5 Best Wine Storage Cabinets for your Kitchen


Whether it is a small date with your loved one or a grand wedding, wine will help you to celebrate the moment quite happily. But your favorite drink requires a lot of care and safety to get matured and relish your taste buds, for this you need best wine storage cabinet in your kitchen.

Whether you are a collector of the drink or just a lover of its taste the wine storage cabinets will help you get your wine age properly. This review of different wine storage cabinet will help you immensely to select the best one for your home.

Wine Storage Cabinet Review Center 2020

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#1 – Winsome Ancona Wine Cabinet with Glass Rack

Winsome Ancona Wine Cabinet With Glass Rack Product Image

If you are looking to get the best storage unit for storing your wine which is simple yet serves its purpose, then this is the product for you. This wooden wine cabinet will serve you immensely as it is sturdy and has strength to endure every weather type. It is termite and dust proof which will makes it a great choice for the lovers of the drink. The cabinet can hold around 20 bottles of wine which will help you to sort out the various variety and types of wine properly. It can hold more than 10 glasses of wines. The espresso finishes that the product is available in makes it look extremely elegant and beautiful.

Assembling this cabinet is not a big deal as it could be assembled by anyone easily. Hence, you won’t face any trouble getting the pieces of the product together. The size of the product meets all the standards that are required. The quality of the product is very good and serves its purpose very well. Bottles of every size could fit inside the cabinet and allow you to sort them perfectly. The warranty that is provided by the company makes its customers care free about the quality doubts that they might be having. Overall it is a great product at such a price point that will entertain you.

What we like about it:

The wine glass rack that can hold up to around 10 wine glasses, adds value to the product. It is made of solid wood that makes strong and long lasting which will make this product serve you for a huge amount of time. The three styles in which this rack is available provides variety to the buyers who are looking for the product. The finish of the cabinet makes it look elegant and nice.

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#2 – South Shore Vietti Bar Cabinet with Bottle and Glass Storage

 South Shore Vietti Bar Cabinet With Bottle And Glass Storage Product Image

This could be the best you might be looking for from a long time. This wooden cabinet which is used to store your bottles of liquor will surely inspire you. Its beautiful design of metal handles brushed with the nickel finish will help you impress your friends and family. This rack is furnished with a built-in rack which might hold up to 8 wine glasses of standard size. All the compartments and the storages that are given in this cabinet serve you to the fullest. The sliding storage compartment that comes with an adjustable shaft is great for storing bottles whose heights are much greater than the standard size bottles. Deep drawer style of this sliding drawer allows a user to store around 12 tall bottles in the cabinet quite easily.

This cabinet is made and styled in Canada. It is laminated with a non-toxic particleboard that looks good on the product. The side towel hanger adds value to the product. The assembling of the product is quite easy and doesn’t require any tool to assemble it, with only two people you would be able to assemble the product nicely. There is no need to worry about the quality of the product as the company has already covered it with the five-year warranty that it provides to its customers.

What we like about it:

It has a rack that can hold up to 8 glasses of wine. There is a holder that is used for holding towels which will help you to clean your glass and bottle. There is a dedicated storage that would help you store bottles are tall. The assembling of the product doesn’t require much of your labor; it could be assembled by two people quite easily without the use of any tools.

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#3 – Monarch Specialties I 2543, Home Bar

Monarch Specialties I 2543, Home Bar Product Image

This ladder style wine storage cabinet is a state of art. Its design is really appealing and catches hold of everyone’s sight irrespective of the place it is placed. The dark color of the product allows it to go with the style and color of almost everything that is available in the room. There are four open shelves that are there in the cabinet that will allow its user to display many bottles to your guests. There is a suspended stem glass holder that is provided in the cabinet with openings to hold the stems of the wine glasses.

The bottle storage is big and it can store 15 bottles in it. There is a dedicated drawer for placing bar accessories in the cabinet. The particleboard material of the product is of good quality and seems to serve the user for great amount of time. There is a hanger of wine glasses that is also present in the cabinet that allows a user to hang the wine glasses in it. It has a practical design and elegant look that makes it an excellent gifting option. You could gift it to your loved one on any occasion be it a housewarming party, at Christmas or at their wedding. It forms a great Place to form and mix cocktails and enjoy the taste of your drink. So, go and buy before they sold out.

What we like about it:

The cappuccino color of the product will complement almost everything of the room and add charm to your home. The style of this ladder like cabinet is very pleasing and takes the viewer with an awe. It forms as a great gift to a person who is a wine collector. The size of the product is much larger than many of the products on the list which allows this wine cellar cabinet to store more bottles.

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#4 – Ameriwood Home Carver Bar Cabinet

Ameriwood Home Carver Bar Cabinet Product Image

If you are looking for taking the best care of your favorite, then this is the perfect refrigerated wine storage that might help you achieve that goal. This gray colored refrigerated wine cabinet looks extremely graceful and beautiful wherever you place it. Entertain your guests with the style this gorgeous looking cabinet. There is enough space for storage that is provided in the cabinet for storing the wine as there are cubbies dedicated for storing wine bottles present there in the cabinet. You would be able to store and sort out your bottles nicely with its help. The two drawers and two hidden shelves that are provided in the cabinet are highly useful as they provide a space for storing your essential bar items and the glasses for serving wine.

