5 Best Wine Decanters For Your Kitchen

As you know, wine tends to get tastier as it gets older. That is the reason why most expensive wines are the ones that have been stored for decades. Unfortunately, while they are being kept in storage houses, they become tighter inside as the sediments are very tightly intact to the wine itself. To bring back its life and to make it tastier, there is a need for oxygen to separate these sediments.

Lucky for you, I am here to tell you the simplest way to do it: DECANTATION. It does the work of maximizing the taste of wine for you. However, with lots of decanters being offered in the market, which one should you pick? That would be a tough call given that they are all lovely. 

Well, worry no more as I personally handpicked the five best wine decanters for your kitchen! Join me as I scrutinize the best features of these five wine decanters. Let’s judge all of them together and decide which one is best for your kitchen! 

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That preview seems promising, doesn’t it? Well, before you decide which wine decanter you should have, let’s talk about each one’s features and details first. After that, you can easily pick your choice from these five best wine decanters by clicking the yellow buttons below to get their absolute best price on Amazon. So, let’s dive in and look for the best decanter for your kitchen!

#1 – Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Le Chateau Wine Decanter - Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass - Red Wine Carafe - Wine Gift - Wine Accessories

  • Elegant and Lead-free. Anyone would be impressed by the look of this decanter’s modern and elegant figure. Besides its capability to amplify the ambiance of your kitchen, you can also be sure of your safety as it is 100 percent lead-free. Most of all, it is perfect in almost any bottle of wines like pinot noir, port, cabernet, and merlot.
  • Bigger Space. This decanter is 1800 ML in size which makes it capable of processing at least 750ML of wine. Does it matter? YES. With its open space feature, there is more space for your wine to flow freely and breathe. This is through the unique design of its wide bottom that allows maximum aeration. This means that there would be sufficient oxygenation for your wine to make it more aromatic and flavorful in every sip.
  • Simple. There are lots of decanters out there that promise modern features and designs. However, the simplicity of Le chateau Wine Decanter makes it stand out among others. You can easily use this decanter without any manual or any complex instructions. This makes this decanter the best: simple yet practical and elegant.
  • Easy Pour Slanted Spout. Its large slanted top isn’t only designed to provide aeration for your wine. Its unique design also avoids unwanted spills and drips which every wine lover surely hates.
  • Perfect Present. If there is one thing that can outdo any gift on any occasion, that would be the Le chateau Wine Decanter. With its elegance, anyone would surely be impressed. This makes it the perfect gift to your friends, your husband, your wife, or even for yourself! That is a fact: No one can beat this best wine decanter.

What We Like About the Product

The most remarkable feature of Le chateau Wine Decanter is its simplicity and safety. With its lead-free material, you wouldn’t just be able to relish a tasty and aromatic wine but you would also be assured that you’re safe from the danger of lead.

Most of all, I really fancy the ample space it provides through its bottom’s wide diameter. Without a doubt, it could surely give your wine the maximum aeration you are looking for.

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#2 – Vinvoli Wine Aerator

VINVOLI Wine Aerator - New 2021 Luxury Wine Air Aerator - Red Wine Decanter Aerator - Wine Aerator Wine Pourer - Wine Filter Sulfite Soften - Wine Decanters Areators for Wine Bottle - WineGuide Ebook

  • Superior Aeration. It has the capability to transform the taste and bouquet of your wine instantly. With its unique design, air could be easily infused into the wine while it is being poured. With this, the tannins and other less favorable compounds are softened and are broken apart. This lets you savor and detect the distinct taste and key characteristics of your wine. One proof of its efficacy is the bubbles it leaves to your glass as you pour your wine. This is a good indication of oxygen presence in your wine.
  • Modern Design. Unlike any other conventional-looking wine aerator, the Vinvoli Wine Aerator comes with a modern yet simple look. Its pouring spout is made of acrylic that sets it apart from most of the wine aerators made of glass.
  • Space-saving Aerator. If you are someone who doesn’t fancy having huge decanters on your table, this could be what you are looking for. With its small size, you can put it easily almost anywhere.
  • Hassle-free Cleaning. Cleaning it is absolutely not a problem. Since it is not made of glass, you can be sure of its sturdiness which is a common issue to most wine tools. Just put it under warm water and in a minute or two, you would be able to enjoy it again.

What We Like About the Product

What I really adore about Vinvoli Wine Aerator is its utter capability to give wine a fuller and smoother taste. This is through the absolute aeration it offers which is manifesting through the bubbles it always leaves in your glass. Lastly, buying this product is totally risk-free as it guarantees product replacement or refund. Sweet!

