Dash Stand Mixer

Dash Stand Mixer

The Dash Everyday Stand Mixer is a perfect tool for baking enthusiasts. It is handy, quick, and comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen tiles. Who needs expensive brands when Dash Stand Mixer can do the job almost at half the price?

Key Features

Components of the Set

The Dash Everyday Stand includes stainless steel mixing bowls with a 3-Quart capacity. They can be easily removed from the base for washing and disassembly. Unlike other mixers that have only one bowl and you have to keep taking out the batter, Dash Stand Mixer allows you to do all the tasks at the same time.

Fully Tilting Motor

The fully tilting motor head changes the position of the bowl so that it can blend in the center or along the sides of the bowl. All you have to do is to pour in the ingredients and switch the button on. Meanwhile, you can update your Insta stories and the job is done.

Convenient Usage and Cleaning

All the items are unbreakable and dishwasher safe. Furthermore, it also has two dough hooks that give you mess-free kneading for Pizza and bread both.

Preset Speed Setting

It has six preset speeds settings which help in mixing, beating, creaming, kneading, and whipping. All these tasks require different speeds but no need to worry – the Dash Stand Mixer has in-built speeds that range from gentle mixing to high-speed whipping so that you can do hassle-free baking like experts.

Attractive Design

Baking a cake or brownie has never been so easy and quick in life with Dash Stand Mixer. With its compact design and style, it can perfectly sit on your tabletop or fit underneath most kitchen cabinets.

Lightweight yet Powerful

The Dash Stand Mixer weighs less than 5lbs but it has a strong motor of 250-watt which gives powerful mixing.

One-Year Warranty

It has a one-year manufacturing warranty and the user manual includes a helpline number for any queries.

Customer Reviews

The Dash Stand Mixer has a 4-star rating on Amazon. It is Amazon’s Choice for ‘mixer with bowls’ and has been rated by more than 4000 customers.

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