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Are you a new enthusiast to the world of wine? Wine is very popular to most countries in Europe and Americas, where the climate is cold to extreme cold and that is one reason, people in those places are indulge in it. One method to maximize the taste of a wine is called decantation. Wines are known to be tastier, as it age older.  While it is being kept in the storage, it become tighter inside as the sediments are very tightly intact to the wine itself. That is the reason for the need of a decanter, which allows the oxygen to separate the sediments, producing, a tastier wine.

Among the many decanters available in the market, the task now is to find the best decanter.  Below is a review of the best decanters in the market.  Whether, it’s a white wine decanter, or a red wine decanter.  This review will help you choose the best decanter for your wine. This article will focus on a review of one of the best decanter in the market today.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 picks, we’re going to go into what we like about each one. Once you find the one that’s right for you, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon.

#1 – Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator Product Image

  • Instant Aeration Capability. This machine is capable of aeration very instantly and using the bernoulli Effect, by including a large aeration chamber, complimented by large air intake. Infusing the wine with large amount of oxygen, allow it to produced a perfect wine and doubling the value of it.
  • Anti-leak Features. The decanter is fitted with rubber that will fit all sizes of bottles, that makes it impossible to produce leakage.  The spout is designed a little bit inclined to avoid spilling of wine in the table cloth.
  • Cleaning and maintenance. In this kind of decanter, maintenance and cleaning is hassle free. Designed to be dismantled, you can just run it underwater for a very effortless cleaning.  With its dismantling features, storage is also not an issue.
  • Design and Materials. It is perfectly design to much the elegance of your kitchen and the level of your tastes. It is also made of materials approved by the FDA, making it safe for anybody’s use.  It also makes it as a perfect gift material, for any occasion at hand.
  • Wow, this product goes with a lifetime guarantee. It comes with a money back guarantee for any un-satisfied purchases.  That is how this product being marketed.  The manufacturers has every confident, that this product exceeds the standard quality, required of it.

What I like in the product

Its complete packaging, make me decide that it should be in the top of the list.  It was designed with a big chamber for the wine and its large air intake, allows a better decanting process.  It also has a dismantling capability, which allows an easy maintenance and cleaning process and easy storing advantage.  It also boosts of a very good after sales package, which comes up with a “ refund if unsatisfied option”, that makes it more convincing to the customers.

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#2 – Aervana One Touch Luxury Wine Aerator.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter Product Image

This one aerator has some features that will give them an advantage, compared to the other products. The following are:

  • Fast and Instant Aeration Capability. One of the best features of this product is its fast decanting capability.  With just a push of a button, the wine is decanted and being transferred towards your glass immediately.
  • User Friendly. It is very easy to use. There not a need to lift the aerator to be able to pour it in the glass.  Thus it reduced the chance of spillage. Just a simple push of the button, it will give you an experience of the best wine and smell its aroma.
  • Best in its category. It is designed to allow, more air contact to the surface of the wine, which in turn speed up oxidation.
  • It has a unique capability that will enable the sediments to remain in the bottom of the glass and not going into your glass.
  • Its packaging is also a plus.  It already includes 2 tubes, batteries and the user manual.
  • They offer a far reach in delivery. It means that where ever you are, you can enjoy a very tasty wine.  You will be able to enjoy and experience decanting wine with their machine, the Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator.

What makes me like the product

I like the machine, because of its capability to decant faster than what other machine can do. I also like the features, which allow the sediment to stay just in the bottom of the decanter, not allowing it to flow through the glass.  It will assure you of a perfectly decanted and pure wine.  That makes it produce an aroma that cannot be experience in other decanted wine.  Its design allowing for a bigger contact with the surface is a plus factor.

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#3 – Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Waerator WA-A01-BK Instant 1-Button Aeration Decanter Electric Wine Aerator Product Image

  • It is a pure lead free crystal. . Its composition and design is very essential to complement a modern kitchen and all its features. An elegant kitchen will always be good, if it is well complimented by equally elegant equipment.
  • Its size is 1,800 ml, which make it more capable of processing a 1,700 ml of wine. Its composition and design is very essential to complement a modern kitchen and all its features.  Its open design also allows air to flow freely in to the decanter.  Its size gives a standard 1700ml bottle of wine a bigger space within the decanter.  With that big space, the decanting process produced a more tasty wine.
  • User Friendly. It is also designed to make pouring the wine easy. The possibility of spoilage is minimal.  IOt can easily be handled, by anybody else.
  • A Gift Material. This decanter can also be a gift for any occasion. You can give this to friends and relatives in any possible occasion.  This is a perfect gift for parents, siblings, and friends old and young alike and to anyone who needs it. Gift giving is very satisfying, when you knew that the recipient likes the present and it gives more value to him/her. Le chateau Wine Decanter will surely add value to their lives and will change the way they look at wine.

What I like about the product

The materials of this product, attracts me most.  Being  lead free is a bonus factor and it gives us an assurance, that we are drinking a wine not only tasty, but chemical free at that.  The bigger in its body is giving it an advantage, compared to the other product in the market.  It will also assure you of a more decanted wine.  it is easy to clean the inner part of the decanter, because of its size.

