The Char-Broil The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill Review

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster Grill Product Image

To think that frying technology would advance to a state where one can imbue his favorite food while still staying healthy was something nobody could predict.

If we imagine oil to be the driving engine of the entire cooking process, it is safe to say that overcoming such a major step in the entire activity has revolutionized the art of cooking for ages to come!

A giant among these new contraptions is definitely Char-Broil’s The Big Easy which has established itself on the top of the charts the moment since its inception.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics and take a better glance at what this fryer has to offer!


  • Multi-Functional

This behemoth can pack quite the punch so it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can perform multiple operations at once.

Being able to grill, smoke or roast your turkey surely satisfies even the most uppity of souls.

  • Infrared Technology

To better explain the relevance of such futuristic technology, you have to assent to the fact that oil had more than just one role in the entire cooking process.

Suffice to say, besides the crispiness, tenderness, and taste of your cooked good, one forgotten aspect would be the overall distribution of heat.

Even distribution was possible due to the oil adding fluidity into the entire mix, with the oil acting as a heat agent INSIDE of the fryer.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster Grill In Use

Without oil, this was no longer the case but with infrared technology, this oil-less turkey grill can systematically determine what shape, weight, and length the item inside of it is.

This enables it to focus all the heat in the right places, expending only the minimum required energy needed.

  • More Than 20 Lbs For Roasting And An Additional 180 Square-Shaped Inch For Grilling

Since I first got my The Big One, I have constantly worked on testing its limits and capabilities.

With careful experimentation, I was able to consistently cook up to twenty-five pounds of roast beef on that corpulent thing!

Not to mention how much of a relief it was to instantly turn my roaster into a griller, as the 180 inches proved to be more than enough space to do the job.

  • Thermal Control From 9,000 to 18,000 BTU (British Thermal Units)

Besides the amazing temperature range, giving you more than enough leeway to play with all sorts of different meals and settings, I also noticed how quickly the change in temperature was executed once I had turned the lever on my desired number.

For those of you outside of England, it is paramount to note that 1000 BTU equals exactly 0.29 kW.

This will give you a good idea of what the power range of the oil-less turkey fryer you are about to purchase actually is.

  • Weights A Respectable 63 Pounds

I definitely felt the weight on my arms as I was lifting it.

You do get used to it eventually, as I found it difficult to not use him after he had become part of my attire.

  • Features Dimensions Of 18x24x36 Inches

Not the biggest model by lengths but the sturdiest I have seen so far. The way it is shaped also does well for the cleaning up process when it’s needed.

Many a person becomes surprised by how each and every inch of this oil-less turkey fryer suits its purpose.

No wasted space, just the way I like it!

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The Advantages

1)    Spacey

As I often have friends strolling in and around the house, I have to be a good Samaratarian and sometimes offer them a titbit.

While most of them don’t usually care about the quality of the meal being served, I like to be conscious of my health and the environment.

With over 25 pounds of pure flesh, I could feat an army, much less some random interlopers!

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster Grill Product Image Side2)    Creative

I absolutely despise oil-less fryers that don’t feature multiple functions or capabilities.

The reason for that is simple; Although oil-less fryers are gaining traction in the culinary circles, if they aren’t up-to-date with all the newest perks and gimmicks, it all amounts to nothing.

If someone had to choose between a regular fryer that lets his creativity run wild, letting him be in control of how the end product will look like or a stale, but oil-less fryer, what would he choose?

Obviously not the latter option.

3)    Different Meals

I have already mentioned how the vast platform that The Big One possesses enables one to cook a lot of food in batches, saving quite the penny in electricity.

Quite conversely, we have to understand that ‘a lot’ doesn’t equal ‘different’.

What my main point boils down to is that the most important aspect in cooking different meals is nothing else but the temperature.

That vast range, between 9,000 and 18,000 BTU to be frank, allows for versatility in the household, ranging from mincemeat to turkeys.

4)    Longevity Of Quality

The one thing that has always been pestering me about modern technology was the fact that the age-old adage of ‘mechanical lasts longer’ was so fried into my brain that it shaped my consumer choices.

Never could I have imagined (until I purchased this model) that the infrared technology behind the amazingly crisp and evenly cooked turkeys I was getting would last so long!

I gave it a month or two tops but as I’m writing this from my computer in the living room, six months have already passed.

I can already smell my next meal, which is making me quite impatient for another round!

The Disadvantages

The oil-less fryer itself had no distinct drawbacks, although I was very set on finding one.

As I was vehemently trying to stir something up, the fact that I almost gave up on this oil-less fryer right from the get-go entered my conscious being.

Here is the whole story:

The Big One doesn’t come assembled so you will have to do it yourself.

As I’m a proud man that requires no outside assistance, I was set on connecting the pieces together and setting the oil-less turkey fryer on my own accord.

After around three hours of grumbling and an intense rumble with all the different parts, I was so ready to just throw it all in the trash!

That was until I found the wretched manual buried under the heaps of packaging; It took me no longer than twenty minutes with the help of the clever little handbook.

What a senseless waste of time!


While The Big One proved itself to be a giant hassle while trying to build it up, it was well worth the trouble!

If I hadn’t been so stubborn as to entrust myself going into the task alone- without the manual that is, the job would have been completed in a breeze!

All the time and electricity it has saved me, coupled with the healthier lifestyle I’m now able to live only tells you half the story.

The other part comes from the deeply sophisticated technology that went into making this oil-less turkey fryer into one of the best ones we’ve seen.

If you are interested in seeing the Best Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews before settling for this model, please feel free to do so.

It is always better to do your due diligence and research all the choices available before jumping in on the kill!

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