most cost effective sugar bowls in the market. It is a medium sized sugar holder with a volume of about one cup. It is more like a sugar jar with lid and spoon and is suitable anywhere because on one hand it gives rustic look due to the wooden lid and a very clean peaceful look because of the porcelain base. It is also having a spoon holder which is responsible to keep the poon in place. it can withstand severe chemicals and still remain undamaged and the credit goes to its tough and durable material.

Apart from the toughness and chemical resistance, the excellent look of it is a bonus. The peaceful and ever charming white porcelain compliments the look. It can even be used to gift it to the belongings. There is convenience in cleaning and maintenance too because it is made of ceramic and bamboo. However, a point to be noted is that it is not suitable for microwave use. The company producing this product is very trustworthy company and offers 100% warranty. In case if any customer is dissatisfied with it, there is full provision to exchange of give cash back for it.

What we like about it

There are enough things to like about this amalgamated sugar bowl. This is cylindrical shaped with white porcelain base and wooden lid along with a spoon holder. It is of medium volume and can be used anywhere you want. The design is very elegant as well as charming due to contrasting color of base and lid. Since it is made from many durable materials, it is resistant to several chemicals and seldom loses its shine. Hygiene can also be maintained easily because it is easy to clean.

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How we choose the top sugar bowl in our list

Choosing the perfect sugar bowl for the kitchen is very important. Not only does it keep sugar in place but also makes it easy and convenient to make sugar available anytime you want. Sugar bowls are available in many varieties and the choice made totally depend on the needs and preferences of the buyer. Sugar bowls with spoon slot are in more demand and it not only plays a functional role but also acts as a center of attraction. It can be simple and designed, modern as well as antique. There are few things you should keep in mind before purchasing the best sugar bowl for your home-

  • Purpose-the basic purpose behind buying a sugar bowl is functional i.e. storing sugar to make it easily available. Apart from that, people also buy it exclusively to add body to their table and enhance the appearance. For this, sugar bowls with appealing designs and shapes are also available. Sugar bowls with lids are more purposeful as they help in protecting the content inside it.
  • Price-before buying, it is important to set the budget. To set the amount you want to expend in buying a bowl may vary and your choice shall be affected accordingly.
  • Material-sugar bowls available are made of a variety of material which is advantageous in their own way. In the market, sugar bowls made of metal, porcelain, plastic, wood are also available. The most wanted sugar bowls are made of either metal or porcelain because they offer more durability.
  • Design-it is yet another important aspect. People tend to buy a sugar bowl which has a good design on it and an appealing shape rather than simple ones. Sugar bowl spoon is kept in the spoon slot as a part of design. Designer sugar bowls are used to increase the attractiveness of the table and also used as a gift for relatives and friends.

Different types of sugar bowls

Sugar bowls are very important part of the kitchen. They are available in different ranges and design. On the basis of different character, sugar bowls are categorized into different varieties. They can be differentiated on the basis of material from which they are made, the design, and the shape they are having. They are easily available in the market as well as online stores. Apart from keeping sugar in the easily accessible place, a sugar bowl is also used to comprehend the appearance through the elegant shape as well as color and design. Basically sugar bowls are differentiated on the basis of the material from which they are made and they are of following types-

  • Metallic sugar bowls– these bowls are very handy and durable because they are made of metal. Usually, stainless steel is used because it prevents corrosion. They give an extra shine to the kitchen table. They come in simple as well as designed form.
  • Porcelain sugar bowls– porcelain bowls are very tough and durable because of the tough material. Moreover, the material adds shine to the bowl which increases the overall appearance of the table. It is used to make exotic sugar bowls. A type of porcelain called Lenox porcelain is used which is the best kind.
  • Plastic sugar bowls– they are cheap sugar bowls which are easily available. They don’t give any shine to the body of bowl. They are just available in different colors and contribute less in the appearance of the utensil as well as the table.

Why you need the best sugar bowl in your kitchen?

A good sugar bowl is very important for the kitchen. It not only is convenient, but also acts as a decorative piece when beautifully displayed in the kitchen. Sugar bowls with lids and spoons are also designed in a clever way. It works as a static piece of beauty. It is very important for a sugar bowl to have some durability so that there is no need to buy it frequently. A good bowl is one which lasts long. You need to have the best sugar bowl because it fulfills the following functions-

  • Easy availability of sugar– it keeps sugar inside it and is kept on table so whenever sugar is needed it can be taken out from this bowl only. Sugar bowl and spoon make a good combination. For this, sugar bowl with spoon and lid are more favored. Not only sugar but some mouth freshener or coated sugar can also be kept inside it decoratively and can be used after meals.
  • Decorative piece– if the sugar bowl is designed and glossy, it can serve as a center of attraction of the table and can actually be used to emphasize the look of the table. Elegance as well as sophistication is very important when you want to create a good impression.

Apart from these things, your personal satisfaction needs to be fulfilled. When you get the perfect as well as functional sugar bowl everything would seem convenient. These are some small things which need to be taken care of because they are the things which make a difference.

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