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Clean water is a basic requirement for every individual. A water filter pitcher is a great option for people who are looking for convenient filtration methods for their houses. These filters can be used to remove impurities and toxicants from the water and also have a significant impact on the taste and odor of water. The filter contains charcoal that absorbs the contaminants and then the water is filled in the jug.

So, if you are looking for the best water filter pitcher, we bring for you some of the handpicked products that are the better than their adversaries

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter

Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher With Filter Product Image

Another great product that forms a part of our list is this ravishing piece from the brand Brita that is bound to give you second thoughts regarding purchasing a water filter and getting a filter pitcher instead. While looking for a filter pitcher, our biggest consideration was the quality and mechanism of the pitcher. Well, when we came across this product, it was undoubtedly the best pitcher water filter for invigorated living. The pitcher is a large, clean and clear plastic piece that is highly convenient for everyday use. It offers you the ease of use as it is easy to pour and refill.

Also, the plastic that has been used to make the pitcher is something worth mentioning for most of the people express serious concerns about the quality of the plastic used in these products. Talking about this pitcher, the product makes use of BPA free plastic filter, one which promises to remove the impurities in the water and also reduce the chlorine content present in the water for a better taste. What else? The product also removes the foul smell and other hazardous metals like lead, copper, mercury and other impurities in tap water from your kitchen faucet. The capacity of this water purifier to filter pure water is something that makes it a rightful choice for households for it is capable of filtering water suitable enough to replace 300 standard water bottles or 5 water cooler jugs.

What we liked about it:

Although when it comes to buying the best water filter pitcher for your household, the product is among the best water filter pitchers that are presently available in the market. What we really liked about the product is the fact that it is highly user friendly. This reflects in the fact that for the purpose of ensuring optimum performance, the filter has been equipped with a status indicator which helps you know the time when the filter has to be replaced.

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#2 – Brita Metro 5 Cup Water Pitcher with 1 Filter

Brita Metro Pitcher with 1 Filter, 5 Cup, Turquise

Right next in our list is yet another piece of technology that is available easily in offline and online stores and is among the best water filtration pitcher. Drinking pure and clean water is extremely essential for your health and is one of the basic requirements for every individual. The pitcher makes sure to reach out to all the individuals quenching the thirst for pure water in each household. The product contains a multi-stage water filter which includes zeolite, micro net, stone, and ceramic ball blend, activated coconut carbon charcoal and ion exchange resin all of which enhance the ph. and ORP of water for the purpose of drinking. Also, the process of demineralization ensures to add healthy minerals like calcium and selenium which enhance the nutritional value of water.

The filter pitcher is also a trusted name for removing impurities like fluorine, chlorine, chloramine, and VOCs for the purpose of making the water fit for consumption for everyday use. Also, it also removes heavy metals like arsenic and lead that might be present in tap water and also reduces the odor and improves the taste and appearance of drinking water. Thus, all of this makes this product a water filter pitcher best that one can find in this price range in the market with the convenience and a touch of modern technology offered by the product to the users.

What we liked about it:

What we really liked about the product was the fact that it offers the simplicity of use. The modernized design of the product includes an easy to fill lid system and a digital gauge to monitor the usage of filters and also depicts the time of change of the filters. Also, the fact that the filter uses ecofriendly materials and BPA free plastic also contributes to the utility of the filter in terms of offering safety.

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#3 – ZeroWater ZP-010 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

The very last product is the one which definitely stands out among the list of best water purifier pitcher. This particular product is an amazing piece of technology that has the capacity to purify 10 cups of water at a time which goes through four stages of filtering system. Drinking clean water is very important to maintain a healthy body and the filters used in the device make sure that you have easy access to pure water. Also, the LCD timer on the filter indicates when it is time to change the filters. Changing filters from time to time is essential to ensure that the water that you drink is always clean, healthy and pure. The filter cartridge used in the device is universal in nature which ensures that it fits most of the popular brands.

Tap water is poured in the filter which goes through 4 stages of filtration where it is detoxified and made free from all sorts of chemicals and heavy metals. In the first stage, the sediments are removed from the water after which the ion exchange resin reduces the copper, cadmium, mercury and zinc content in the water which takes place in the second stage. In the third stage, the coconut activated carbon improves the taste of water by reducing foul smell and tastes caused due to presence of certain impurities which then leads to stage four, in which the micro-mesh filtration provides the ultimate filtration.

What we liked about it:

What attracted us the most about the product and made us include it in our list of top products is the fact that the product adopts a systematic approach towards the process of filtration. The transparent lens in the filter aces it extremely easy to fill the pitcher. All you have to do is turn the tap on and hold the pitcher under the tap. The lens opens due to the flow of water and closes as the filter id filled with water.

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#4 – Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Product Image

What a great start to get with this amazing piece of filter pitcher which is one of the best water pitchers available in the market. If you are purchasing a water pitcher for the first time and have no idea as to where and what to buy, we would definitely suggest you buy this efficient filter. Designed specifically for the purpose of providing a healthy living and sustenance, this device contains filters that are made in the USA, thus serving as a reliable mark of its quality and durability. The plastic used in the outer body is BPA free which further testifies the authenticity of the filter. Also, the very fact that the filter lives up to all the parameters laid down according to NSF standards in terms of reduction of contaminants and impurities adds to the popularity of the product when it comes to looking for the best water pitcher filter.

