Choosing the Best Coffee Machines for Home Use

For a large number of people in Singapore, coffee is the favorite beverage, and family members consume several cups of coffee every day. Instead of making coffee manually, which is a time-consuming process, some families are interested in purchasing a coffee machine for their home. There are many coffee machines available for sale online and offline. So choosing the right coffee machine can be confusing and time consuming for a person who has never purchased any coffee machine earlier. Some factors which should be considered while deciding the best coffee machines for home use are listed below.

Choosing the Best Coffee Machines for Home Use


One of the most important factors which affect the choice of the coffee machine is the budget of the buyer. There is a wide range of coffee machines available at prices ranging from less than $60 to more than $500. So first the machine buyer should decide how much he can afford to pay for the coffee machine, without causing any financial problem. Then based on the budget, he should start evaluating the different coffee machines available in the market. It is advisable to make a list of features which the family requires in their machine, before searching for a suitable machine.

Type of coffee

The coffee machine should be selected based on the type of coffee which is required. If espresso or cappuccino is required, it is advisable to purchase a pump coffee machine. These machines have a provision for mixing the coffee with other ingredients under a pressure of 15 bar. They also have a milk frother which mixes steam and water with the coffee for the cappuccino or espresso. On the other hand, if the individual or family wishes to drink filter coffee, there are drip coffee machines available. In these machines, the milk is in contact with the coffee for a longer period of time, so that the flavor is transferred.

Amount of coffee

Depending on the family size, and number of family members drinking coffee, the machine should be selected accordingly. Some machines are designed to make two cups or glasses of coffee at a time, while others will fill only one cup of coffee. If a drip coffee machine is used, it will have a carafe, in which the filter coffee is accumulating. The storage capacity of the coffee machine is another feature that should be considered. Though most families will prefer a compact machine because it will take up less storage space when not used, it will require refilling with coffee beans and other ingredients more often.

Choosing the Best Coffee Machines for Home Use

Other factors

One of the other factors which should be considered while selecting a coffee machine is whether the milk frother is fixed or manual. In cheaper coffee machines, the milk frother is usually fixed, and it can be used mainly for making cappuccino. In the more expensive coffee machines, the milk frother is adjustable so it is possible to make cafe latte in addition to cappuccino. In addition to coffee powder, a well-designed machine should also accept coffee pods. There should also be a provision for automatically shutting off the machine, if it is not used for some time, to save power.