How Children Can Start Their Own Cookbook Video Diary


How Children Can Start Their Own Cookbook Video Diary

A cookbook video diary is a great way for your children to savor their memories of the recipes that they have made. Of course the first thing that you will need is a camera that you can use to tape your child making their recipes.

Once you have your video camera ready you can have your child prepare for the first chapter in their video cookbook diary. They can start off by coming up with a few title ideas for their cookbook.

Once they have named their cookbook, they can write down a little introduction for the first recipe that they will record. In the first introduction they will want to record what they will be making, and any additional side comments that they will want to add.

Parents can be the ones that do all of the videotaping for the video diary. This way you will still be able to give those instructions, make sure they are safe, and guide them through the cooking process. As they are cooking, they can talk to the camera about what they are doing. Kind of like they have their own cooking show.

Most children will find being the star of their own cooking show a lot of fun. It may also inspire them to be a bit more creative, and change the recipe up a bit. Inspiring creativity in young children is really one of the best gifts you can give them.

At the end of each recipe you can have them do a bit of talking about the finished product. Show them tasting the finished product, and giving their opinion on how it tastes.

It would also be a good idea to video tape others in the family eating the finished product. You can have other siblings, mom and dad, and of course grandma, and grandpa.

At the end of the school year you can have a movie night, and watch all of the videos from all of the recipes. The finished product is your child’s own cookbook video diary. They can even make copies and give them to each family member.

This is a great way for your child to learn about cooking, and to use their creativity. If you have experience in the field of editing or if someone in the family has editing experience, you can have them sit with them and work on the process.

Your child will have lots of fun editing their own piece of work and they will be learning some very crucial skills as well in the process.

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