5 Best Vitamix Blenders for your Kitchen


5 Best Vitamix Blenders For Your KitchenThe best Vitamix blenders are usually known as high-powered, quality performance blenders. This is one brand which is trusted by the expert chefs all around the world. You can also find in the home kitchen as they are the healthier choice and helps to make the top quality of smoothies at home. This is why they’re constantly America’s best selling blender. Vitamix is the absolute go-to for millions of Americans!

You will surely appreciate Vitamix blender features as many of the professional chefs recommend them. They can make lives easier. They help in making perfect margarita, smoothie, juice, pancake batter, whatever! There’s several different versions of Vitamix blenders. We’re going to show you our top 5 picks, and then go into a description about each of them. Without further ado..

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#1 – Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Product Image

You will love this model of Vitamix blenders as they can make your cooking much easier. Whether you are willing to experiment the advanced techniques or anything else, it can assist you in everything. This comes with 5 pre-programmed settings for automatic handling of purees, frozen desserts, hot soups, smoothies & self-cleaning. Their heritage collection offers now the choice of all durable sleek exteriors of metal for matching the premium appliance in kitchen. It even ensures easy cleaning, the consistent result for all recipes and walk-away convenience. You can find commercial grade of horsepower motor in this which can blend tough ingredients.

With dish soap drop & warm water, this best vitamix blender can be cleaned on own within 60 seconds or less. It includes the low profile container of 64 ounce which can be refereed as perfect option for all family meals & entertaining enough. You can fit them in comfortable way under your kitchen cabinets. This is popular extremely since it developments. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 model is known for its performance and high end features. Its designing of airflow offers the performance improvement and produces less noise than predecessors. You can find a new fan of cooling, thermal protector that allows all for running blender for longer time, which don’t even overheat its motor. It comes with all positive sides and stand out as the best product in market.

What we like about it:

Being the popular blenders’ vitamix, it comes with low profile of containers which allows fitting blender anywhere in your kitchen area. You can also know its other positives which makes it as tamper tool for easy usage and wide container, which is easier in cleaning. You can also clean its tamper, lid plug and lid in dishwasher. It comes with small tamper which is used for processing the thicker mixtures & keeps the ingredients to move around through blades.

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#2 – Vitamix 5200 BlenderVitamix 5200 Blender Product Image

This is the vitamix blender top which helps in creating all courses of the home cooked meals from the creamy desserts to the frozen drinks in few minutes. This is known as the universal tool for the family meals. You can find its shape and size as in 64 ounce of the container, which is best for the blending nature from medium to the large batches. It offers variable control of speed which helps in adjusting easily the speed for achieving different textures. You can rotate dial which helps in easy blending, so that you can have complete control. The precision and power of patented designs are also able in pulverizing recipe ingredients, which includes tiniest seeds.

The blades of these blenders vitamix reach the speed faster enough for creating the friction heat, brings all cool ingredients to the steaming hot in around 6 minutes. If you are the one who is interested to buy all new blenders, then this Vitamix 5200 Blender can be the best one for your use. You must know that there are around 4 versions in this range. The blender package is also well designed for suiting needs of all specific users. They are compact, deluxe, super and standard packages. No matter which version you purchase, you will get some of the items as motor, blender base, system with thermal protection and retractable cord.

What we like about it:

This is the 64oz blender containers that are great enough for preparing the family size portion blending smoothies. The vitamix blender are well fitted with the vented lid which is spool proof and has laser cuts & stainless steel blade. You can also find whole recipe cookbook with it which includes the printed guide & DVD version as well to learn more about its usage. Enjoy its 7 years of full warranty at the same time.

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#3 – Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender Product Image

You can achieve versatility and power of higher performance blender with convenience of the Vitamix S30 Personal Blender. It creates single & double serving of favorite recipes and can also blend the same in right amount.  Its S-series offers the 2 container series which is in 20 ounce and turns out as the instant travelling cup with its flip top lid & 40 ounce for the small batches of frozen desserts, sauces, soups and others. If you are the one who is looking out for compact blender, then this is the one which you need. Its variable speed controls helps you in fine tune texture from the chunk salsas to smooth purees which is in between.

If you will have a look at its pulse feature, you can enjoy the layer coarse chop over the smooth purees for hearty recipes as thick vegetable soup or chunky salsas. This offers the vented lid plugs releasing steam while blending the hot mixtures and can pull easily from container for the added ingredients or use tamper. This is best for all the families or even for the people that live alone. They are designed for allowing all in preparing the small quantities of the frozen desserts, soup, smoothies and more blended items. They are the sturdy kit piece which you can fit well in your kitchen cabinet too.

What we like about it:

This Vitamix S30 Personal Blender is the great choice for all. You can well prepare the smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts with this one compact blender. It can be used for the dressings, batters, doughs, flours, purees and others. They come with 40 oz. containers and 20 oz. of the portable containers with easy to use lid. Due to its small size, it will not even take much space in kitchen. Get this best Vitamix blender now.

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#4 – Vitamix S55

Vitamix S55 Product Image

You can find this as the best vitamix model in whole market. It offers convenience and eases of the 4 settings which are pre-programmed in personal size of blending and takes guesswork out of the processing of popular recipes. This comes with variable speed controlling feature which allows all in fine tuning the texture from chunky salsas to some purees. You can wash its parts as seals, lids, blade base, containers in dishwasher as they all are dishwasher safe which makes it clean up as easy and quick. They offer the 2 container sizing which becomes instant travelling cup with the lid in flip top form and 40 ounce of small batches of frozen desserts, sauces, soups and other.

