10 Amazing Cookie Baking Tricks


Soon bells will be ringing! Christmas will start to take shape and that means a whole host of Christmas activities will start to flourish once again. One of those activities for many will be baking. For those who are new or inexperienced in the kitchen, this doesn’t have to be intimidating as I give a few tips for baking.

  1. Planning

This is an essential step in any cooking process. This will prove to be a real time-saver.

  1. Always Preheat the Oven

This is very important in baking because an even temperature will cook your food.

  1. Cover your Workspace

Covering the workspace with waxed paper, plastic wrap, or even newspaper will help you clean up the mess after working all day in the kitchen. If you use newspaper it can be thrown into the compost guilt-free!

  1. Choose Healthier Options

Using applesauce in place of ½ of the amount of oil will cut out half of the fat. The baked goods will come out moister than with the full amount of oil.

  1. Don’t Bake to Long

When baking cookies, people tend to overcook them. They are ready when the edges are slightly browned. They will still look undercooked when they come out but after sitting they will become the perfect cookie.

  1. Make your own Colored Sugar

Using glass salt and pepper shakers, fill with sugar. Add a few drops of food coloring and shake the jar to evenly distribute the food coloring. This is so inexpensive and you can customize your colors.

  1. Use a Medicine Syringe

If making cookies or doughnuts that require a filling in the middle, then a medicine syringe is the perfect tool for the job. Fill, insert and then viola you have created a decadent dessert.

  1. Bake Smaller

Who said bigger was better? Christmas baking is an activity that many households partake in. Sometimes others can be overwhelmed with all the goodies they receive, so instead of making the usually sized cookie, bake bite-sized.

  1. Host a Cookie Swap

This is easy! Get a group together, bake a bunch of your favorite cookies, ask your friends to do the same and then swap. One dozen for one dozen and your baking is completed.

  1. Love what you Bake

Food always tastes better if it’s cooked out of love for someone else. Share the love with someone else.

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