5 Best Vacuum Marinators for your Kitchen

5 Best Vacuum Marinators for your Kitchen

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the smell of a tenderized beef being grilled? Whose mouth wouldn’t water upon seeing pork ribs with smoky barbeque sauce? Who could resist the temptation of honeyed teriyaki? No one.

Hmm… What seems to be the secret behind those irresistible dishes? The answer lies behind the perfect marinade. Concocting the best marinade mixture wouldn’t be a problem especially if you are a natural-born chef or a fan of ready-to-use marinade mixtures. However, marinating meat is a true challenge.

To get the best result and to taste the flavor in each slice of meat, you need to wait for hours to days before the marinade penetrates the entirety of meat. The question is, do you have the time for such preparation?

Fortunately, we now have a number of vacuum marinators available in the market. These machines are very helpful for kitchen lovers as it utilizes vacuum pressure and a tumbling action to reduce the time needed in marinating proteins. Commonly, the flat edge of the barrel tenderizes the meat. The vacuum, on the other hand, helps to marinate the meat deeply by allowing the sauce to penetrate the meat through the removal of air from the chamber.

However, what is the best vacuum marinator out there?

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Before you have your verdict of what is the best vacuum marinator for you, let us first study each item in detail. By doing this, you would be able to see the vacuum marinator that best suits your needs. After that, feel free to click the yellow buttons to view their best deals on Amazon that I specifically sought for you!

#1 – STX International STX-1000-CE Chef’s Elite 15 Minute Vacuum Marinator

STX International STX-1000-CE Chef's Elite 15 Minute Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator with Auto Shut Off and Free Meat Tenderizer

If you are someone who wants your vegetables and meats completely marinated, the STX International vacuum marinator is the best for you. It doesn’t just allow you to marinate your meat in less than 15 minutes but it also assures you that it will be marinated COMPLETELY. 

It is possible through the strong vacuum it creates inside its sturdy drum that processes meat and other contents for you. To assure that the marinade would completely be absorbed by the meat, the package comes with a meat tenderizer that lets you perforate dense muscle meats like chicken breasts. This improves the absorption of meat by the strong vacuum tubing that creates a vacuum inside the drum. The marinade would then rush into the gaps enhanced by the tenderizer.

The STX International vacuum marinator digital control panel has a built-in timer featuring an automatic shut-off function adding to your convenience. It is also detailed with the recommended processing time for various food items. 

What We Like About Product

The product assures the convenience of its users from the simplicity of its system to the manual it provides in the package. It also comes with dozens of marinating recipes which makes it really ideal for those who want to explore other flavors for their next meals. Some of the ingredients include cayenne habanero marinade, Hawaiian marinade, honey BBQ marinade, and spicy Asian marinade.

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#2 – Marinade Express Pro PMP-310 Professional Marinade System

Marinade Express Pro PMP-310 Professional Marinade System, Vacuum Sealed, Meat and Vegetable Tenderizer, Titan Drum, Canister Sealed, LED Display, Professional Chef Technology, Auto Shut Off, White

It is no doubt that this is one of the kings of vacuum marinators in the market. It has an upgraded control panel offering eight tumble marinating presets, manual adjustment of processing time, improved digital numerical timer, and LED lighted readout for the vacuum pump. Its drum is made from Tritan that ensures its durability to stand the vacuum process of the machine. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and free replacement for the first three years!

With the system it offers, the marinating time of meat and vegetables is accelerated inside a high vacuum, very low salt liquid environment. The machine does it by rotating its contents allowing the cellular structures to open. Then, it deeply infuses natural flavors to the meat and vegetables giving you superior taste and tenderness in your dishes.

Lastly, there is no need for you to wait for an hour or for an entire day just to let the flavor infiltrate each strand of meat. With Marinade Express Pro PMP-310, your meat and vegetables would be marinated in just 20 minutes. Nonetheless, despite the short marinating period, you can be sure of a flavorful meal. It also slows the aging process and stops oxidation in the contents it is processing causing them to stay fresh longer.

What We Like About the Product

The way it marinates the meat and vegetable inside its drum is truly impressive. The internal temperature is caused by the marinade moisture that soon causes the meats and fish to be tenderized in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, it reduces up to 30 percent of fat while slightly reducing the amount of sodium in protein tissue. This makes your meals truly healthy and safe by using this outrageous vacuum marinator.

Lastly, the Marinade Express also offers its own mixture of marinades. So, if you prefer to taste something new, you can simply choose from its 20 different flavor packs available. These specially-formulated seasoning mixes use the patented Grovac process giving you a solution that uses less sodium.

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#3 – Tomorrow’s Kitchen Instant Marinator

Tomorrow's Kitchen Instant Marinator, 2.50 Liter Capacity - Black

This vacuum marinator doesn’t just help you to marinate meats and vegetables in a short period of time but it also allows you to have them marinated with less fuss. It comes with a container that has a 2.5-liter capacity that provides enough space for regular meal preparation.

