Can You Put Glass in The Microwave Oven?

Can glass go in the microwave? It is very common that we feel the need to put glass in the microwave. Sometimes we need to heat plain water or sometimes we need some leftover food to be reheated so that we can enjoy it again.

The big question is that can you put glass in the microwave oven or is it too dangerous? In this article, we merely focus on this question and discuss different conditions in which you can safely put glass in the microwave and the ones where you should not.

Can You Put Glass in The Microwave Oven?

Look at the labeling and if it says microwave safe, then it is safe. Try to get your glassware from a reputable brand so we know they are not lying. If there’s no labeling, then you can test the glass by placing it in the oven for 1-2 min and noticing the heat. Moreover, noticing the bubbles and the dye used in colored glasses is also very important.

 Now that I have answered the question, the next thing is that I explain it correctly, so you understand this better.

The main thing that is our concern is if the glass is pure or if it has any impurities. We have no concern about calculating the impurities though. So, we will just talk about if the glass you have is heat-able or not.

So, let’s get on with the things you should keep in mind while heating your glass.

Check the Labeling of The Glass Product

Can You Put Glass in The Microwave OvenThe first thing you have to do and that is really obvious too, is that check for any labeling on the glassware that you are going to heat your food in. Most glass manufacturers follow the commendable protocol of labeling their manufactured products and them explicitly state on the label whether their product is suitable to be heated in a microwave oven or not. So, this should also be taken in mind when we do crockery and cutlery shopping that always buy such glass bowls or other glass products that are labeled as ‘microwave-safe’.

And even when choosing between different manufactures that make their glass products microwave-safe, go for such a brand that is known for its integrity, and is popular for positive reviews from their buyers. Since most businesses nowadays also have their brand being represented on the internet in the form of webpages, this can be easily done by going to their website and checking the reviews of their products that the buyers have given.

If you feel that the reviews on their the website may be bot-generated or fake in order to increase their rating, then the best thing to do is to go to their product listings on famous e-commerce websites such as Amazon etc.

Most user and buyers’ reviews there, are completely genuine and cannot be easily faked since the most giant e-commerce sites ensure that reviews on their platform are not faked and thus their customers are not jeopardized.

So, the first key is to check whether your glass product is ‘microwave oven safe’ or not by checking their labeling.

Give It A Practical Test

Now you turn over your bowl only to be taken aback to see that at some point of history you had neatly scratched it off with your nails for whatever purpose that your mind had at that time. Or let’s just say that it didn’t even exist in the first place which means that the manufacturer didn’t bother to paste labeling on their product.

This gives you two lessons. First: never buy your glass buy from this manufacturer again! Second: you have to now give your glass bowl a practical test.

This can be easily done. Just microwave your glass bowl or any glass product on high for a really short period of time for example for 1 or 2 minutes.

Now there should be either of two results: extremely hot or slightly warm. If the glass container that you just microwaved has turned extremely hot, then this is a red light.

It is simply not wise and safe to use that glass container for cooking in the microwave oven or even for heating anything for an extended period of time.

On the other hand, if the glass container is slightly warm or there can be a situation when it seems that the heating had no effect on it and it is still as cool as it was before heating, then it is completely safe to heat it in the microwave oven for longer periods of time and even cooking can be done in it.

Know Your Glass Material

You have to know that not every glass is made the same. Glasses have different varieties and types. Each type is made up of different compositions of different materials for separate purposes.

There are some glasses that may be made in such a way that tiny air bubbles are present in their surfaces. These air bubbles have the tendency to expand during heating. It is very dangerous for both your microwave oven and you as well, to heat such glass products. It is because when such glass products are heated, their air bubbles may expand, and it can quickly the glass container to shatter.

Another thing to ponder is that can glass go in the microwave if it is colored? If it is colored then the first thing you should do is to again look for a ‘microwave-safe’ label on it as many dyes that are used to color glass have been found out to be not food-safe. These glass dyes melt and come off and might stick to your food. This may cause serious health concerns.

Final Verdict

Not all the glassware is made the same. Whenever you want to buy a glass container, check for a ‘microwave-safe’ label and only buy the best product out there. And if you have already bought a product with no labeling then it is better to check it by heating it high for a minute or to.

If it gets extremely hot, then heating for longer periods should be avoided. Heating colored glass containers are not recommended unless they come with a separate labeling stating that their dye is ‘microwave-safe’ too. 

I hope you get the answer to your question, “Can you put glass in the microwave oven?”

Best of luck and stay safe! 🙂