Dog Nutrition and Easy Recipes You Can Make At Home

Depending on your dog, he or she may have a hard time digesting standard dog food. If this happens, your dog could face diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains. If this happens, it’s best to look up Estella Bolton of The Pampered Pup for canine nutrition when it comes to dog food and treats that are applicable for certain breeds.

Dog Nutrition and Easy Recipes You Can Make At Home

You may also plan to treat your dog to some food, you may wonder what homemade recipes you could make. Read on what you should look at a dog’s nutritional needs and some easy recipes you can make for your furry friend.

Important Dog Nutrition

You should start by feeding your dog food that will provide nutritional value. If you don’t know what you should give your dog, then you should focus on these ones.

Calcium and Fatty Acids

If you want to know the nutrients people tend to overlook, you should get your dog some calcium and fatty acids. This will include food such as cheese, egg yolks, oatmeal, healthy oils, and similar foods. These foods will help your dog’s bones while providing the fats needed to burn energy and gain weight.

While calcium is an important nutrient you need to give your dog, you need to be careful with his or her dairy intake. Sure, you can give your dog some cheese and yogurt, but too much of it could cause digestive problems. If you don’t want to worry about that, you can look into calcium supplements for your furry friend.

Protein and Carbohydrates

When you give your dog some food, you should provide something filling that will provide calories. Protein and carbohydrates stand out as great options since they are simpler foods a dog can easily digest. On top of this, you can get these types of foods for low prices, making them solid options.

However, you shouldn’t give your dog too many proteins or carbs. For example, fatty meats could make your dog gain weight, so you should stick to lean meats like chicken or turkey. Also, you should double-check the types of carbohydrates and proteins before feeding them to your dog.

Vitamins and Minerals

Just like humans, dogs will need some vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. Just like with everything else, your dog will need a good amount of balance when it comes to nutrients. You can provide your dog with vitamins and minerals through fruits and vegetables.

While fruits and vegetables will provide your dog with vitamins and minerals, you can’t feed your dog all of these foods. For example, you can’t go wrong with carrots, peas,Dog Nutrition and Easy Recipes You Can Make At Home and certain berries, but you can’t give your dog grapes. Make sure you do your research, find out what these fruits and vegetables offer, and avoid bad foods that could harm your dog.

What You Shouldn’t Add


Before you cook for your dog, you should understand that he or she needs to stay away from certain foods, such as the ones listed below.


Too much salt can cause problems for your dogs, such as dehydration, sickness, and other problems. Many foods naturally have salt in them, so you should double-check the ingredients before you give any to your furry friend. You also shouldn’t add salt to any dish you make for your dog: if it needs salt, your dog doesn’t need it.


You need to remember that dogs have sensitive stomachs, so many of them won’t handle spices well. Adding spices or similar flavors to foods could make your dog sick, so you need to avoid these types of food. Focus on sticking to the original flavors available in food and avoid adding anything new or unnatural to the meals.

Large Chunks

If an ingredient has large chunks you can’t easily break apart, you shouldn’t include it in the recipe. For example, some fruits will have seeds that dogs can choke on. When you give your dog food, you should remove large chunks or split them into bite-sized pieces for your furry friend. Doing so will reduce unnecessary risks while feeding your dog.

Food and Treat Recipes

Now that you know what nutrients you should include, and some things you should avoid, let’s look into a few recipes you can make at home. This way, you can make them and let your dog enjoy some delicious food.

Chicken, Rice, and Beans

If you want to play things safe, you can use a simple recipe, like this one. Chicken, rice, and beans work well since they will provide your dog with plenty of lean protein and carbs to get full. They will also give your dog something different from his or her usual dog food, making the meal feel like a treat your furry friend can enjoy.

You can add a few vegetables to the dish if you want to add more nutrition to it. The meal is straightforward: you can cook the rice in a rice cooker or a pot, grill the chicken without adding anything to it, and heat up the beans. After you mix it together, you can serve it to your dog once the food cools down.

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

If you don’t want to cook a meal, you can create treats for your dog to eat during special moments. You can make peanut butter flavored treats by using whole wheat flour, baking soda, peanut butter, water, honey, and an egg. This combination will allow you to create a delicious cookie for your furry friend.

This type of dog treat will last a long time if you put it in the fridge or freeze it. This means you can make a lot of them, give one to your dog and use it as a reward or on special occasions. While this one won’t provide the daily nutrients your dog needs, it’s something you can make at home and give to your dog as a delicious meal.

Oatmeal and a Side of Eggs

Many of these meals take a while to prepare, but what if you want to give your dog something simple in the morning? You can surprise your dog with some oatmeal and an egg on the side as a delicious morning dish. Your dog will appreciate the flavors, and you won’t have to worry about the food hurting his or her stomach.

If you plan to give your dog this dish, you need to do so carefully. For example, you will want to stick to plain oatmeal and avoid any added flavors. You shouldn’t sprinkle salt or pepper on top of the egg either. Just keep it plain, and your dog will love the meal. Keep in mind that this meal should act as a treat rather than a daily meal.

Beef and Veggies

If your dog needs fatter meat than chicken, you could offer him or her some beef and veggies. With this meal, you can cook it all in a crockpot if you want to make it easier for yourself. If you want, you can also mix in some rice or beans. This meal works as a solid substitute to the chicken recipe mentioned earlier.

Whether your dog needs homemade food, or you want to make your dog a treat, you should try out these easy recipes. They will allow you to make dog some food and treats from home while keeping your dog’s nutrition in mind. While homemade meals can be great for your dog, you do need to maintain his or her health.