Classical Training, Modern Style

Chris Hallahan

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Approachable, modern American cuisine with an eye toward sustainable, New England sourced ingredients.

Everybody is doing it, so it must be cool right? At the end of the day, I love to cook, talk about, and eat good FOOD. Whatever it is you think you want, I'll make it and it's going to be delicious.

24 reviews

Robert or Ann Q. December 17, 2014

Chris was fantastic. Food was delicious but what really makes him unique is his personality. He is hilarious and easy-going. Would definitely have him come again.

Henry G. December 15, 2014

Tuna tataki was excellent, guests ate in up like popcorn! Butternut squash soup shooter was on mark for a chilly Sunday. Pork tenderloin was perfect.

Steven K. December 8, 2014

Chris was engaging and delivered elegant food. Delicious light salad with his own apple cider vinaigrette and toasted walnuts, then light ravioli with duck confit and diced fall vegetables, then pan-seared striped bass with delicate minced spiced cauliflower, followed by awesome lemon tarte with delicate crumbly crust.

He was engaging, spoke with us about kitchen techniques, knives, and other items of interest to the cooks in the family. And by the way he served thoughtfully and then cleaned all the dishes and counters, leaving a clean and uncluttered kitchen.

Our overall experience was superb, consistent with his experience at Lumiere, Clio and other top restaurants that we have frequented.

We expect to repeat with him. Very pleased.

Beverley O. December 1, 2014

The meal was excellent. My favourite dish was the scallops, although I enjoyed all of it. We found Chris to be an excellent chef with a charming manner.

ken d. December 1, 2014

Everything was absolutely great. All 5 courses were outstanding, chris was totally personable and he left the kitchen spotless. Our guests loved everything!

Hazel D. November 30, 2014

The entire experience/ meal was beyond my highest expectations. Chris could not have been nicer, more organized and accommodating.
The meal was absolutely amazing!!!! Loved everything hard to pick a favourite...thought the beet soup was extraordinary but the dishes just got better and better.....since Im a dessert person, I'd have to with the lemon tart.....I can still savour it!
Can't wait for an opportunity to do this again with Chris. A truly talented chef

Barbara F. November 30, 2014

The monk fish was Devine I would love the recipe

Robert L. November 4, 2014

We booked Chris for a 40th anniversary dinner for my parents and it was fantastic. He was great during the menu design process - he had a ton of great ideas that fit my family's preferences but also provided dishes we've never tried before. He was very flexible with arrival time on a Sunday, he showed up right on time, the food was DELICIOUS, and the kitchen was cleaner when he left. Chris was also very informative - we were all very curious about his various techniques and we learned quite a bit about how to prep certain dishes. My parents were VERY surprised and loved every minute of it. It couldnt have worked out better.

I would (and will) recommend kitchensurfing (and Chef Chris) to anyone. We have 2 small babies in our family and the ability to have a nice dinner for a special occasion such as this in your own home for the same price or LESS than going to a nice restaurant is a no-brainer. We were able to hang in our own house, play with the babies, and watch football while learning from Chris and watching a 5-star 5-course meal be created before our eyes. Just writing this makes me want to do it again ASAP. I will definitely be a return customer.

Lori v. November 2, 2014

Chris did a terrific job for our milestone birthday party. Everything was delicious, and he is great to work with. The menu was creative and seasonal, exactly what we asked for. We would absolutely use kitchensurfing, and Chris, again.

Moira L. October 7, 2014

Chris cooked for a weekend tasting event and was fabulous - in addition to being a talented chef, he is friendly and organized. He not only prepared everything deliciously, but he was also very flexible with sudden day-of changes, in short, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and the ideal chef for this project. I definitely recommend Chris and look forward to working with him again in the near future!

ross c. August 20, 2014

Chris prepared a summer tasting and demo for 75 of my guests that thrilled us all. His menu choices expertly fit the season and delighted us all. Not only was the food outstanding, Chris was able to take my guests through his process, the ingredients and preparation of his dishes with his charming personality. That is no small feat. I highly recommend Chef Hallahan and will certainly be using his services again.

Beryl B. November 25, 2013

Chris is a first class professional and a great chef. Every course exceeded expectations ... it was a put your fork down and say how it was the best you've ever had! Classic cooking with the best fresh and top notch ingredients made for a superb meal; one that we will be talking about for a long while.

elaine C. November 25, 2013

We had a small party of 8 people for no particular occasion. We let Chris pick the menu because he is the expert. I've never tasted such wonderful food! The presentation, the taste and flavors were out of this world. To top it off, Chris explained each dish which added to the experience.

As I watched him cook before the friends arrived, I got some great cooking tips mixed with wonderful conversation. It was so much fun to have a dinner party and get to enjoy my guests instead of cooking and serving. Chris not only brought all the food, but brought all the pots and pans, and cleaned up. What ever he cooked from soup to dessert, was exceptional. In between courses we asked him questions and he graciously gave us his professional advice

Joanna V. October 28, 2013

I planned this event for my mom and step-dad's wedding anniversary completely without their knowledge. Chris was so helpful in thinking through what they would like and very adaptable as I added restrictions etc.

My mom and step-dad LOVED Chris. They haven't stopped talking about it in days and are already making up excuses that we can hire him again. All in all - great experience.

Jessica D. October 5, 2013

Chris cooked a meal for my boyfriend and I last night. The food was amazing and the whole night was great experience! He was knowledgeable about food and all types of allergies. He was completely accommodating to my dietary restrictions and created a delicious meal free of gluten dairy and yeast.
He takes great pride in what he does and it really shows. He also shared cooking tips and his knowledge of food with us.
Not only was the meal spectacular, but we also enjoyed his company. He was very personable and social, and talked with us throughout the meal. We would love to have him back again and highly recommend Chris for any gathering you have!

