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A cup of tea or coffee is generally a way to start the day for most of the people worldwide, but there is much more to it. Tea with time has become an emotion. It is a source of happiness, stress relief and a mode of recreation too. Since ages, a cup of tea has been giving more power to the bond between two people.

Depending upon the location, a cup of tea can have different flavours, different colours, and different varieties. And we all always have a knack to keep trying new things in life, don’t we? If you are a tea lover, you surely need to know about the best tea samplers, which you can have for yourself, or if you wish to, you can use it a tea sampler gift set for one of your friends or your family.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Tea Forté Single Steeps Lotus Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Tea Forté Single Steeps Lotus Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Product Image

This tea sampler set gives you 5 varieties of chosen Lotus tea blends to choose from; Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Herbal Tea – which namely are the tea sampler set is fully organic, and these are surely the most relaxing set of tea bag sampler available for the mind and body. This loose-leaf tea sampler has a subtle flavour from the finest tea leaves across the world. It offers you 15 assorted, pre-portioned single serving tea bags with the perfect amount for your cup of tea. This product will make your perfect tea sampler gift set, as this is a delight for tea lovers, and will surely bring a smile on the face of the person you give it to.

To make your perfect cup of tea from this loose leaf tea sampler gift set, all you have to do is to empty the contents into a mug or a teapot as per your preferred usage and requirements, stir, and enjoy the taste of one of the best tea variety pack available. Also, these surely have a lot of health benefits too which tea lovers are well versed with. You get variety, taste, health, colors and relief all in this pack. Therefore, it is a loose-leaf tea sampler gift set which you surely want as a gift to yourself, or some kin of course.

What we like about it:

There are a good number of reasons to like and get this product. This Tea Forté SINGLE STEEPS Lotus Loose Leaf Tea Sampler is handy. It is readily available. The tea sampler set has a lot of variety, aromas and flavours. It is good for health. It is really easy to make. It is stress relieving. It is relaxing and perfect for recreation, and of course, it gives you options to try. Enjoy this sampler set from Massachusetts.

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#2 – Honest Tea Organic Tea Variety Pack

Honest Tea Organic Tea Variety Pack Product Image

Handpicked and coming all the way from Maryland, this is a set of 12 recyclable plastic iced tea bottles. The iced tea beverages are brewed with Fair Trade Certified tea leaves. They are gluten-free, OU-Kosher certified, and all natural. No bioengineering. It is completely organic. So this has to be the best “bottled” tea sampler set for you. Along with a good deal of refreshment which you get on use, the bottles of this set will also help you to keep yourself hydrated. Iced tea also has a good deal of antioxidants present in it, which can help prevent a number of conditions, including cardiovascular diseases. Tea is the most consumed drink worldwide after water, and why will it not be? What is better than tea?

This tea sampler pack gives you 3 options, Honest Half and Half, Honest Honey Green Tea, and Honest Peach Tea. Here you have something new, which you surely will want to give a try. The standard and the quality in this sampler set is commendable. The source tea leaves here are the finest, handpicked and organic. To put the leaves into a plastic bottle, they procedure followed is very similar to what you may have done at your home. Heating the water and steeping the tea leaves before bottling. This also makes another really good tea sampler gift set for your friends.

What we like about it:

Liking this set is not an option. Nowhere else, you get can this uniqueness and refreshment at the same time, and of course a rich variety. The biggest reason to like this tea sampler set, and why it is one of the best tea samplers set ever is that it is fully organic, and naturally brewed.  It comes with a unique taste which can make your friends and family delighted in its first sip only.

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#3 – Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

Taylors Of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box Product Image

Reaching out to you all the way from Yorkshire, this tea gift set has got numbers along with quality and has to last longer than probably any other such tea sampler set available. This tea sampler set contains in it 48 assorted range of tea bags. To be more precise, it has 6 tea bags for each variety. You can serve it best with your English breakfast; can have a decaffeinated breakfast, organic chamomile, peppermint organic, green tea with rich jasmine flavour and more. It is fulfilling the needs and tastes of every tea lover, whether you love fusion tea, earl grey, green tea or black even. All these tea varieties can be best enjoyed as single beverage as well. You can pair them with yummy biscuits as well to enhance the taste of your tea.

