Top 10 Dutch Oven Turkey Recipes


If you are planning to try something new for Thanksgiving or this coming Christmas, then you should try your hand in having to cook Dutch oven turkey. After all, it is perfect for you to make something new and unique for a holiday than just having to eat the standard and classic meals. Surely you must have gotten used to eating the same meal on every holiday. Your kids must have wanted something new for a change and having to try out the Dutch oven turkey meals will be a perfect introduction.

There are more than just one, however, and each of them came out differently than the others. So, if you want to pick which one of these recipes will be your first try then here are some of the top 10 Dutch oven turkey recipes.

  • The Dutch oven spicy turkey. This recipe is done and made by Sir Collen Sloan author to the Log Cabin Grub Cookbooks. It has been used by many people, and it is slowly growing popular by the day. If you want to try something new you can try this particular ingredient and make one for yourself. You will soon find that it brought a new flavor to your mouth and if this is the first time you can use this as a beginner try.
  • The Roasted Turkey breast herbs. Another new recipe that you might find it enjoyable is this one. It is made and done by Sara Howard. It maybe not large when making a full turkey but this particular dish is enjoyable to make. You can use this recipe as a starting point and add your special sauce or secret ingredient to the mix to add more flavor. By then you can try this dish as an example so that you will learn how to make your own.
  • The Marinated Turkey Breast. This particular recipe is done by Ms. Danielle. You can try this one if you are interested in marinating the turkey. For the result will come out tender and juicy no matter how long you left it on the grill. But just too sure marinate it for four hours to get the taste right.
  • The Dutch oven stuffing. Another ingredient that has been done and created by Collen Sloan. This is a Dutch oven stuffing where it is easy and well done. You can try it yourself if you want your food to be stuff or dressed.
  • The Slow cooker turkey breast. If you are interested in trying a boneless turkey breast then here’s one for you. This turned out delicious if you haven’t tried this before. This will be a new experience for you because there’s not a lot of boneless turkey breast that is available but hopefully, this kind of recipe would reach to your expectation for it. You can add your little twist if you want to make unique and delicious.
  • The Turkey Legs Gone Dutch. This is another perfect recipe for your Thanksgiving The secret to accomplishing the perfect Dutch turkey legs is to line them into the Dutch oven, and the bird as well mixed with the herbs and vegetables that you added it increase the flavoring so that you will achieve the tender and moist turkey meal.
  • The Stuffing to Get Stuffed on. This is pretty much the classic turkey dish. This particular dish has the sweet, the sage and the savory meat that will bring out the holiday.
  • The Slow Cooker Thanksgiving turkey. This is also another recipe to make the perfect Thanksgiving You can try this one out for a change, and you will have it home cooked and prepared that will smell good to eat.
  • The slow cooker cranberry turkey beast. This is another recipe that you should try your hand for yourself. You can make a good turkey meal out of it. You can also try boneless breast if you want or a good meat turkey. You can mix the left-over second-day ingredients and layered them with mashed potatoes or some cooked veggies with your sauce.
  • The Dutch Oven Turkey. To accomplish a pretty good cooked turkey, you should try this recipe to achieve it. So that you will get the bird cooked properly and done right without ending up having it looked dry and tasteless. Here’s a tip: be sure that the bird is flipped upside down so that the breast is cooked properly and well-done.

Now that you have the ingredients listed above you can choose whatever recipe that you want to try your hand on and make it into your own. After all, this top ten turkeys Dutch recipe are available for you to try and experiment. It has done by many people, and these recipes are created by others who have tried one for themselves and when you experiment their version of their Dutch turkey dish you can add a bit of spice or your twist that suit your taste and preference. But in the end with the recipe that is provided to you can finally taste what a pretty good turkey they must offer. This is an effective way to start your signature dish if you are interested in making one for yourself.

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