Alix J. September 25, 2013

I first contacted Chris in early June after reading a bit more about him and the things he loves to cook, and also reading other (STELLAR) kitchensurfing reviews. I hired him to cook a meal for my parents to celebrate my mom's recent cancer remission! While this was a low-key event, Chris was absolutely phenomenal in his communication and his kind and patient way with both me and my family.

I was not at the dinner, but from the moment he and I began planning, he was gracious in coming up with the perfect menu that incorporated all of the things my mother loves to eat (in particular salmon, and anything lemon flavored!) There was also a bit of a waiting game in terms of the actual timing of the dinner (I wanted to make sure my mom was in remission for enough time to actually enjoy the food and get her old tastes back) and he was extremely flexible with us.

My parents have not stopped talking about the amazing meal he prepared. My mom was blown away by his technical expertise and demeanor both in the kitchen and with them; he even dealt with our crazy, hyper dog and never batted an eye...a feat I have yet to master. I would work with Chris again in a heartbeat, and wholeheartedly suggest him for any event big or small. He takes pride and care in everything that he does and there really was no better fit for our family! He is a master in the kitchen and gave my mom options for the evening: working with him in the kitchen (she loves to cook) or hanging back and relaxing! The perfect chef for celebrating such a special occasion.

Katy O. June 16, 2013

Chris was very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge of the menu. The food was spectacular and guests enjoyed the entire experience.

Virginia R. June 11, 2013

Chris was simply fabulous! He worked patiently with me to plan a special graduation dinner that pleased guests with tastes ranging from adventurous to finicky. The food was delicious, and Chris was a pleasure to have working in my kitchen – sociable, gracious, and efficient. This was my first Kitchensurfing experience, and I look forward to doing it again!

Mary K. June 2, 2013

Chris prepared the meal for a graduation celebration with my family. Everything was amazing!!

1) Food: I let Chris take the lead with the menu. With just a few tips (unadventurous eaters, seafood lovers) he created an extremely thoughtful and delightful spread. The flavors were fresh and interesting without being too over the top. The shrimp was perfectly paired, salmon was excellently prepared, and the dessert was so good my mom almost passed out. Seriously.

2) Presence: Chris was incredibly friendly and engaging. Knew exactly when to be interactive and when to hang back. Kindly answered all the crazy questions from my family and made everyone feel natural and comfortable.

3) Professional: Chris was early, completely prepared, and left the kitchen spotless. Also did not complain about my million degree kitchen.

Overall, cant imagine a better way to celebrate graduation. Thanks Chris :)

Candice G. May 15, 2013

We have booked 2 meals with Chris and both times he exceeded our expectations. He was able to accommodate all dietary restrictions including vegan. Chris was very flexible and easy to communicate with. We had last minute guests for one meal and a change in location for another and he just went with the flow. We will definitely work with Chris again. You should as well, he won't disappoint.

Peggy H. May 6, 2013

Chris Hallahan delivered & then some! I had a surprise 60th birthday party for my husband on Saturday & my 20 guests are still raving about Chris' dinner. Presentation & service were on par with any quality restaurant in Boston but it was the food that wowed. Every dish was superb; the standout was the main: rib steak w/ wild mushroom ragout & red wine sauce that had my foodie friends blown away. Other dishes included artichoke soup or spring salad; pan-seared fish cake w/roasted garlic aioli, and a chocolate hazelnut Budino w/Chantilly cream. Chris even made a few alternate dishes for folks with food concerns. He was flexible on the menu, arrived on time & was personable throughout the evening. We were impressed with his organizational skills, the kitchen was always orderly & he was in control at all times. Expensive, yes, but I wanted a top-notch meal for a special occasion & I wasn't disappointed. I highly recommend Chris.

Ginny F. April 30, 2013

Chris prepared the food for a 40th birthday party I hosted. His engaging and personable manner made everyone feel welcome. He surpassed all expectation from the menu selection, prep work, inspired dishes, to the clean up. The next personal chef experience for me is right around the corner!

Kristen H. April 27, 2013

I had the pleasure of working with Chris to design and prepare the menu for my husband's 30th birthday party. Chris was always available for questions by email and phone leading up to the party and had great ideas and recommendations.

I hosted the event for 45 people at my house and it went off without a hitch. We started with four appetizers, followed by a main course with 4 sides all served family-style.

Highlights of the night: buffalo chicken bites with homemade (Chris called it husband-friendly due to my husband's disdain for bleu cheese) ranch-style dressing, chicken parm sliders, crab cakes (my personal fav!), ancho braised pulled pork shoulder (main dish), and honey cornbread. Another crowd favorite was the grilled crostini with homemade ricotta and pepperonata rustica, which was gone before I brought my husband home for the surprise!

Friends and family are still talking about what a unique experience KS provides, how amazing the food was, and how friendly and engaging Chris was that night. One of our friends that attended is having a bridal shower in the NYC/NJ area and is now looking into KS NYC chefs :) All in all, we had a great time with Chris and look forward to using KS again soon!

Thank you so much, Chris!!!

Beryl B. March 23, 2013

Chris Hallahan was amazing and I would totally recommend him and have him back in a heart beat. He was extremely professional, the meal was "gorgeous" ..... "best meal we've ever had" were the comments from guests. He was easy to work with, priced right, delicious meal from soup to dessert. He made the best crab cake I have ever had! He was really flexible about serving the meal that best suited us and our timing. When we asked him about the food, he was extremely knowledgeable and interesting. Having a Kitchensurfing chef was a fantastic experience; we had a 5 star meal in our own home which is a lot more comfortable than a restaurant. Chris had a chance to show off his talent and we got to appreciate him.