You can call Vitamix S55 as perfect choice due to their superior designing, consistent performance, power, durability and more.  It blends well all rich mixtures, comes with long warranty and capable enough for preparing wide number of recipes. You can clean the same and can store it in your kitchen cabinet without any hassle. You can find this Vitamix blender which comes with all smart features and makes it as best choice for all that wants real blender and don’t want large capacity of model. This is one of the advanced blenders in product line. You can find it as latest model which in the series of personal blenders.

What we like about it:

The vitamix can make well baby food, batters, dips, dough in the small quantities. You can call it as the upgrade to other blenders in this series and has turned out as the favorite one for blending easily. You will get two containers in this model or different measurements which make them super portable and even come with the double wall of insulation for keeping the drinks cool during travelling time as well and fitting in kitchen pantry too.

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#5 – Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Product Image

Are you the one who is afraid to buy Vitamix due to its higher cost? Then you must put your fear factor aside and go through the honest reviews of this blender. It comes with all high performance features which are also low in cost and affordable enough for all around. Buying this will not cost you higher and comes with full size of the blenders and come with 64 ounce pitcher that might not fit the family of 4 or 3. You can use small container of 48 ounce and lowers cost as well. The warranty is also 5 years. It is equipped with around 2.0 HP motor which is strong enough for blending different recipes from the soups to smoothies.

This blender known as the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, comes with the laser cut of the stainless steel and cutting blade which is built for lasting long. It is also having a cooling fan which helps in cooling down the motor and prevents the overheating. You can find a 5 foot of the power cord, measures around 18” tall, includes mini tamper and uses small 48 ounce of the container. You can find variable speed dial & pulse, along with the warranty of 5 years. You can find it as the versatile machine which is capable enough to make wide range of the recipes from sauces to smoothies, soup, baby food and much more.

What we like about it:

This includes small 48 ounce of the container which works great for small families. You can find a powerful motor in it which is having cooling features that can last for long years. You can find pulse options and variable speed which gives everyone range of the options for making different number of the dishes. You must know that this blender has been a great success and is known as the easy to operate blender, versatile enough, dynamic and can be cleaned or stored without any hassle.

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How we choose the top vitamix blenders in our list

These experts here support all their readers with best review of top products. Similarly, they have selected high end Vitamix blenders for helping you in finding stuff that you actually need for making your cooking process much easier. They research large number of the blenders, had an in-depth conversation with top experts and tested finally 5 Vitamix models for final call. They found Vitamix blenders as best one to tackle wide number of tasks. It is bit price but worth for valuable investment. They selected these blenders and pen down some of its extraordinary features which makes it distinctive and unique for all. Its alluring features are as,

  1. Powerful motor: You can find a powerful motor of these Vitamix blenders which maintains the torque & cool temperature consistently for delivering power for all needs for process any of the ingredients.
  2. Long lasting– The motors equipped in these blenders prevents them well from overheating. Addition to overload protection, it is also built in all their blenders. They offer perfect circulation of airflow around motor.
  3. Nuanced controls: Its variable controls are also designed for creating the unique controlled vortex and fold ingredients systematically back to fast and smooth blends.
  4. Easy blend: The Vitamix blenders are known for offering rich blend and helps in making hot soups, thick smoothies and others.
  5. Durability: This blender comes with long years of durability and reliability features and even comes with 7 years of warranty.

The expert selected these blenders for after careful research and testing only.

Different types of Vitamix blenders

There are different types of the Vitamix blenders that you can find online. It comes with all alluring features. You can find different types as, smart system blenders, classic blenders and smart saving blenders. You can have a look on them and compare it easily. The following are their features as,

  • Smart system blender: They are combined with state of art design with precision and designing. This is the one which comes as the high performance of blenders with the wireless connectivity & system of the self-detect accessories or containers. They all can deliver versatility and ultimate convenience which are on the go.
  • Classic blenders: Every machine in these blender lines offers same versatility and power that one can expect from them. You can select your choice of controls which fits well cooking style, automated blending, sturdy switches and total control. They are also having the simple designing as compared to the smart system one and are ideal option to perform all tasks at hand. You can mix or match their containers for assigning them some of the jobs as reliability and superior performance which spans generation.
  • Space saving blender: This makes it easier for creating the double and single servings of favorite recipes which one can enjoy at the home or take the same on go. These blenders comes in the S-series with the 2 blending containers as, in the 20 ounce to blend individually the smoothies and 40 ounce for the small family meals.

Check out the comparison of these different types of Vitamix blenders and make your perfect choice.

Why you need best Vitamix blenders in your kitchen

Vitamix blender is not the one which is used only one or twice in a year. It is the versatile blender which you can use on daily basis. You can also call it as the commercial grade blender and go for this upgrade now. This offers the remarkable dependability, the incredible versatility and finest quality overall in industry. The products from this company are of high quality and one can bring them home for easy blending. Some of their features which make them outstanding in market for easy use are,

  • Speed: The blender power determines speed of blades. They are of high speed which runs on the 2.0 or 2.2 horse power motors.
  • Blades: The diameter and strength as well as blade sharpness determines blender performance. The long blades of these blenders are efficient enough in the wide containers and shorter ones work best in the narrow ones
  • Counter space– the space between kitchen counter & island determines blender kind which one can buy. As the vitamix blenders are of the low profiles, some of them are taller ones and fit wells under the low hang kitchen cabinets.
  • Versatility: This is one feature which the Vitamix boasts well. One can use blenders for preparing the hot soups or cold ones, the frozen treats, smoothies and even for grinding coffee or other treats.

You can call Vitamix blender as the powerful one which is easy to use and comes in attractive designing that also have variable speed control for desired blend texture.

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