This is one of the greatest arrangements of really unique and different types of tea among all the tea sampler sets you will ever find, making it as perfect loose tea gift sets for someone else, or to yourself. It is also pleasing to the eyes, as they have designed the pack really well. Colours along with fragrance and flavours are again a plus point. The tea sampler gift set is completely gluten free and is organic. You can count on this product as it is perfect option for gifting, offers rich taste. This is also one of the best-selling loose tea sampler or products in the market.

What we like about it:

This pack is surely a lovely for all the tea lovers, because of its arrangement, the design, the variety, aroma, taste and packaging. Like the other two sets above, this tea gift set is also handpicked and natural. It makes the perfect choice of your tea sampler set if you want to try many things at once. It is 100% organic and everyone can enjoy the journey of rich flavours and aroma. Select now the different tea blends online.

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#4 – Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Product Image

Derived from the methods of the Ayurveda, this tea sampler set is naturally certified. This blend has been specially formulated calm your mind and relaxes your body. Higher quality of the spices is used and some good botanicals for natural goodness. You can be assured of this product as it complements well and offers delightful and intriguing flavours. You will feel an enchanting aroma when you use this. This set has put to use lemon balm leaf and passion flower extract to promote relaxation by soothing your nervous system. Honey and Spearmint are also two ingredients used in this. Everything is this set is completely herbal and organic. No Bioengineering and no GMO ingredients.

They have been producing herb and spice teas based on recipes from the Ayurveda. The tea sampler set has undergone rigorous quality testing, highly-selective sourcing standards, so you need not worry about the quality of the blend which you will get. The tea is Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-Free. The tea bags are compostable, preventing wastage. There are no artificial flavours and no added sweeteners in the tea. The package consists of 16 Tea bags, with flavours varying from Organic Rooibos Leaf, Organic Chamomile Flower, Organic Lemon Balm Leaf, Organic Spearmint Lead, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Lemon Myrtle leaf, Organic Sage Leaf, and Stevia Leaf. It also has natural honey flavour, natural vanilla flavour and organic lavender flavour in it.

What we like about it:

Everything about this set is extraordinary, and being connected to the Ayurveda, this also has strong roots. The best part about this tea sampler set is that you have a different variety to try each day for the next 16 days of your life. This is a really preferable and a creative loose leaf tea gift sets which you can go for. If you are the one who don’t like trying new brands and want an Ayurveda feel, then trust this tea sampler only.

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#5 – Twinings of London English breakfast Tea

Twinings English Breakfast Tea Product Image

This is a rich blend of Kenyan, Malawian, Chinese, Indonesian and Assamese Black Teas. Black tea is one of the most commonly used forms of tea and the world’s most common variety of tea. It is fuller-bodied and has the strongest tea taste. Of all major tea types, black teas undergo the longest process of oxidation, which gives it the characteristic, very strong and robust taste. It is generally served without milk but to enjoy this loose leaves tea sampler set with or without milk, sweetened or unsweetened, completely depends upon your preference. This package comes to you from London

Besides, black tea also has a lot of health benefits. If you are diabetic, it lowers the risk. It is also really good for your hair. Black tea not only fights bacteria but also strengthens the immune system. The antioxidants present in it also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also really helpful in lowering your triglyceride levels, helping you with weight loss.  To create this well-balanced blend, the finest teas from five different regions have been carefully selected. Each of these has its own unique characteristics. Tea from Kenya and Malawi provides the briskness and coppery-red colour while Assam gives full-body and flavour. The subtle and softer tea is brought from Indonesia and China. It is easy to use, especially with a tea infuser or electric kettle. Moreover, this set is decaffeinated

What we like about it:

So here you can have different flavours in one tea set making it really an interesting feature. This tea sampler set consists of 24 tea bags. Give this tea sampler gift set to a black tea lover and make him happy for the next 24 days. Or if you are a black tea lover, make it, relax, and enjoy. Like any other loose tea sampler gift set, this is also easy to make. You have a blend of 5 locations across the world in a pack. So it is surely worth a try.

