Damn Good Chef

Connie Sun

2 reviews · 3 Menus · Approved April 2013

Inspired by the distinct flavors and foods of Asia, from the fragrant spiced of India to the minimal complexity of Japan, but never limited to only Asian cuisine.

I emphasize fresh and seasonal ingredients, adventurous tastes, and the communal experience of eating. My menus are developed with attention to taste, smell, sight, and sound to awaken all your sensations. Even those who are food-intimidated will discover comfort in the familiar and pleasure in the new with each bite.

2 reviews

Alise G. December 14, 2012

Connie brought us her famous sliders for our company lunch. They were amazing. She was super easy to work with and created custom orders for our 8 employees. Food was amazing, I would definitely recommend her!

Shannon F. May 30, 2012

Connie is indeed a damn good chef. When it came to execution, the food was great. Everything was delicious, on time, and presented in an appealing manner. The job was a drop off for 35 and she really delivered high quality, hot food, meeting a wide range of dietary requirements and logistical challenges with ease. She was personable and easy to deal with - this was an all around great experience. We didn't waste five minutes asking her to come back the following week.