A Look at the Bread Lover’s Cookbook!

Also titled, “A Master Baker’s 300 Favorite Recipes for Perfect-Every-Time Bread-From Every Kind of Machine”, this bread machine cookbook was released on April 30, 2000, by Beth Hensperger and is a best-seller in the genre. For an inexpensive price, you can enjoy a plethora (as in 300) of recipes for your new bread making machine. While you may be overwhelmed, this cookbook will actually make your life a heck of a lot easier. Let’s talk about the features of this amazing cookbook.

The Bread Lover's Cookbook
The Bread Lover’s Cookbook is a must have for anyone that wants to make their own bread!

An award-winning writer, Beth Hensperger has done her research (and possibly have created that many) on the various types of recipes you can create with a cookbook. Her previous version of this book had 100 recipes but is now “out of print” as they’ve updated with this mega cookbook on the best recipes for your bread making machine.

Don’t let this make you believe that you’ll only be receiving bread recipes, as you’ll be able to enjoy a plethora of recipes for your bread maker including ciabattas, potato brown bread, challahs, croissants, coffee cakes, holiday confections, cheese recipes for your bread maker and much more. One you receive this book and thoroughly try some of the recipes, you won’t look back at those random little recipes that come up with you Google a simple recipe phrase.

Some of the recipes included within this book feature recipes of various traditions including the Zuni Indian culture. For those who want to branch out with types of bread and dough creations, as well as cultures, you’ll find solace in knowing you can get it with this fantastic cookbook. Bread makers have been around for quite some time, but with a cookbook like this, they are here to stay.

The recipes within this cookbook were created for both those who are culinary artists or those who are amateurs in the world of bread making, allowing anyone to pick up this book and use it with ease. You may even find out a thing or two about your bread maker at the end of you bringing these recipes to fruition.

Creating whole grain and gluten-free creations is also possible with a number of recipes within this cookbook. Because of the effortless abilities these recipes offer the user, you’re able to create without frustration and can provide your family, friends, and guests with a plethora of yummy treats – along with bread, of course.

If you’re wondering if you can use more advanced ingredients with some of these recipes, the answer is: yes! There are recipes that you can use garlic focaccia, orange bread, white chocolate, walnuts, apricots, and much more! Don’t think you’re limited to just dough and jam.

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Things we loved

The entire book itself is an advantage, as it provides new and veteran bread maker’s alike with fresh and delicious recipes. One of the primary advantages of this product beyond the number of recipes included is the information about which recipes will require the delay timer. Knowing this information outright is extremely helpful for both newbies and seasoned users.

Another advantage of this cookbook is that it’s suitable for all bread machines. While there are some more advanced recipes that use the delay timer and a larger bread machine capacity, most can be done without tools that are entirely too fancy. You can buy an inexpensive and small capacity bread machine and still reap the benefits of Beth’s fantastic bread maker cookbook.

We’ll leave you off with one more advantage: this cookbook is filled with delicious food from cultures all around the world, leaving little imagination to be had when it comes to pleasing your guests.

One little annoyance

A disadvantage of this product is that some of the fantastic recipes could use gluten-free recipe options. However, this doesn’t affect the performance or the recipes itself; it’s just a personal preference. Those who have gluten intolerances may already know how to substitute with their current machine and may find no inconveniences with this “disadvantage.”

Another disadvantage of this machine is that a lot of the recipes seem too “fancy” for everyday use. While this isn’t really a complaint, it’s just an observation; it doesn’t take away from how wonderful and delicious these recipes are.

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