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How we choose the top tea in our list

To select the 5 best tea sampler sets for you, they conducted an extensive and qualitative research, and studied the psychographics of tea lovers, and drinkers. They tried to figure out the criteria on which people judge tea sampler gift sets, so that their analysis can remain more in accordance with the public. They also looked up for matter on the internet to look for any other important detail to make their research a complete one.

The various points which we took under consideration to build this up for you are as follows

  1. Organicn – The very first criteria of choosing these entire tea sampler set was that there is no bioengineering and no GMO Ingredients involved. The leaves for all the products are handpicked, fully organic and natural.
  2. The Flavour – Tea lovers crave for good aroma, colour and flavour. The choices these experts made here for you have the best and different tastes. You can try something new everyday
  3. The Uniqueness – Each and every tea sampler set has something new to offer you. Tastes, Locations, Variety, quantity, these tea sampler gift sets give you everything.
  4. The Variety – All these provide you a wide range of tea. From the finest tea leaves from different locations across the world and different types of leaves, to the different varieties in the same type of tea, they have brought it all to you.
  5. The Quantity – They made sure that all the tea sampler gift sets we selected had at least 3 to 4 varieties in good quantity, so that it can be used for a good amount of time.

Different types of tea

There are various types of tea sampler gift sets available at just a click. The number of tea numbers across the world is huge and will only increase with time.  If you want to explore the universe of tea leaves, tea samplers are a fantastic way which should be tried today. They make great gifts for your fellow tea lovers too.

Some more types of teas which can be tried are as follows:

  • American Tea Room sample sets- American Tea Room sells sample sets of some of their most popular teas. Its packaging is highly attractive and done simply. This feature makes it as perfect option for gifting to friends. Over other tea sample sets, they offer rich and distinctive taste to all.
  • Mighty Leaf Tea Samplers- For people who like teabags and tea sachets instead of loose-leaf tea, Mighty Leaf Tea has a number of themed tea pouch samplers which are not present in other tea sampler sets. Most impressive of these are the ‘Master’ samplers which should be tried at least once.
  • Solstice Tea Trader’s Loose tea leaf Sampler- This is just perfect for you if you’re new to tea and really want to sample the widest variety; Solstice Tea Traders has the perfect sampler. When compared to American tea and mighty leaf, these loose-leaf teas are sold in reusable metal tins and it is a budget-friendly option for the widest sampling of teas.

With all these samplers, you can get enough number of tea servings with different tea flavours and tastes.

Why you need the best tea in your kitchen

The tea is one thing which is available around the world. It is the most enjoyed beverage which stands as a necessity next to the water. It ranges from green teas to classic black, flavourful white to some of the herbal blends. This can be your best choice which makes it as the excellent gift. As you all know, it is a “must have” beverage which can be enjoyed in both the ways as iced or hot. You can brew it easily and can complement well the health benefits. Great thanks go to its popularity and types of variety available in the market.

All these things make it as essential product which you must have in your kitchen. The popular ones are tea samples which come with various tea blends. It can be enjoyed at school, work or at home. If you are the one who wants to give tea sampler as gift, it is much essential for you to consider some of the personal preferences of that person, whom you want to gift it. You can go for green tea, black tea, new and classic team samplers and others. Whether you want to gift someone, or you want things for yourself, why not go for the best? With the best tea gift sets which they have selected for you, you can have something new every day. Feel the scent of Assam one day, and Kenya the other day. You can have taste, health and variety all at the same time – especially when brewed perfectly and served from your tea warmer!

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