Date Ideas on a Budget: Baking

Having Fun with Your Sweetie Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

We all know that these aren’t the best of times, but too many of us think that having fun or enjoying ourselves depends on the amount of money we have in our wallets.

This simply isn’t true, and having a great date with your sweetheart doesn’t have to hinge on whether or not you can afford to go out to a nice dinner and such. You can have fun without spending much or any cash at all if you think just a little bit about what you can possibly do and if you add just the right amount of good attitude toward the situation.

Having a good attitude toward having fun no matter what is only part of it, though. The other part is actually having something to have an attitude about, and believe me, there is no shortage of ideas. Here’s one for you: baking.

Baking is a great way to have an enjoyable afternoon and a fun, messy, and delicious time with someone, and oftentimes the materials necessary are already in your kitchen island or pantry. They might not be, but you can always buy pre-mixed cakes and brownies and the like for less than $2.00.

In fact, my boyfriend and I did this just yesterday. We decided to make brownies and purchased the mix for roughly $1.75, and we had a blast making them. We even busted out my grandmother’s ancient cookbook and found a unique frosting based in peanut butter (my favorite) to make from scratch.

Baking will take a little bit of time, and you can have loads of fun pouring over recipe books or websites looking for the tastiest one.

Even if you aren’t any good at cooking or baking – I’m not – you can easily make a mix if you follow the instructions. (Or one of you can be good at baking, and then you don’t have to worry!) But hey, if neither of you is that great at it, baking can be a great learning experience as well.

The point is this: we spent less than $2.00 and had a wonderful afternoon together making brownies and learning how to make some old-fashioned frosting; plus, we had a delicious treat to enjoy together after we were done!

Who says dating has to be expensive?