Best Chefs in Boston

This is our list of the 5 best chefs in Boston this year. Keep in mind, it’s often said today that Boston, Massachusetts, is slowly becoming America’s newest culinary hub. The food industry here just continues to grow rapidly — Each season is filled with new exciting restaurants.

Not unlike a few other cities in the USA, Boston’s restaurant scene is gradually filling up with new dining spots, each catering to your taste and budget.  You can try out your favorite Italian, Japanese, French, Mexican, Chinese, and a whole lot of other culinary options at these places. Plus, you can go for the city’s favorite dishes – Clam chowder, lobster rolls, and Boston cream pie.

So here is a list of the best chefs that this city has to offer. All of them run top-rated restaurants, which we were lucky enough to have dined in. And as a whole, they have considerably contributed to the development of Boston’s culinary scene. Of course, before trying out the food in their restaurants, we asked around. We contacted our friends in Boston, most of whom are passionate foodies and home cooks. We also talked to our fellow pro chefs at the social groups and online communities where we hang out to discuss related stuff. And here’s what we found out:

Top Chefs in Boston

Patricia Estorino 

Together with her husband Adolfo de la Vega, Estorino runs the Cuban restaurant Gustazo, located in Massachusetts Avenue. She decided to become a chef after being influenced by her grandma’s cooking.

Tony Messina 

Messina is the winner of the James Beard Foundation award for best chef in 2019. One of his main goals is to turn Boston into a world-renowned food hub, similar to Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. He first joined the Japanese restaurant UNI as a sashimi chef. And he still works there to this day. UNI is often hailed as one of the best restaurants in Boston.

Alex Saenz

Saenz is a Peru-born chef who has a true passion for cooking. He successfully incorporates his South American roots into his cooking. His most recent achievements include becoming the chef de cuisine at Puritan and Company, and as a chef at Straight Warf, located in Kenmore Square. He is the owner of BISq, a small-plate kitchen found in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Tiffani Faison 

Faison is an alumni of Bravo’s reality competition cooking show, Top Chef. Prior to joining the show, she worked previously as a bartender in Boston. Her first restaurant is a barbecue joint called Sweet Cheeks, located at Fenway District. Her other restaurants include Adult Snack Bar, Orfano, and Tiger Mama.

Douglass Williams 

Williams was born and raised in New Jersey. He started cooking at a very young age. After about with Crohn’s disease, he has since focused on creating dishes based on whole produce and promotes the concept of clean eating. He also has a degree from The Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cape Community College.

To create this list, we had to request for the help of our fellow foodies, friends, family members, and anyone we knew who resided or worked in Boston. Some of us were lucky enough to have been to these restaurants, and we have to say that it’s just as good as what our research told us. There is a good reason why these restaurants all have high ratings and reviews, and we’re glad that we were able to find out those reasons for ourselves.