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#3 – Wine Decanter Built-in Aerator Pourer

Wine Decanter Built-in Aerator Pourer, Wine Carafe Red Wine Decanter,100% Lead-free Crystal Glass, Wine Hand-held Aerator, Wine Gift, Wine Accessories

  • Waterfall Bottle Neck Design. While pouring your wine, this decanter makes the effort of spreading it 360 degrees along its entire glass body. This provides the wine to get more contact area to the air leading to a complete decanting effect.
  • Faster Aerating Effect. While the traditional decanters would give you at least half an hour to get a favorable decanting effect, this decanter allows you to experience the same quality of decantation in just three to five minutes!
  • Double-layered Filter. With its doubled-layer system of filtering impurities, you can be certain that you would have a smooth taste of wine and not a single speck of sediment would be poured into your glass.
  • Beauty and Practicality. While most of the decanters in the market set aside practicality for the sake of beauty, this decanter manages to focus on both. From its wide bottom that provides sufficient space for aeration to its waterfall design that promotes maximum aeration, it is no doubt that it is crafted with function in each detail.

What We Like About the Product

The best part about Wine Decanter Built-in Aerator Pourer is its practicality. Each of its designs serves a purpose and that’s the reason that puts it on our list. That said, this makes this decanter the perfect gift for any occasion!

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#4 – GoodGlassware Wine Decanter

Le Chateau Wine Decanter - Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass - Red Wine Carafe - Wine Gift - Wine Accessories

  • Aeration Capability. The GoodGlassware Wine Decanter provides ample space for your wine. That said, your wine would be able to aerate properly as there is enough space for it to flow and breathe.
  • Safe and Lead-free. This decanter is made with the highest quality lead-free, recycled glass. This ensures you that not a tint of unwanted chemical would mix with your wine. 
  • Huge Size. With its height of 12.9 inches and a base diameter of 10 inches, it is no doubt that you would be able to pour at least 44 Ounces of wine into it. This is a good decanter for you especially if you would have numerous friends or relatives visiting you this weekend!
  • Easy To Clean. Despite the fact that GoodGlassware Wine Decanter is made of glass, it is a decanter that doesn’t break easily like those ones in the market that need utter care. That said, its break-resistant and dishwasher-safe features make it one of your best options on our list!

What We Like About the Product

The sturdiness of this wine steals the limelight from other decanters. The GoodGlassware Wine Decanter, despite being a glass, can promise you of a tough physical feature.

Also, the overall figure of this decanter gives you a slip-free grip. Beyond its beauty and elegance, every angle it has offers practicality and function.


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#5 – Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

  • Super-Aerating Capability. If your main concern is the ability of a decanter to aerate and decant wine in the fastest way possible, Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System must be the best wine decanter for your kitchen. It offers instant aeration for your wine through its own super-aeration system.
  • Spray Feature. This hand-blown crystal decanter has a crystal wine spray funnel and a super-fine sediment screen for a satisfying millimeter filter system. Through this funnel, the wine is turned into tiny particles and is sprayed to the sides of the decanter. This allows the wine to pick up oxygen giving way for maximum aeration to take place.
  • Wine Taste enhancement. Through the high assurance of aeration, your wine’s taste would surely be changed whether we are talking about the cheap or expensive ones. It removes the bite from your red wine and gives you a smooth classic taste you would certainly enjoy in every sip.
  • Dishwasher-Safe. If you are thinking of the possibility of sediments accumulating on this decanter’s funnel and screen, I say you shouldn’t worry. It is because this decanter’s funnel and screen are dishwasher-safe. That said, you can be sure that cleaning it won’t give you a hard time.

What We Like About the Product

The detailed production of this product makes it one of our ideal suggestions for you. From the super-fine filter that is fine as a millimeter to its hand-blown body, you can make sure that it is produced with pure dedication. Lastly, with its spray system, you can be sure of aeration that could greatly affect the taste of the wine you are going to pour in it.

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Wine Decanter Buyer’s Guide

It is undeniable that there are lots of beautiful decanters out there. However, if you are trying to look for the best ones, don’t stop at the physical features that they offer. Remember to always consider the functionality of the item if you really want to experience a world-class taste of wine.

With that, here are the qualities that you should look for in each decanter.

  1. Design. I am not just pertaining to the appearance of the item. Instead, I sought for the impression each one makes when it comes to the practicality and simplicity of use.
  2. Size. We all have our preferences when it comes to the sizes of the decanters we are using. Some opt for the big ones while others opt for the small ones. However, each one has a reason. By having huge decanters, you could be sure that there is sufficient space for aeration. On the other hand, having a small one saves you space in the kitchen. This is the reason for the variation of sizes of the decanters presented.
  3. Availability. Perhaps, it is more simple to say that I looked for the numbers of people who chose the items. We also checked for the retailers and stores on its availability. The reason? The more stores selling a product, the more it is evident that the product has good quality.
  4. Functions. This is the one you should always look for besides the beauty an item offers. When buying a product, you should have to consider the functions that come with it. If it is possible, look for the decanter that offers you multiple functions. I mean, spend your money wisely! Go for the ones worthy of your money!
  5. After Sales Service. We also have to consider the package that comes with the product. That includes the warranty and the availability of service centers. If you could find a product with a promising line “refund if not satisfied,” well, I say that is a safe product to purchase.