Best Websites Sites for People Who Love to Cook


Best Websites Sites for People Who Love to Cook

Where do you go when you want to get the full cooking experience where they actually tell you something useful? Maybe you want to know what the latest cooking gadgets are like and in-depth product reviews and recipes. Perhaps there’s a new method of cooking you haven’t tried yet and you want to see how it’s done. Well, lucky for you, there are such sites that combine all that and more. Here are some highly informative sites that are made for people who like to cook.

Cooks Illustrated- America’s Test Kitchen

At the top of our list, we highly recommend Cook’s Illustrated because they offer so much of everything. Their review guide not only tests new equipment but everyday gadgets that make cooking easier. Nothing is left to chance since they offer solutions to how they are best used. Are you looking for a new recipe to try? Their recipe page is amazing and filled with informative info and pictures detailing the process from start to finish. They also have taste tests, buying guides, videos, and the science behind cooking. They’re also the home of America’s Test Kitchen that routinely tests all the newest recipes you can imagine. Check them out!

Cookware Junkies

Here’s another site that conducts testing and presents videos and writeups of their results. Nothing fancy, just everyday kitchen products that you’d never expect to find a detailed analysis on. Cookware Junkies is designed as an informative one-stop-shop for appliances, cookware, knives, and baking. They even have a review of the best and worst frozen pizzas. The site offers a little value outside of everyday products. They don’t have a whole lot of recipes, but they do have step-by-step info on cooking and baking, using common kitchen tools. If you want to get more out of your cooking tools and touch upon some cooking basics then this site is for you.


Being curious is what cooking is all about, but if you can find a website that gives you an idea too, this is it! Epicurious is a website that offers recipes, advice, info on ingredients, Holidays and events, and even tutorial videos. They help you to understand kitchen appliances and determine which is best for you. They offer advice for the right kind of cookbooks that are trending and recipes that are fast and easy. They’ll even tell you what type of kitchen tool is best for preparing your meal. Are you curious yet, then take a look at what they can offer you?

Fine Cooking

Are you ready to get the all-inclusive look at the art of cooking? Fine Cooking is centered on mainly recipes and ingredients, but also helpful reviews of dishes that are the best. Do you want to know which burger recipe is better, they can help you choose. How about listening to some podcast episodes, they’ll give you more info on cooking from home. They offer plenty of ‘How-To’ cooking advice, research into ingredients, holiday, and seasonal favorites. If you like watching helpful cooking videos, Fine Cooking has them too. Don’t miss out on this site.

Baking Bites

How could we forget a site that’s dedicated to sweets and treats? Baking Bites has what you like to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re still growing their site, but it’s already packed with plenty of recipes ranging from pastries to dinner dishes. You’ll also find plenty of info on preparing drinks too. They also have a section on How-To and cooking tips in your kitchen. Learn about the different ingredients with informative food reviews. You’ll also see how they cover tools and gadgets, cookbooks, and product reviews. No stone is left flipped-over at this neat little site. They get to the bottom of cooking secrets you’ll want to know.

Serious Eats

How serious are you about cooking? When it comes to product reviews, appliances, and recipes, Serious Eats is a cut above most informative sites. They cover all the latest products and compare them with others. This gives you an idea of what’s out there and what is best for your kitchen needs. How about looking for a recipe for any time of the year, you’ll find it here. There is a section for cooking methods that might change your mind about alternative ideas you haven’t tried yet. In their culture section, you may learn about food history and the science behind recipes. You’ll also find an outdoor dining guide aside from an incredible social distancing that is happening currently. Want to know more, take a look at what they can offer you.

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