Cowboy Chicken Menu, Prices, Store Hours & History

Cowboy Chicken is a casual dining restaurant that serves wood-fire chicken, just chicken, crispy drumsticks, family meals, Wild West sides, famous chicken enchiladas, things in bowls, sandwiches, desserts, kids menu, drinks, and so much more.

Their menu includes the Three Piece Dark, the Half Chicken, the Whole Chicken, the Five Crispy Drumsticks, Chicken For Four, Enchiladas For Four, sides like Green Beans, French Fries and Corn Fritters, Durango Bowl, Keto Bowl, Monterey, Buffalo sandwich, Laredo sandwich, desserts like Banana Puddin’, Ice Cream and more, kids’ menu such as Veggie and Chicken Sliders, and beverages from softdrinks to homemade lemonade, plus many others.

Cowboy Chicken started in Dallas, Texas, and has several locations across the vicinity and in other parts of the country. There are locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Wylie, Irving, Forney, Allen, Plano, Frisco, Carrollton, and Waxahachie at the Lone Star State. There are also locations in Edmond, Oklahoma and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Menu & Prices

Food Size Price
Family Meal Kits
Family Meal Kits for 4 or 6. Includes Gallon Beverage.
Homestyle Family Meal $36.00
Southwest Family Meal $36.00
Farm Fresh Salads
Monterey Salad $10.29
Southwest $11.10
Southwest Salad $10.32
Durango Bowl $12.56
Homemade Chicken Salad $4.49
Wood Fire Chicken – Rotisserie Plates
Served with 2 Wild West Sides and a roll.
Half Chicken, All White $11.58
Family Meals
Chicken for 6 $44.00
Enchiladas for 4 $39.24
Ranch Hand Sandwiches
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $9.25
Buffalo $10.58
The Laredo Chicken Sandwich $9.89
The Original Cowboy Sandwich $9.18
The Original Cowboy $10.04
Laredo $10.39
Blue Ribbon Chicken Salad $9.39
Blue Ribbon Chicken Salad Sandwich $9.18
Just Chicken
Whole Chicken $10.89
Whole Chicken, All White $11.62
Wood Fired Chicken
Served with 2 Wild West Sides and a roll.
Crispy Drumsticks $11.00
Popular Items
Half Chicken $9.71
Tres Enchiladas with 2 Wild West Sides $12.11
Chicken for 4 $30.00
Two Enchiladas $10.34
BBQ Chicken $10.05
Three Piece Dark $10.15
#1 $28.45
Quarter White $10.15
Cobbler $4.08
Monterrey $11.12
Top Menu Items
Half Chicken Plate $10.39
#1 One Chicken Family Pack $25.99
Wood Fire Chicken Rotisserie Plates
3 Piece Dark Plate $9.29
Quarter White Plate $9.29
Things in bowls
Durango $11.97
Triple Green Bowl $12.15
Famous Chicken Enchiladas
All white meat enchiladas hand rolled in corn tortillas with our housemade tomatillo sour cream sauce.
Tres Enchiladas Solo $8.39
2 Enchiladas $6.38
Dos Enchiladas with 2 Wild West Sides $10.34
Tres Enchiladas with 1 Wild West Side $10.49
2 Enchiladas with 1 Side $8.47
Three Enchiladas $11.46
3 Enchiladas With 2 Sides $11.53
3 Enchiladas $8.38
Dos Enchiladas Solo $6.39
3 Enchiladas with 1 Side $10.47
Dos Enchiladas with 1 Wild West Side $8.49
2 Enchiladas with 2 Sides $9.57
Family Packs
#2 $41.45
#2 One and a Half Chicken Family Pack $37.99
#3 $56.14
#3 Two Chickens Family Pack $50.99
#4 $37.30
#4 Nine Chicken Enchiladas Family Pack $34.99
Lunch Special
Lunch Special $8.24
Kid’s Menu
The Cowpoke $5.54
PB&J $5.56
Kids Veggie $5.62
Kid’s The Cowpoke $5.49
Kid’s Veggie Plate $5.49
Wild West Sides
Individual Side $4.08
Large Side $5.02
Texas Size Side $6.13
Twice Baked Potaters $3.64
Fried Okra $3.65
Tomato Cucumber Salad $3.51
Veggie Platter $8.47
Baked Sweet Potatoes $3.54
Corn Fritters $3.43
Garden Salad $3.60
Spanish Rice $3.54
Baked Mac and Cheese $3.64
French Fries $3.65
Green Beans $3.58
Sweet Corn $3.58
Creamed Spinach $3.43
Ranchero Beans $3.58
Kaleblazer Slaw $3.65
Individual Cobbler $3.69
Fudge Nut Brownie $1.85
Cobbler with Ice Cream $4.69
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.79
Brownie $2.11
Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream $1.29
Texas Size Cobbler with Ice Cream $6.59
Cookie $2.11
Ice Cream $1.29
Texas Size Cobbler $5.92
Drink $2.58
Regular Drink $3.00
Gallon Beverages $6.99
Bottled Water $2.04
Gallon Drink $7.08
Large Drink $3.27

cowboy chicken

General Store Timings

Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Monday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Cowboy Chicken History

The founder of the restaurant, Phil Sanders has always been inclined with Western movies. Cowboys take inspiration from nature and find happiness in the simple things. Then, Phil Sanders decided he wanted a taste of life of these cowboys, so together with his wife Jeanette, they set out to perfect wood-fired food in their backyard. It was in 1981, quite a little later than other restaurants, they started their first restaurant, and Cowboy Chicken was born.

Today, while they are expanding, it has been reported in the media that the owner of the three California locations, Fresno, Bakersfield and San Diego, decided to close the restaurants because of the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and that there are state-mandated closures of indoor dining rooms.

Cowboy Chicken Interesting Facts

However, despite this, there are a lot of things to learn about Cowboy Chicken. You can order online from their wide range of menu choices.

Their chicken is all-natural, fresh, never frozen, and slow roasted over real wood. Thus, enabling this technique to create flavors that are bold, simple, and natural.

The food offerings at Cowboy Chicken are known for their secret rub. Every Cowboy Chicken is covered in this secret dry rub prior to fire-roasting them. This is a recipe their founders and the rest of their team have perfected over the years. This dry rub technique provides the chicken the familiar flavor that customers enjoy, helping form that dark, golden crispy skin that many people crave in the restaurant.

They use locally-sourced wood to roast their rotisserie chicken.

Their team believes that slow roasting the food over real wood gives it care and attention. Most restaurants do this with gas, but Cowboy Chicken takes pride in a cooking method that is a product of patience and passion for time-tested recipes.

The outcome: the crispy chicken skin that keeps customers coming back for more, and the juicy, tender meat that sets it apart from other chickens in the industry. Enjoy the goodness that Cowboy Chicken food can offer. Order now.

cowboy chicken