The container is truly thick and sturdy as it is made from highly durable polycarbonate material. It can stand a strong vacuum no matter how many times you use it. It has a thick cover that seals the entirety of the container assuring the absolute vacuum activity inside.

Just put the beef, pork, poultry, fish, or vegetables inside together with the marinade, cover it, and put the vacuum pump on the rubber stopper to remove the air inside. The process lasts for about 20 minutes that allows the pores of the contents to open up and absorb the marinade into its tissue.

After marinating the contents, just release the vacuum by pumping the rubber stopper and, voila, you can now enjoy slices of meat and vegetables rich with tasteful flavors you love.

What We Like About the Product

The simplicity of the process of Tomorrow’s Kitchen Instant Marinator makes it stand out among others. Just imagine having a vacuum marinator in your kitchen that allows you to marinate meat with just a container and a vacuum pump. With just a few pumps and 20 minutes of the marinating period, you would be able to cook a flavorful meal. No fuss at all!

As for its maintenance, you can simply clean the entirety of the container by putting it into the dishwasher. The pump, on the other hand, can be cleaned just by using hot water and dry cloth. Easy! 

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#4 – Jaccard Speedy Plus Instant Marinator

Jaccard Speedy Plus Instant Marinater, 10 by 14", Red/White

When this vacuum marinator added the word “instant” to its name, it wasn’t really joking. The Jaccard Speedy Plus Instant Marinater lets you marinate meats, fish, and vegetables in as little as 5 minutes! Whoa! Is it even possible? Yes.

Its vacuum technology speeds up the marination process by integrating Jaccard’s world-famous meat tenderizer. This allows the complete marination and increases the absorption and infiltration of marinade mixture up to 600 percent! Using its meat tenderizer included in the package, the meat’s tissues would be able to absorb more flavor in a short period of time.

The process is maximized using the vacuum that opens up the pathways in meat allowing the absorption of marinade inside. This is also possible with the help of wide space provided by the container allowing the marinade to reach all the contents placed inside.

What We Like About the Product

The meat tenderizer has a huge impact on the fast marinating process occurring inside the Jaccard Speedy Plus Instant Marinator. By using it, you can create more pathways for the marinade to enter in. The effect it has on the meat is enhanced by the vacuum technology allowing the meat to maintain the flavor even after it is cooked.

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#5 – Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage Containers

Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage Containers - Deep Freezer Food Storage Sealer - Hand Held Vacuum Food System - Rectangle - 5Pc - Green

If you are looking for the most convenient way to vacuum marinate fish, meat, and various vegetables, this is the perfect item you can have. It doesn’t require any battery or electricity to function.

Just put the meat or any content that needs marinating inside it and seal it with its vacuum-sealing lid that doesn’t budge no matter how strong the vacuum is. With the sturdy material it has, you can be sure that the marinade mixture would enter the pores of any meat resulting in a tasty flavor in it.

It comes with its own vacuum pump that lets you remove the air inside the container. The lid secures the strong vacuum with its four locks. 

What We Like About the Product

The entire canister is truly perfect to hold a strong vacuum. Without bulging, its canister retains the vacuum inside allowing the continuous penetration of marinade to the meat. With this, it is sure that the flavor would stick on the meat giving you tasty meat for any meal. Also, this system provides oxygen and moisture barrier limiting food spoilage for the contents it has inside.

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Vacuum Marinator Buyer’s Guide

There are lots of promising vacuum marinators in the market. However, to choose the most appropriate one for you, you need to consider a lot of things. Though we have already presented our list of the most ideal vacuum marinators available in the market, you should still consider your preferences to avoid regretting your purchase. That said, here are the points you should think about before you come up with your decision.

  • System. Always think about how you would want to have your vacuum. Do you want to create it automatically using an electricity-generated system or a manual pumping system?
  • Material Durability. You always need to find a vacuum marinator that is made from sturdy materials. This is a crucial trait for vacuum marinators as their efficacy lies in their durability to hold a strong vacuum inside. Most cheap items in the market fail to do it as their canisters or drums can’t retain a strong vacuum. That said, such vacuums are incapable of aiding marinade mixtures in penetrating the tissues of meat.
  • Additional Functions. The vacuum marinators listed above are all effective in their own ways. However, there are those vacuum marinators that can assure you faster and more effective ways of marinating meat and other contents through the help of additional functions they feature. Some involve continually flipping contents inside drums to assure the flavor would be absorbed while others provide meat tenderizers to help you create more paths for the marinade to enter. If you want to have that assurance, opt for a more modern type of vacuum marinators that would surely satisfy you.
  • Marinating Time. This is the reason why we are using vacuum marinators: to shorten the marinating period of food items. So, if you really want to have the fastest way to marinate food, just choose from the list we listed above.
  • Price. It is certain that there are lots of excellent vacuum marinators in the market. While they all promise almost the same features, they all vary in prices. Be a smart buyer and choose the one that wouldn’t just save you some amount but an item that could give you satisfying results.