Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker Review

Breville BBM800XL Product Image

A brand that has surpassed many of its competitors on today’s market, Breville is at the forefront of the game with new and improved products.

More specifically, the BBM800XL custom loaf bread maker to be specific.

Jam-packed (no pun intended) with a ton of features, some of these include the following:

  • Automatic nut and fruit dispenser within the unit
  • Collapsible kneading paddle
  • Smart screen LCD with a nifty progress indicator
  • Loaf sizes between 1lb. and 2.5lbs.
  • 46 recipes included

Breakdown of the Features

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker Product Image
The Breville BBM800XL is the best if you are gluten-free. Rest assured that your food will come out safe and delicious!

There are a ton of features, as we mentioned, and before you jump and purchase this machine, you should be well aware of everything from features to advantages and disadvantages.

One of the first features is the automatic nut and fruit dispenser that it comes equipped with. All you need to do is the place in the ingredients you want to mix (you aren’t limited to nuts and fruits) and then the BBM800XL will do the rest of the work for you. Instead of doing it yourself, it dispenses at the perfect time to where the product’s consistency can perfectly mix the dispenser’s ingredients in. Having seamless incorporation within the dough allows for a more pleasant eating experience. You won’t have to worry about certain parts of the bread not having a decent amount of said ingredient, as the distribution of said ingredient is even amongst the dough.

Another attractive feature includes the collapsible kneading paddle which allows the machine to perfectly mix the ingredients and then proceeds to collapse as the loaf of bread (or another item) begins to bake. In taking advantage of this feature, you won’t have to worry about the kneading paddles baking into the bread like other models unfortunately have. The aforementioned feature is also a great way to reduce the size of the hole at the bottom of the loaf.

The smart screen LCD shows the progress of your bread so that you don’t have to worry about the baking process. In doing so, this eliminates worrying about how long it has to go, and you may focus on other tasks like getting the kids ready for school, sports practices, or dinner. Beyond this, you’ll be able to monitor the crust color of the bread through the viewing window on top of the bread maker, just left to the smart screen LCD.

Collapsible kneading paddle which allows the machine to perfectly mix the ingredients and then proceeds to collapse as the loaf of bread (or another item) begins to bake

With such a wide variety in loaf sizes, 1lb to 2.5lbs, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a larger capacity machine, ever. For those with larger families that come often, you don’t have to settle with one that makes only larger loafs of bread. If it’s just you and your husband or wife after the family functions and you want to enjoy a loaf of bread, you can reduce the size you want so that you don’t waste ingredients, bread, or money (the other kind of bread!).

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Biggest Advantages

One of the primary advantages of the BBM800XL is one we’ve mentioned a couple of times. Being able to choose from 1lb. to 2.5lbs worth of product will allow you to make a minimal amount for lunch or dinner with one or two people, or 2.5lbs, for family functions that you’re hosting at your house. Great for the holidays or for every day, you can get your money’s worth all while having this machine pay for itself rather quickly.

Another advantage of this product is the ability to create a plethora of foods that go far beyond a loaf of bread. Instead, you can create the dough, jam, and custom recipes along with gluten-free and whole wheat items. If you want just a basic loaf of bread, this is possible too, of course!

There is a recipe booklet with 46 recipes to cater to your needs and desires – allowing you to get the absolute most out of your BBM800XL.

Some Minor Cons

There aren’t many disadvantages to this product, but naturally, there will be some that test the patience of the user due to personal preference. One of the disadvantages of the Breville BBM800XL includes something with the collapsible kneading paddles. While great for most any other type of bread or creation, the yeast-free bread has a chunk out of the bottom of the loaf due to the consistency of the kneading paddle. While not the end of the world, something to look out for with specific ingredients and the textures of bread.

One last disadvantage is something that shouldn’t be frowned upon or snooty at; it’s just simply a personal preference. The container for the fruit and nuts (the dispenser container) could be a tad larger, but it’s not the end of the world! It still excels and provides a lovely amount of product within your bread in a seamless fashion.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Breville BBM800XL highly recommends for those who are looking for something on the higher end that has a vast range in the amount it produces. Instead of settling for something that creates either too much or too little, you can have both so that you can cater your bread making experience to what you need. The number of recipes that come included with this machine on top of the versatility and ease of use makes it one of the frontrunners in the world of bread-making at a consumer level.

Fantastic in the price for what it does, this is simply something you shouldn’t turn a cold shoulder to. Those with larger families and more people to cater to will enjoy the versatility and quickness of this machine, bringing you together during those tough family functions where everyone wants exactly what they want. Instead of hearing about how slow your bread cooking was at the next family function, look to the BBM800XL machine to guide you and make you the favorite of the family.

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