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#4 – Waerator WA-A01-BK. This is an Instant 1-Button Aeration & Decanter Electric Wine Aerator


Aficionado Wine Aerating Decanter by Brilliant Product Image

This equipment has the following features.

  • One button Capability. This one is capable of softening tannins and giving a very luxurious taste of your wine, with just one button. Very easy to use, in a very simple design.  It doesn’t confuse the user and it doesn’t complicate
  • This machine can be use for red wines and other selected white wines. Whatever wine it, it will give the best of them.
  • Anti-Spill and Sediment Features. It’s designed to have dual spout system, prevents spillage and sediment from pouring to the glass.
  • Storage Capability. This machine is fitted with air tight rubber features.  This allowed the wine to remain fresh, until such time it is opened.  So you can drink some and just reseal it with the air tight rubber.  You don’t have to worry about your wine losing its freshness.
  • Special Offer. Because of its partnership with a known magazine, which gives people with much information about the wine industry, there is a gift for every purchase of its product. Upon purchased of its decanter, comes a 6 months
  • Subscription of the wine magazine. This will make you aware of the latest in the wine industry and learn more about the best wines in the world.
  • Purchasing this machine comes with another extra bonus. Shipping is free of charge.

What I like best in this product

The product comes with one button functionality and for me, it is cool. It’s being simple to operate, makes more durable to handle.  There is a very little change for it to complicate with other parts and it allow an easy maintenance.  Another thing that fascinates me, is its capability to store in a longer period of time.  Its air tightness, keeps the freshness within.  It retain its freshness, until such time, you will open it again.

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#5 – Aficionado wine Aerating Decanter

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer Product Image

  • It is elegantly designed to process decantation in a simple step. You just have to insert the decanter to the bottle and by reversing it, the contents of the bottle, pours inside the decanter.  You can serve it directly from the decanter or you may want to flip it, allowing the wine to pour back to the bottle.  And there you can serve it from the bottle. The only disadvantage is its process of decantation.  Flipping the bottle with the decanter, gives a possibility of spillage or even damage to decanter and the bottle, if not handled properly. There is a big possibility for the decanter and the bottle to fall together and breaking both, in the process.
  • It is made of a quality glass and it is handmade.  It doesn’t come up with button to press or any handle at all.
  • It is of the average size, but the shape is smaller in the entrance and becoming wider at the bottom.
  • It also offers free shipping to all its customers.
  • Its Button less. This feature makes this decanter unique from its contemporary. There is nothing to worry of ever damaging a button or any parts, as it is mechanical by nature. The whole decantation process is only done by flipping the bottle and the decanter together. The concept makes it simple.

What I like about the product:

What I like about the product is its design, which doesn’t need anything to decant a wine. By just simply flipping it, you will taste the aroma of a wine.  No damage button to worry and it’s being transparent, adds to its elegant look.  Coupled with the knowledge that it’s handmade, comes the confidence of its durability and quality. Being of the average size makes it more comfortable to store, but at the same, produce the same quantity, as the others in the market.

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How we chose the top Decanter in this list?

There are many ways in choosing the right product, from the many available in the market today.  And in this case, one way we considered to choose this product, is examining its features.

The following are the thing to consider.

  1. The design is important, because it draws a picture of the product. By looking at the design, you can picture if, it is easy to operate, clean and easy to keep. These are the basic things to consider.  Take note that you won’t only be using this once, but many times.
  2. It is also important to take note of the size. The more the size of a product, the more it is difficult to handle. It will also require more space in your kitchen.
  3. One thing that was considered was its availability. We check on the retailers and stores on its availability. The more stores selling a product, is an evident of its quality.
  4. When buying a product, you should have to consider the function’s that came with it. There are products which has multi-function capability, at the same price. It has a large air intake capability and a bigger chamber, which makes decanting more precise.  The design that allows it to be disassembled after used is a plus factor.  It will be easier to store and clean.
  5. After Sales Service. We also have to consider the package that comes with the product. The warranty and the availability of service centers, they have. Sometimes, we may need to have our machine checked or repaired.  We choose a product that has a service capability, near our location.  The best after sales feature is the “refund if not satisfied option.”

Why do you need a Decanter in your kitchen?

Many people think that wine decanters are only being use by people who are hooked up to wine or the so called wine buff.  But, it’s a wrong perception. Yes, as a wine buff, this machine is very essential to them.  It will signify a certain belonging. It will be a proof, that wine is part of your everyday life.

Second, if you really love wine, your aim is not just to be able to drink the wine, but, to be able to get the most of it and the best taste and aroma it can offer.  If a decanter can make a wine taste better, then you should have one, in your kitchen.

Third, as a wine buff, you will be drinking wine if not every day, so often.  You will be drinking wine not only on special occasion, but, you may make it a habit to drink, before going to sleep. Or you will be inviting friends to your house, from time to time and want to offer the best wine you have.

Lastly, with a wine decanter, you can buy an ordinary wine and still will be able to maximize its taste.

So, why not keep one, in your kitchen.  Buy an Aervan One-touch Luxury Wine Aerator, for your kitchen. It will make wonders for you and the way you look at wine.  It will also boost your confidence about wine and also, you may be able to use this for other purposes.

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