There are problems faced by many people to assemble most of the refrigerated wine cabinets but this cabinet could be easily assembled by two adults. This saves your money which you would have spent on its assembling. The soft gray finish looks exquisite and the brown woodgrain accents adds charm to the cabinet and makes it a center of attraction wherever it is kept. The material used to make this cabinet is painted MDF and laminated particleboard which is strong and durable. Hence, it would serve you for a great amount of time providing you the best taste of wine you deserve.

What we like about it:

The cabinet is provided with two hidden shelves which you might use to place your bottles in and save them from direct heat and lighting. The cabinet is absolutely insulated from the outside environment and hence save your wine from humidity and dust. The lower shelves serve you in two different ways. First, you could use it as a flat separator. Secondly, you can use it with raised separators. If you are on a hunt of refrigerated wine storage cabinets then this is surely the product for you.

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#5 – Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood High Storage Wine Rack

 Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood High Storage Wine Rack Product Image

If you are looking for an all-round solution to your wine collection storage problem, then this is the product for you. This solid cabinet made up of from the wood of pine tree is one of its kind. The wooden material adds strength and durability to the product to make it serve you for a larger period than expected by anyone. The design of the product is crafted from the hands of the artisans on the finest quality of pine wood. The color of honey brown makes it look a little vintage and hence, this makes it complement everything else present in the room. The protective NC lacquer highlights almost every piece of the furniture adding extra charm to it.

The wooden framed tempered glass door that guards the two adjustable shelves allows a user to flaunt his collection more properly to his guests. This wine storage furniture refrigerator allows you to store your wine glasses properly on the shelves that are provided and hence makes it a one stop of wine storage. This wine storage racks will be helping you immensely to sort different types and brands of wines and lets the user to use it to hold up to 15 bottles of wine. This furniture style wine refrigerator will allow its user to sort and try their best quality of wine with pleasure and style.

What we like about it:

This product got its credibility due to its material. It is made up of solid wood that lets it have an edge over its competitors which are made up of particleboard. It is solid and sturdy and have strength to withstand almost every type of environment. The color of the product helps it to have a vintage looks that looks great. The doors that have glass installed in it makes a user showcase his collection more properly. In the world of wine cellar cabinets this cabinet is probably one of the best.

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How we choose the top wine storage cabinets in our list

This list was made after a well performed and studied result. Various types and brands of the product were studied and put to test when this list was made. To have a better understanding of the real-time usage of the products the feedbacks of the customers who have used or are still using the product was collected and studied. A technical team consider all the technicalities of the product. The points that acted as the measure of ranking are given below:

  • Steady cooling – A cooling system that doesn’t fluctuates is required to help your wine get matured. Wine storage cabinets temperature-controlled system will help you have a steady temperature is best suited to any wine lover. As a hot temperature would destroy the quality of the wine and a chilled temperature would tend to destroy the smoothness of the wine.
  • Capacity – This is a pretty important factor when buying wine cabinets are concerned. If the capacity of your wine cabinet is less you won’t be able to store many bottles in it and hence it would not be able to serve its purpose.
  • Insulation – The factor of insulation is important as the environment you are going to keep your wine cabinet will affect it. Due to this a proper storage that is properly insulated from the outside environment is necessary.
  • Space for storage – If your wine storage cabinet is having space to store in all the accessories that come with the wine then it’s a great option you surely might like to consider.

Different types of wine storage cabinets

If you are a wine enthusiast, then you would be probably having some knowledge about the different storing options that a person has when storage of wine is concerned. Many people interchange these types and think that they are all the same. But depending upon their efficiency and usage these are very different from each other and a person could choose the best storing option that suits his/her needs. Some of the basic types of wine storages are given below:

  • Cabinet – This is one of the sturdiest type of wine storage. They are more or likely the reminiscent of a common cabinet that you might be having in your living room or kitchen pantry in your kitchen. It is furnished with a door that keeps dust and other unwanted things reach your precious beverage. They have room for various other wine accessories that need some space.
  • Cellar – A wine cellar is an efficient way to store your wine. It is non-portable type of storage. They are basically rooms that are devoted only for storing wines. Mostly present in the basement they offer a great care for your wine.
  • Cooler – A wine cooler, or wine fridge, is an excellent choice that you have for storing your wine. It would provide the best care a wine needs to be relishing. It would provide optimum temperature to help it mature, save it from direct lighting and prevent humidity enter it.
  • Rack – The wine racks are the most common form of wine storage. They are like a common rack that is used to stack up your wine.

Why do you need the best wine storage cabinets in your kitchen?

Collecting and drinking wine is one of the most common hobby a gentleman would be having. But wine needs care and safety just like all the good things that are present in this world. You would be aware that nice and proper aging only results in a good wine. Wine storage units will help you to store your beloved drink. There is a totally different ballgame that a wine cabinet plays, some of the factors that will let you get better knowledge of why refrigerated wine cabinets furniture are needed in your kitchen, are given below.

  1. Keep it safe – If you are having basic knowledge of the drink then you would know wine needs the utmost care. Slightest of the things would tend to ruin the taste of a great wine. You need to provide proper cooling to it as heat is considered the biggest enemy of your wine. Humidity and lighting also tend to destroy the taste of the drink.
  2. Steadiness that it requires – You need steady value of temperature for your wine. As a temperature that is too low would contract the liquid in the bottle and the temperature that is too high would tend to ruin its taste.
  3. Sort it out – By having a cabinet you would be able to sort out your wines properly and would help the cork stay wet.

There are many reasons that support the use of wine storage cabinet in your kitchen. Therefore, don’t waste your time and get the best wine storage that suits you.

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