Can We Preheat Empty Microwave Oven? You May Want To Read This!

Hello friends! Are you enjoying sound health? Hope so you are! Are you planning to bake something in your oven? If yes, are you afraid of preheating the oven in the first place as per instructions of your recipe? 

If you related to all of this, then don’t miss out on this blog post, let’s find out the answers altogether!

Can We Preheat Microwave Oven Empty?

There is no need of pre-heating the microwave oven. Microwave oven is designed in such a way that it is directly used to heat or cook the food. It is not a convection or traditional oven that is preheated before further cooking or baking process.

Do You Know What Is Preheating? What Generally Preheating Means?

Preheating means adjusting the temperature to our desired range. Pre-heating in other words stands for heating something before use or before subjecting to further process

For example; when generally we cook in our homes, it is a practice to put the stove on heat without placing something over it; to adjust its temperature for the desired thing; to cook bread on the stove, to make omelet etc.

Why Do We Preheat Ovens?

Preheating the oven means to prepare it before cooking or baking; to get the desired temperature that is required for the recipe. Pre-Heating oven is necessary and has the advantage that when we start baking, it will bake cake or any other batter quickly and evenly. 

Pre-Heating lessens the chance of uneven baking. For-example; mostly people do not preheat properly and so their batter does not bake properly, the center of batter can be unbaked or the edges can be unbaked. So, the preheating purpose is to adjust the temperature range.

What’s The Difference Between A Traditional Oven And A Microwave?

Traditional oven is an old designed oven; basically works through a simple thermal insulation method. It means that there is a use of direct heat to cook food. The heating process occurs from both upside and downside of the inside of the oven.

While, if we see a microwave, there is a use of electromagnetic waves (microwaves) to cook food; a simple microwave doesn’t allow pre-heating. It directly heats up the food by using microwaves. 

Let me clear one thing here;  Microwave empty pre-heat means pre-heat because pre-heating is always set up before the actual processing. So, if I use only pre-heat word here, it means empty microwave or traditional pre-heat.

In the above paragraph; I was discussing simple microwave oven features, but now I will tell you the difference between Simple Microwave and the Microwave Advanced Oven;

In advanced technology; IFB Microwave oven is designed with all types of features; including convection mood, microwave mood, grill etc. Pre-Heating functions exist in a convection mood. So, it is not necessary that all kinds of microwaves have no convection mood as with the advancing technology, features are updating.

Will Preheating Damage Your Microwave?

Yes, if we talk about microwaves which don’t have convection mode as simple ovens for heating purpose, then it is strictly prohibited by the manufacturers; not to pre-heat or turn on an empty microwave. 

As we know that microwave is heating the food by using electromagnetic waves, so when you turn on the empty microwave oven, then at first in two minutes, there will be no damage in the microwave because the rack that is designed for microwave can absorb microwaves to some extent.

But when there is continuous heat up to 5 minutes without anything placed on the microwave rack and there is no moisture; then the round plate starts to reflect back those micro-waves to the magnetron ( a device which is producing electromagnetic waves) for cooking or heating purpose. 

When the magnetron receives back its radiations, there occurs damage; either the circuit or breaker blows up, or the microwave magnetron produces fire or spark and the power supply to the microwave stops. Your microwave will switch off suddenly after intense heat-up.

There may be a loss and you will have to either buy a new microwave or repair its magnetron (which is very difficult to repair).

How To Check If Your Microwave Is Still Working Or Not After A Preheating Accident?

Take a small cup of water and put it on the microwave rack and turn it on; in case if spark or fire doesn’t occur. 

If the cup of water after turning on your microwave is heat-up evenly or properly then there is still no damage occurring and for next time you have to be careful to prevent any loss. But if that cup of water doesn’t properly heat-up then Alas! Your microwave is no more useful.

What Safety Measures Can You Take To Keep Your Microwave Oven Safe?

  1. Never use your microwave empty.
  2. Always read the instructions before using any equipment or appliance. If there is a convection mode in the microwave, then you can pre-heat it otherwise not.
  3. Always heat-up the food in the microwave that has some moisture in it; avoid using dry food.

Okay, so the best microwave type that can meet all your needs as per my recommendation is: Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven 

  • Convection: Can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Brand provides a starter kit with this product
  • Control: Touch Key Pad (Membrane) is sensitive to touch and easy to clean

Final Verdict

Microwave simple oven has no pre-heating function; it directly cooks and heats-up the food. If the microwave is turned on and preheated empty, then there will be a chance of damaging the magnetron or the breaker of the home operating that appliance because there is no moisture and microwaves are reflected back to the magnetron which is producing them. 

So, to keep the microwave from damage, use the microwave only when you have to heat something and avoid dry food usage. It will also be harmful because of no moisture. To meet your needs of baking and grilling, the best recommended oven in a microwave is IFB microwave oven