The filters have been tested rigorously to make sure that they are extremely useful to remove lead, copper, Michigan and other toxic substances that are sure to cause disease under ordinary conditions. Talking about the capacity of the filter, the filter can easily purify 150 gallons of water in its lifetime which is much more than its contemporaries. Purification in this filter is done in five stages along with lead or fluoride micron pores.

What we liked about it:

What we really liked about the product is the fact that it contains superior quality filters that absorb impurities like lead and flint which shall keep your family safe from contaminants while maintaining the necessary minerals in the water. This makes it the best water filter pitcher for the lead. Apart from that, the lifetime guarantee and the highly efficient customer support offered by the brand are also something that makes it a popular choice among the customers.

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#5 – PUR CR1100C Classic 11 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Pur Classic Water Filtration System Product Image

This product explains everything when it comes to choosing a water filter pitcher over any other forms of purification devices. The product provides an easy and convenient usage to you and this is what makes it the best water filter pitcher. The product is certified for reducing up to 22 toxicants at a time and provides filtration of up to 40 gallons in a span of about 2 months. The product is a suitable choice for every household in terms of the capacity and safety that the product has to offer. The water pitcher will surely remove contaminants like lead, cadmium, and chlorine by making use of activated carbon and ion technology. Also, the affordability of clean and pure water with Pur water filter will make you give a series thought about buying this water filter pitcher for making use of this filter helps you save approximately a thousand dollars that would have been spent otherwise I purchasing bottled water.

The filter is capable of pouring 11 cups of water at a time which is more than sufficient for an ordinary family of four. Apart from that, another reason that makes it popular among the users is the fact that it is handy for use. The filter pitcher fits in easily in your fridge so that you have faster access to clean drinking water and healthy living.

What we liked about it:

The product answers the basic question that has been on the minds of so many readers that what is the best water filter pitcher? Well, the product us everything you can expect from a filter pitcher. Boasting of high-end technology and simplicity of use, the product attracts us with the indicator light that is being used to reflect the status of the filter as to when it needs replacement. The indicator technology is electronic which ensures that you will not have to worry about its accuracy.

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How we choose the top water filter pitcher in our list

Now that we have finished with our review of some of the best water filter pitchers available in the market, we would like to tell you the parameter that we follow to choose the products to be a part of our list. The best pitcher filter product has to have some of the basic features that differentiate it from other products in the market. The very first thing that we took note of was the quality of material that was used in the designing of the product.

We made sure that all the products on our list conform to certain standards and therefore we can assure you of the fact that all the products are completely reliable. Whether it comes to the plastic used in the manufacturing or the filters used, these pitchers shall not disappoint you at any level. The plastic used is BPA free which further justifies our claim. Apart from that, the other thing that we took note of was the quality of filters used for the purpose of filtration.

A water pitcher is a device that is meant to provide pure water to you and your family and therefore it becomes necessary to take care of the quality of filters that are used in the making of these filters. We can assure you of the fact that all the products that form a part of our review list are equipped with filters that provide you clean and pure water that is free from lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. Also, the filter also removes any sort of unpleasant smell or taste that is found in tap water.

Different types of water filter pitcher:

When we talk about buying the water filter pitchers best of our list, we mean to say that we bring for you a variety of products to choose from. The basic point of difference was the quality of filters used in the device and the mechanism that is used for the purpose of filtering water. Some of the common materials used for filter pitcher are:

Carbon filters vs. metallic alloy filters– The quality if filter used in the manufacturing of filter is worth mentioning. Carbon filters make use of activated carbon or charcoal for the purpose of removing impurities and contaminating substances. Whereas metallic alloy filters make use of alloys made by combining superior quality metals for the purpose of providing complete filtration. The basic difference in both the filters is that while carbon filters are more adept at removing contaminants from the tap water from your kitchen sink, the alloy filters are more useful in removing harmful chemicals and heavy metals from the water. Although the process of filtration occurs quite fast in the case of carbon filter as it does not have to pass through many stages like that of ordinary tap water.

Depth filters and ceramic filters– For a deeper cleansing of tap water all you have to do is invest in a depth filter that offers complete protection from germs and bacteria and other harmful chemicals. A depth filter absorbs all the impurities from the water, thus making it totally safe for human consumption. Ceramic filter son the other hand, greatly rely on the traditional method of drug removal. PUR Classic Water Filtration System is an excellent product that is based on an exquisite filtration system which also makes it a perfect choice for your home.

Why do you need the best water filter pitcher in your kitchen?

Clean and pure water is the basic requirement of every individual. Since our body is made up of 70% of water, the need, and the importance of water is indispensable. Drinking water that is contaminated and infected with germs can lead to various diseases. A water filter pitcher is an amazing device that helps you to remove impurities from the water by following multiple steps for filtration. You need the best pitcher filter so as to ensure that your family is safe and healthy for the best filter pitcher gives you all-round protection from germs and impurities, thus making it a perfect option for big and small families.

A water filter pitcher not only filters the chlorine and other chemicals but is also equally deft in changing the ph. of water to suit the needs of the user. Alkaline water is safer and healthier for the health of a person as compared to acidic water and these pitchers change the alkaline composition of water. The reason why we suggest this particular device to all our readers is that it offers the convenience of use and protection at the same time. We love washing our cookware in purified water!

The derive removes harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium, chlorine, mercury, sulfates and others too that might affect your health. Apart from this, the filter is extremely easy to use as well. All you have to do is pour in the tap water and then wait for it to filter and come down due to the force of gravity. Thus, a filter pitcher makes it extremely easy for you to have access to pure drinking water.

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